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Sep. 15, 2009, 09:26 AM
In another thread about what to do with bad TB feet someone brought up the option of glue-on shoes. I've heard that they can be a life saver for horses that keep losing shoes but for some reason both the BO and the farrier are hesitant to use them. So I was wondering if people might be able to share their experiences.

Does the horse need to be stalled for a couple of days before they are put on to get the foot completely dry? How much more expensive are they than regular shoes, or does the fact that the horse isn't losing shoes every other week make up for the difference in cost?

Do they work as well in wet conditions?

Sep. 15, 2009, 09:31 AM
i have an eventer friend that uses them, something about soft feet or something, i honestly don't know, its more expensive i know that! maybe its more common in eventing. But i do remember it helped his feet? sorry can't be more helpful.

Sep. 15, 2009, 09:32 AM
My wb has his alum and steel (changed around) shoes nailed on and glued on, so I've not used the shoes that are just glued on.

They must stay off of wet grass (dew), puddles and ponds for 24 hours to let the glue "cure" according to both my farrier and the guys at georgiafarriersupplies in jasper ga.

They stayed on last month for the full 5 week cycle. Cost depends on what I have done, whether new shoes or resets (4 shoes) or hotshod or alum or steel (we do a lot of hoof experimentation here) and cost is from $150 to $250, depending.

If you think TB hooves are bad, buy a WB who is not a native of the wet, sandy, muddy, swampy southland.:lol:

Oops forgot: Yes the hooves must be dry when glue is applied, so I usually have my horse put up about 11pm before farrier comes next morning at 9am or so. The dew can affect the hoof, so don't leave horse out the night before shoes are to be glued on. Then it takes 24 hours to cure, according to my farrier and farrier supply co., so I don't put crossapol on the hooves for 24 hours.
Crossapol will help harden the hooves.

Sep. 15, 2009, 11:24 AM
A barnmate has a horse that forges badly, so she tried the glue-ons. They worked very well, but they only made it two or three weeks before coming off in chunks. (In fairness, this horse can't go once around the ring without hitting a half-dozen times HARD if she's not shod right, so the glue-ons might just not have been the thing. I think on another horse they'd last longer.)

Also, they were a bit slippery on grass. Our ring is half-grass and half-sand, and in the sand it was fine, but on the grass Mare would get reluctant to move out and seem off-balance like she was worried she might slip.

That's the extent of my knowledge, though! Good luck.

Sep. 15, 2009, 11:35 AM
A number of horses in our barn have glue-on shoes....
The horses that can't keep normal shoes on will have them stay on for a full six weeks; sometimes that can be stretched to eight weeks or longer depending on hoof-growth, etc.

We do have a few horses that simply move better or more soundly with glue-ons, for whatever reason.

Our previous farrier did caution against using hoof oil, as it may deteriorate the bond. Can't guarantee the verity of this. But we don't have a problem with losing these shoes.

The price: far more expensive than normal shoes. But then it does take a long time to put them on. And the process (glues, etc) smells horrible, so maybe the high price is justified for our farrier's suffering! lol...

Sep. 15, 2009, 01:20 PM
I had a TB mare who had terrible feet when she came off the track. He walls were so thin that you couldn't nail her and if you did, they didn't stay on. She wore these shoes for 8 weeks at a time while we grew our her feet. http://www.soundhorse.com/seriesi.htm They stayed on amazingly well and she was incredibly happy in them. After lots of proper feeding, turnout and a great farrier, she now wears regular shoes with no problems.

Sep. 15, 2009, 01:27 PM
One of my ponies goes in glue on aluminum plates. I pay $110 for fronts (and that is with my BO discount). My farrier does not reset glue ons. They usually stay on the full five weeks but sometimes we have lost one early. We stall overnight before farrier day to dry out the feet if there is heavy dew (like this week) or rain/mud and stall for 6 hours or so after for the adhesive to set. No turnout on wet grass or mud for 24 hours after application.

Sep. 15, 2009, 02:51 PM
I have never had a horse with glue ons, but at the barn where I work, they have had several horses that get "glue shoes." They actually squirt some type of glue onto the bottom of the feet in the shape of a shoe. Let the glue set/dry, then rasp it down to make it smooth and balance it off. It is quite interesting. Not sure how well it would work for a jumper (they did it to western/trail horses). It could be worth a try though.

Sep. 15, 2009, 03:40 PM
If you go with glue ons, I recommend the sigafoos. They stay on better in wet conditions. They ARE expensive. My farrier charges $250 for a 1/2 set, but they last for the full cycle with no problem.