View Full Version : Worth it to market as H/J? And, where to find pony riders...

Heinz 57
Sep. 7, 2009, 05:57 PM
I've got a large pony that I'm trying to sell - he's middle aged, 14.2, flashy, and a cute mover with a VERY nice jump, that a monkey could ride, as long as the monkey could steer and hold on. Finds his own distances and doesn't jump the rider out of the tack. The only thing he doesn't have, is auto changes. I'm not sure he has a change at all yet, I've only ridden him maybe a dozen times.

I'm primarily an eventer, and while I can fake being a hunter rider pretty well, I'm too old and too tall to be showing a pony! I've had him out XC schooling and he's a blast - tackled some pretty substantial Training level (3'3", for those not familiar) fences without hardly blinking. I know its hard to determine whether or not he'd be a good hunter without at the very least a picture, but I'm trying to stay within the rules of the BB and still give you enough info. :)

He's quiet enough that he's being used for up-down lessons right now, and is a good trail horse. I'm just wondering if it might even be worth his while to try and market him to the H/J crowd, given his age, lack of show experience in that area, and lack of changes. His form and temperament are what made me think he might be most-suited as a hunter pony, or maybe even just a lesson pony in a H/J barn. His jump is much nicer than is necessary for a low-level eventer! ;)

Would it be worth it to try and market him to the H/J crowd? And if so... where might I find someone to show a pony at some of the smaller, local schooling shows?

Sep. 7, 2009, 06:04 PM
He's not worth much as a hunter pony without changes, unfortunately. But he sounds like a really fun cool pony - I'd be tempted to market him as an eventer, pony club type pony.

Sep. 7, 2009, 07:17 PM
would it be too much to train him to do auto changes? he most likely never had to do these perhaps b/c he wasn't really ever in a hunter ring......doesn't auto changes usually come "naturally" b/c of it just feeling better??

Sep. 7, 2009, 07:29 PM
More of a market as he is-a nice and safe sort.

Number 1-you would need an official measurement and a permanent card to even get a nibble on him. 1/4" over and drop a zero off the price even if you can find somebody interested.

Number 2, and the biggie, without any real show miles in Hunter classes, he is really not going to interest any Hunter buyers, there are about a million Ponies like this out there for sale and not moving. Because they are just "might be" Hunters in a market looking for the made ones.

Even WITH changes and show miles, it's tough to sell them.

Good school Ponies to teach on are hard to find and that is where I would direct any marketing efforts, not towards the Hunter show ring with no card, unknown age, no show mileage and no changes.

Heinz 57
Sep. 7, 2009, 07:41 PM
That is pretty much what I thought, findeight, though just wanted to confirm. He's worth a decent amount for his age as an eventer, or a lower-level dressage horse, and neither of those require changes as a 'standard' option. They might be in there, but I know they aren't automatic.

He's got a full card as far as shows go for the next two months, with a good mix of open shows, dressage shows, and an event or two thrown in. Hopefully in that time we can find him his very own little teenager or lesson program. I've got my hands full already trying to get my greenie the necessary show miles!