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Hey Mickey
Sep. 23, 2009, 11:40 PM
What kinds of extra equipment am I going to need for my T3D?

I know I'm going to need extra bell boots. Another set of shoes, that are drilled and tapped.
Extra Buckets.

What else?

I'm trying to get things figured out so I don't have to wait until the last min. to go out and get extra stuff.

Anyone know where I can collect some kids/people to help in the vet box?

Sep. 23, 2009, 11:48 PM
Chelsie - there's a lot of really good information in the archives on what to do for a three day - some of it will be overkill for the training three day, but worth digging into as it's a great start on these questions.

Divine Comedy
Sep. 24, 2009, 12:01 AM
This is the website I've been using as my reference for equipment:


Like GotSpots said, it's probably a bit overkill, but you can always choose to edit that list down a bit.

Sep. 24, 2009, 12:10 AM
Duct Tape, it fixes lots!
Extra set of reins
Extra stirrup leather (at least one! just pull it off your dressage saddle if you can)
Several sponges, and scrapes
The tall home depot buckets work great! Plus, since they are orange, you can't miss them when you come into the 10 min box
Make sure that your extra shoes have studs already in them! (if you have to replace them quickly, you'll want the studs in place.)
Soooo....you'll need extras of whichever studs you decide to use.
Extra whip (plenty have dropped them on B)
Extra watch is always nice in case yours stops working of falls off
Tons of towels! Use one to cover your saddle in 10 min box. Old house towels work great and give you an excuse to get new bath towels for the house!
Vet wrap
If its warm, you'll want access to ice for 10 minute and vet box...just check on that.
extra medical armband holder....then take index card and insert it into holder with all of your minute markers and times on it....no need to write on your arm with sharpie!
Diapers (if you loose a shoe on chase, you can have your helpers wrap a hoof in the assistance area and be on your way to 10 minute where they can tack it on....they do normally have a farrier in assistance, but its often better to head off to 10 minute quicker and get it done there)
along those lines, have your helper with a "duct tape star" ready to wrap a foot with before you need it!
Also, make sure you have a notepad and pens to take to all mandatory competitor meetings to take notes....

Simple snaffle bridle to jog in
Baby oil to beautify pony for jog

I'm sure I'll think of more!


Hey Mickey
Sep. 24, 2009, 01:58 AM
Thank you!!

Unfortunately my amazing Duct Tape Queen Hoof Wrapper Star of a Barn Boss is going to be in Boston. ):

Its in the middle of October. So it could hot, or it could be snowing.
I can't decide if I should give him some sort of clip... He's not really hairy yet, but he's getting there.
The weather is so unpredictable!

Mach Two
Sep. 24, 2009, 02:18 AM
Yes, you need to clip.
The rest of it has been pretty well covered...have fun!

Sep. 24, 2009, 09:55 AM
I would definitely clip.

If you are generally well-equipped for eventing you don't need much extra - I had to scrounge around for extra sponges and scrapers and buckets - because I only have one horse who prefers to be hosed off!

A spare set of stirrup leathers and irons - set to your length, and the extra set of shoes with studs put in. Don't put in the studs until you decide what you are going to be using for endurance day - you'll want the same set-up in the spare shoes as on the horse.

Bring an extra full set of boots for the horse - our ABC was really muddy so we stripped off her boots in the 10 minute box, washed off all the mud - it was 60 and raining so cooling out wasn't really an issue! then put on the clean set of boots. Make sure your volunteers know how you like your boots, and check them before you get back on.

I only had extra 1 hind shoe with studs, but decided that if she lost both hind shoes before phase D I had bigger issues than missing a spare shoe!

I did use electrolytes Saturday afternoon, which she doesn't usually need.

Everything else, I already had ready to go because I use it for regular events, but you do end up bringing everything, just in case. Definitely bring lots of clothes for YOU because you'll get wet, dirty, etc and want to change and be comfortable.

Make sure your horse is shod about 10 days out - so no chance of a problem with the shoeing job but recent enough that they are tight and new.

Sep. 24, 2009, 10:43 AM
I like to have a single rubbermaid tub dedicated to the supplies and extras for the Box. Tape a list on the cover that names everything that is suppose to be in the tub when it leaves the barn for the Box. You can put the list in a plastic notebook sleeve then duct tape it so it will hold up in bad weather. Make sure that the list is made before you leave home with the things soley used in the box already packed. That way you just add in the stuff that does duel duty elsewhere the night before and you're ready to go.

