View Full Version : Mix & Match Event in SE Ma Oct 4

Joan from Flatlands
Sep. 26, 2009, 06:29 AM
Just a reminder that we will be running another of our Mix & Match schooling events here at Flatlands in Rehoboth, MA Sunday Oct 4. Entries close this Monday. This schooling event runs w a unique format. Pick your dressage test and show jumping height independantly. Show jumping fences are the advertised heights and have quite a few different shapes including barrels, wall, pannel, planks etc.

For XC, riders design their own course of 10 to 12 fences in a 3 acre fenced in schooling field. Fences range in height from 18" to 2'11 w the majority of the fences being 2'6. Types of fences include a cordwood, brush, roll top, ditch, bank, dog house etc. You leave a start box just like a recognized event - jump your fences - then pass thru the finish when you are done. Penalties are scored like recognized events however if you have problems at a fence, you are not required to re-present to it.

This is the last in the series of three of these events this summer. We will be offering year end prizes to the horses w the best scores in 2 or the 3 events. For entry forms, go to the website at http://www,flatlands-equestrian.com (http://www,flatlands-equestrian.com/) or email Lindsey at Lj1310@msn.com

Joan from Flatlands