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Sep. 25, 2009, 08:00 PM
Are you currently a breeder or wanting to become a breeder of warmblood horses? Curious about how those wonderful warmblood stallions get approved for breeding by their registries? Or do you just want to take a great horse excursion and learn more about the warmblood side of things?

Sonesta Farms is offering a unique opportunity to learn as well as have fun at this year's Final Examination portion of the Warmblood 70 Day Stallion Testing to be held at Silver Creek Farm in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, in mid-December, 2009.

Join us in Broken Arrow from December 9 - 13, 2009 where you will learn about

• warmblood breeding practices,

• mare & stallion inspections and approvals,

• foal registrations & inspections,

• choosing a stallion for your mare,

• what you should know about common stallion breeding contracts,

• making "deals" with a stallion owner for your mare,

• the nuts & bolts of ordering & shipping semen from the stallion of your choice,

• naming conventions with the various warmblood registries and why they exist, and

• much more.

You will also have a guided tour of the final days of the all-important stallion approvals.

• As you watch the free-jumping portion of the testing, learn how the stallions are taught this skill and why it's important - even for a stallion intended for breeding dressage horses.

• As you watch the evaluation of the stallion's gaits and the dressage portion of the testing, learn what the judges look for and how it differs from a dressage competition.

• Watch famous guest riders test the young stallions over fences and in dressage moves and learn why this portion of the testing is so important.

• As you thrill to the action as the young stallions gallop the cross country course and jump its obstacles, learn just what is being judged (and what is not) and how this portion figures into the breeding equation.

We'll stay at the same hotel as the testing staff and most of the stallion owners. We'll attend a gala dinner with the testing evaluators, testing organizers, registry officials and stallion owners at a special dinner. Don't be surprised if we have a private lecture from one or more of the top breeding experts in the world on warmblood bloodlines and those that "nick" well in breeding.

Each day we will discuss the stallions' performances and practice our scoring so that we can compare our scores to the final scores that will be given on Sunday, when we will watch along side the stallion owners to see which stallions have achieved lifetime approval with their registries.

Registration space for this guided event will be limited. Contact us for more information at info@sonestafarms.com

Oct. 15, 2009, 01:33 PM
By popular demand, we are pricing the "tour" at three levels.

1 includes hotel, transportation to and from hotel & event, Gala Dinner and lectures/handouts $400 double occupancy

2 is everything except hotel (so long as you stay at or within 5 miles of the main hotel) $250

3 is just the daily lectures/handouts $125

Deadline for signing up for package 1 is November 18.

Nov. 16, 2009, 12:57 PM
Reminder: Deadline for reservations is November 18!