View Full Version : Stubben Avalon

Sep. 8, 2009, 01:53 PM
Anyone have one? Likes? Dislikes? I've never had a dressage saddle before but this one just looks comfy to me. I need some help with proper position and thought this might help.

Sep. 10, 2009, 08:36 PM
Love Stubbens! Absolutely the best quality, consistent saddles out there.

Sep. 10, 2009, 10:04 PM
I tried a Stuebben dressage saddle when I was demo-ing a few models.... I ended up buying an AP because I wanted one do-it-all saddle (and an AP is just fine for my kind of riding) -- but I remember sitting in the dressage saddle and it was like coming home. The _best_ feeling. Though, now that my AP is broken in, I must say that as soon as I sit in it, the crap of the day falls away and the feeling of my horse comes up, and I am a happy camper. :-) I'm happy with the quality, look, proportions, etc. of my Stuebben. And that dressage saddle (don't recall the model... maybe a Maestro? Definitely wasn't Roxanne) was realllly comfy.

Sep. 11, 2009, 11:36 AM
That's what I'm looking for...comfy!! I have a terrible time with my back and I need something that is stable and sits just right so hopefully this will be the saddle for me!! My horse has a very bouncy trot so I'm hoping that the deeper seat will help me out. I have a Wintec 2000 right now and I enjoy it but since I'm a new rider I think that I need a little help!!

Sep. 11, 2009, 12:25 PM
Love love love stubbens. Though it seems you'll either find the LOVE group or the HATE group with them :)

Sep. 11, 2009, 09:01 PM
I just bought the Avalon on Ebay....hoping for the LOVE group!! :)

Sep. 12, 2009, 09:55 AM
Well if it does not work out and it has a 32cm tree with a 17 1/2 or 18 inch seat get in touch with me. I need a spare! I love my stubbens. Hate my Prestige 2000D. I mean HATE! :)

Sep. 13, 2009, 01:43 PM
That's exactly what it is...:). It should be here Tuesday or Wednesday....can't wait to see if it helps my back issue vs. the AP saddle.