For me one of the hardest parts is that I normally do everything for myself, but then at a 3-day I've got someone else working in my stuff and my system. I tape lists to everything identifying what's in it so that there is no confusion and others can find stuff (and put it back where it belongs so I can find it later!) With the list on your 10 minute box tub you are more likely to get back from XC with everything you went with!

The other item I haven't seen mentioned is a small tarp. It's nice to put it on the ground and lay out all the items you're going to need, so if there is a big hurry there's no digging.

Sep. 24, 2009, 10:58 AM
This is the website I've been using as my reference for equipment:


Like GotSpots said, it's probably a bit overkill, but you can always choose to edit that list down a bit.

The list there is from COTH's very own Eventer AJ. :D Also, Max Corcoran's article from the last EVENTING USA has a list of equipment. You can find it on the Links page under "Articles about T3DEs" ("The ABCs of Endurance Day").

Sep. 24, 2009, 05:11 PM
Did someone already mention to label ALL your stuff?

If it's raining, a dry set of gloves can be really nice to have, and that saddletite sticky stuff (although you may want to test drive this ahead of time...I had never used it, and it was really wet out, and my helpers obediently slathered my boots/saddle with it...after fence 2 or so on D I was zooming along and decided I wanted to adjust my leg a bit, move my foot in the stirrup...um...negatory...nothing moved...I was totally STUCK. In a good way, I guess, but no adjusting for me! :D)

Sep. 24, 2009, 06:34 PM
Some of this has been mentioned but the below is cut and pasted from my notes from a 3-day prep clinic I went to back when asterix was getting ready for the T3DE and I was grooming for her
it is not strictly a supplies list because I cut and pasted

in C-Box
should have buckets (at least 2) with at least 1 bucket with water in it for cooling the horse (with ice if temps require) and 1 bucket with water to offer the horse, 4 extra shoes (only if there is a C-hold box and a farrier there- and each shoe should be labeled RF, LF, etc), sweat scrapers, extras of any piece of tack that might break (stirrup leathers with stirrups on, girth, bridle with bit, reins, etc), an ez-boot (or some other plastic boot they can walk in for phase C), medical supplies (including things to put on cuts or scrapes), extra x-country and bell boots in case you lost one, halter and lead, and the be-all, fix-all duct tape
These should all be laid out on the ground on a sheet, tarp or blanket so that easy to access, not tangled, etc
Stirrup leathers should have stirrups on them and already be adjusted to the correct length
The ez-boot should be used if the horse has lost a shoe and there is no farrier at the C-box- they are just walking on C so fine if do it with an ez boot
The 4 extra shoes should have studs already in exactly as they were put on the horse before Phase A and labeled for each foot

10 Minute Box
blanket or sheet or tarp on which everything is laid out
You need everything you had at C plus dressage whip for the trot, shoes (if no farrier at c-box), stud kit, stethoscope, thermometer, 2 buckets with water to cool horse
For the rider have Gatorade (or Propel or whatever they prefer), banana or energy bar or whatever they prefer

For after- make sure you have some way to ice their legs- whether it be big buckets they will stand in or ice boots
you may want to have poultice, paper towels, and standing bandages for wrapping with poultice after- different folks have different theories on poulticing

Sep. 24, 2009, 10:33 PM
and to add to what bambam said, at the Waredaca T3d, at least, most people don't really use the C assistance area (although doing a shoe check at least and perhaps some cooling if it's hot seem like a really sensible idea) and there almost CERTAINLY won't be a farrier THERE -- only in the 10 min box.

Sep. 24, 2009, 10:33 PM
Just in case....in past years, the endurance day ran in the rain....getting everything pretty wet and damp....and the kids all had to ride first thing the next morning for stadium, most in pretty wet saddles.
Definitely bring extras - like reins, galloping boots, or even a bridle - and enough pads to last for three days especially if it is damp and rainy, things aren't going to dry by the third morning.
Rain sheets save your bacon!

Sep. 24, 2009, 11:30 PM
A chair for the rider to sit and rest/relax for a few moments, and something for the rider to drink.

For the finish box, a halter with the horse's number on a piece of white tape, so you can remove the bridle and not worry about not having the number handy.

Knowing Waredaca in October, some kind of scrim/quarter sheet/sheet to throw over their loins to keep the warm if it's chilly and damp.

Dry gloves is a good idea.

Spare everything. If you don't need it, no problem, but if you do, it's really good to have it.

Tons of towels.

A sense of humor.

I use a knit girth cover to slip over the reins to keep them dry when the horse is being sponged off.

I will be there volunteering, and don't yet know what I'm assigned to. I've got some experience at 3 day's (my rider has done 3 long formats, and I've groomed for the Area II YR teams at the NAJYRC) and would be happy to help if I'm in that location!