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Sep. 30, 2009, 04:26 PM
Hi, I am new to the forum :)

I am thinking about moving to Portland in January (am from the East Coast, never been to Portland before) and I have been trying to find somewhere out there to ride (have been looking online) and I am getting very discouraged! Every place I have found online near Portland is hunter/jumper and I really want to ride at an eventing barn. I haven't ridden in about 3 years but before my break I was eventing Novice level, schooling Training and I want to pursue the sport seriously, not just hack around or take an hour a week lesson at a hunter barn just so I can be around horses. The only places I've found out there have either been in WA or SW Oregon, about an hour and half - 2 hours drive from Portland... I may be able to afford to have a car so could travel some, but I will be working full time and taking grad school classes so I don't think I can commit that much time to traveling just to take riding lessons. I passed up on a great working student position (hadn't got it yet, just an interview, but still) for the opportunity to move to Portland and now I am kicking myself because I don't want to move out there and spend another few years not riding. Is anyone from the area or know of anywhere near Portland that does eventing lessons or even know of where I could look to get more info? Thanks!

Sep. 30, 2009, 04:47 PM
Haven't been in the area for awhile, but find Anna Collier in Ridgefield, WA, just 30 minutes north of Portland. She's an advanced rider and imports lovely horses from Holland. Sometimes I found it best to have a dressage trainer, a jumper trainer, and clinic with people for cross country schooling. PM me for other contacts.

Sep. 30, 2009, 06:18 PM
Thanks! I just looked her up, but I don't have my own horse and it looks like maybe she only does training for people with their own horses? I will PM you as soon as I figure out how to haha

Heinz 57
Sep. 30, 2009, 07:34 PM
Cricket Dixon is at Lake Oswego Hunt Club, and is VERY good. (And you'll see her posting on here from time to time.) :)

Keith Schramm is in Sherwood, at Sherwood Forest Equestrian Center.

Anna Collier is still in Ridgefield, I believe, as was previously mentioned.

IMO, if you're really serious - I'd set something up with Cricket.

Sep. 30, 2009, 07:38 PM
Another strong recommendation for Anna! She is the greatest. :D

If you don't have your own horse, she usually has lots of horses in training that need riding, so I'm sure she would have something for you to ride.

Sep. 30, 2009, 09:21 PM
Thanks for all the replies! Now feeling very optimistic about the move and will look into the people/places mentioned. :)

Sep. 30, 2009, 09:30 PM
Talisman Farm. She is Level 4 ICP and has a lesson program. She and Malcolm aren't too far from Portland, in Aurora.

Sep. 30, 2009, 09:39 PM
I didn't know Cricket was at LOHC - big thumbs up for her!

Oct. 2, 2009, 12:37 AM
Anna is excellent. A super coach and rider. There is always something to ride for the horseless, too.

nrg- Moxie's mom?

Oct. 2, 2009, 09:04 AM
nrg- Moxie's mom?

Yup, that is me. :D

We definitely miss Anna and all our Vossenberg friends!

Heinz 57
Oct. 2, 2009, 12:50 PM
Talisman Farm. She is Level 4 ICP and has a lesson program. She and Malcolm aren't too far from Portland, in Aurora.

Smacking myself in the head. I totally forgot about Julie! She has turned out some really GREAT riders, as well.

Oct. 3, 2009, 03:48 AM
I'm trying to find a new place to ride as well only I am a hunter/jumper:lol::sadsmile:. Thumbs up or down for LOHS? I've heard some not so good things bout them but it is 5 min away from my house lol..I'm going to go look at In-tune-eventing on Sunday:winkgrin:. Kinda nice to see some Oregonians on here:D

Oct. 4, 2009, 08:50 PM
I'd recommend Anna as well, she's great! Also a recent transplant from the East Coast (New England) and LOVE Portland. I ride at a H/J barn with an event instructor who is slowly converting the barn over to the dark side. We've done the LOHC Event Derbies this summer, schooled xc and had a blast doing it all. I've ridden at Anna's a few times as well and really like her and her teaching style. Currently horseless but can usually find extra saddle time on a regular basis outside of my once a week lessons. PM me if you want to know more.

Raaben, I've heard mixed reviews about LOHC's eventing instruction, but I think it's important to find a program that works best for you. Check them out and see what you think... My current barn is perfect for me and I love spending time at Anna's when I can.

Heinz 57
Oct. 5, 2009, 03:50 PM
Raaben, are you looking for a h/j barn or an eventing barn? There are quite a few h/j trainers in the area.

Foxdale Farm
Oct. 7, 2009, 11:15 PM
Isn't John Camlin Anna's trainer? Also, what about Lyn Simard (sp?) in Sherwood?


Oct. 7, 2009, 11:34 PM
John is awesome, but a good hour and a half from Portland up near Chehalis, WA.

Thames Pirate
Oct. 12, 2009, 04:33 PM
LOH is expensive! They are also pretty strict, but if you work well in that kind of environment, it's a nice facility. No turnout, though (well, not really).