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Sep. 29, 2009, 11:26 PM
This is a follow up to THIS thread:



Basically it is a video of the big guy. He's totally cranky in the vid (My friend was visiting and she rode him first...she's never ridden him before... she's the one you can hear "helping" me. Please, no commentary on the commentator. ;) )

Anyway, obviously he's not great but some of you asked for a video. I feel like he was doing more of the whole "pat the ground" stutter step thing than usual, but hard to say. Even his flatting that day was $hit, partly because his warmup didn't thrill him. :no:

I feel like I need to make excuses... it isn't my saddle, and and and and.... But a little more info on the table for you guys.

My gameplan at this time is looking for a horse that has already done Nov/BN (as per my other threads) and just keep and love this guy because I love him. :-)

I have been working on his technique since this video with some grids and am really working to get him on his hind end (feeling it drive and lower) and going FORWARD! Pace is an issue for me right now. I go too slow.... HOWEVER looking at the video I'm pretty sure he's hopeless. :cry: He doesn't FEEL this crappy.

Sep. 30, 2009, 10:09 AM
Here's what I'd do to help him out - use some placing poles 9' from the fence. Galloping around a long line to a single fence is pretty hard to get right, especially for a greenie. If you only have the one fence, don't come at it from a mile of, make a nice turn about 5 strides out so you can use the turn to balance him and set him up for the fence.

If you do have more jumps use gymnastics to show him "THIS is the right place to take off" and the confine of the set distances will help him learn.

He just looks green, unbalanced and but he's doing a pretty consistent job of getting to the other side of the fence calmly.