View Full Version : Flying Duck Star- Canter NE

Sep. 13, 2009, 03:28 PM
Wow, I was just perusing the Canter NE site (as if there's any way that I could actually buy a horse right now!) and came across this guy: http://www.canterne.org/images-salehorses/FlyingDuckstar_NEW.jpg "Flying Duck Star"

What a handsome fella! 3 yrs old, 16.3 hh.... and he's listed as a "must sell." I'd snap him up in a second if I could! Somebody *needs* this guy :yes:

Sep. 13, 2009, 11:32 PM
He is handsome! I am sure he would make someone a great horse. Someone buy him and let us know if he is as handsome in person as he is in a photo.

For me, there is something about his hind legs that I don't like. He seems a bit straight legged, I like a bit more angle through the hocks and a little more meat in the gaskins. It is also hard to tell from the photo, but is the RF club-y, and is he bowed in the LF? Not that that is a big deal, depending on where the bow is and how they are rehabbing him.

Once he fills out he will be a looker for sure! Groceries will help his overall look immensely. He seems like a good soul, he isn't wearing a chain which I like. They all look good in the summertime don't they? I hate judging horses from photos - some are like me, not photogenic at all. =)