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tidy rabbit
Sep. 14, 2009, 10:19 AM
I have a little brag from this weekend and would love to hear others stories if you got 'em. :)

Here's mine...

We did the Novice Hunter division at a local show this weekend. Aero was fabulous in the Hack, all business baby! I couldn't believe how easy he was going around, like a 15 year old been there done that horse.

Then in the over fences classes he was really good too!
It was so much fun to be back in the show ring. I am so looking forward to doing more with this horse next year!

I don't have any pictures of the classes, but I'm trying to find out who the photographer was there. I know I saw a couple people taking our picture while out on course. Hopefully I can get some show photos, but here is one my husband took after the show. I'm so proud of my boy and our little victory!


It's been a long wait to get going, but well worth it. :)

If you had a fun show this weekend please share!

Sep. 14, 2009, 10:31 AM
That's amazing! Congratulations! He's a really nice horse. I always love looking at your pics/videos of him. It must feel awesome to bring up such a nice one from the very beginning.

It wasn't this weekend but I've had many of those little moments over the years. The one that sticks out was when I was probably only six or seven. My trainer at the time makes fun of me to this day for getting emotional over a seventh place ribbon on a real brat of a pony that I had to work my butt off to get ready to show. I was champion in the same division that day on my other pony and was very proud of him but it didn't feel quite as good as the seventh on super brat!

I wish I could show more during the actual school year (darn college education!). I really miss it and this time of year is the worst since I spent a good portion of the summer in VA and KY at the AA's. It's the little victories that make it worth the time, money and emotional stress! :lol:

see u at x
Sep. 14, 2009, 11:10 AM
Tidy, your horses are rock stars....as if we'd expect anything less from them!

I had a great day yesterday at a local show, but there is some back story to it, so bear with me. :)

The last show we went to, my horse was a total PITA. :lol: I love her, but it was really one of *those* days. Granted, I didn't blame her too much because she was in season, it was raining, and the footing was sloppy (and we've never shown in pea soup before). She's normally a very smooth ride, but since she hated the footing so much, she was bouncing around like a little jackrabbit…good times.

The show is a local schooling show, so nothing fancy. People go and have fun and nobody is overly competitive about stuff. This is only my second year of ever showing and I’ve had very little formal riding instruction, so it’s a great show for me and my horses to go get mileage in the novice classes. At this show series, the novice classes are all age groups, so you’ll see adult riders competing against small children. No biggie, because seriously, it’s a schooling show…who cares, right?

Well, at the last show with the sloppy footing, there was a kid in my class on her pony. I pretty much knew that I’d probably get beaten by the pony because kids on ponies almost ALWAYS win against the adults and because my horse was being kind of a nerd. This kid hadn’t been at any of the other shows this summer, so prior to our class I didn’t know that I’d be riding against her. Earlier in the day I’d been chatting with her mom and her mom seemed nice enough and was friendly.

During our class, however, the mom brought her baby stroller up and parks it RIGHT NEXT TO the arena. Now, my mare RARELY spooks at anything – she is known for being one of the most sane and level headed horses in our barn – but when she saw that baby stroller, she looked at it and dodged sideways to avoid the scary object. :lol: The second time around, I made her go past it because I thought, “OK, you’ve seen it once, you should be over it now.” She wasn’t, and boom…she ignored my inside leg and ducked to the inside again. I figured fine, no big deal, it’s a schooling show…so what if the class was blown? It would have been nice if the lady would have moved the stroller back because my horse wasn’t the only one spooking at it, but whatever. I also realize that the horses need to get over it and shouldn’t be spooking in a pleasure division anyway. From that point on, I just turned earlier at that end of the arena so that my horse wasn’t on the rail and too close to the horse eating stroller.

After the division, the kid’s mom comes up to me and says, “Oh, did we cause you to mess up?” in this saccharine sweet kind of way. I was already frustrated with myself that I didn’t ride as well as I normally do (I am truly my own worst critic), and when this lady said that to me, I just thought, “What, are you kidding???” I would have never gotten annoyed with her had she NOT said anything at all to me, but it was pretty obvious that some of the horses didn’t like the stroller and yet she left it there. And yes, her kid did win the division. I just looked at her and said, “Yeah, probably,” and just kept walking. It’s one thing if the apology is sincere, but this one didn’t quite ring true to me. But, whatever.

So yesterday, the kid and her mom are back. During the ENTIRE SHOW, the stroller is parked several feet away from the arena fence. However, when our classes came up (the last ones of the day), the mom immediately moves the stroller within two feet of the fence. Prior to the class, I had walked my horse by the stroller a couple of times so that she could get a good look at it and she seemed fine. But when I saw the mom put it right next to the arena, I still cut that corner a little shorter just to be on the safe side. My horse was great and had no problems with it and went on to beat her kid in the first class. My BO said that she wished she’d have gotten a picture of the look on my face when they called my number for first place. :lol: The kid went on to beat us in the other two classes, but I didn’t care. My horse was so good and did her job well – we deserved and earned that particular win. The victory is especially sweet because this is a horse I’ve trained by myself with minimal instruction and she doesn’t have nearly the show mileage that this kid’s pony does.

So take THAT, mean show kid mom!!! :lol:

Sep. 14, 2009, 11:21 AM
It was August for me, my "little victory". I hadn't shown my boy since April, when he was injured. We went to a local show, quite small due to the economy (and a GLUT of shows in our area). But... I laid down two of the best rounds I've ever ridden!!! My trainer, and a couple of others on the rail, were amazed--I generally have to have an "ammy moment" at least once per show, you know the kind? That "pick, pick, pick to a short spot"? or, my favorite--the 7 very good distances and one long spot? Well, I had none of those, just a flowing, easy, quiet class. My horse has a tendency to get a bit hot (he really wants to be a jumper, I want to do hunters, so we compromise and do both!) and he just put in a perfect round, too.

My trainer's comment? "Wow! What did you do with Anna? 'Cause that was GREAT!". High praise from a man of few words. I took it for what he meant, that I CAN do this--think and ride.