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Sep. 7, 2009, 03:45 PM
This past Thursday I attended the KWPN Keuring with two of my mares Zorriola (Ekstein x Corrado I) and Ana Bella (Condios x Ekstein), both of whom I started (Ana Bella, only being started in Late June giving her only 65 or so days under saddle before this show).

I rode Zorriola in the Iron Spring Farm Cup for 5- year old Jumpers and scored a 78.5, winning the class and Ana Bella won the Iron Spring Farm Cup for 4- year old Jumpers as well as received a first premium for her movement, conformation and free jumping.

Before going to college in 2005, I had only ever had one horse and I had never had the experience of starting and producing young horses. Having been through it once with Zorri, then another mare on the farm Ahsia, and now Ana Bella, and seeing the results, I feel very proud :-) The breeding world is certainly a new one to me, my parents only started the farm in 2005 when I went off to college and prior to starting our farm, I always purchased made horses or horses that needed a little bit of finishing. In 2005, we imported these mares as weanlings and I recall watching them in the field and thinking that it would be ages until they were under saddle and showing me what they could do. My mother, who was standing next to me said "time will fly by, and think of it this way, you'll never be horseless again, it's just time for you to learn how to produce them yourself." Well, 4- years later and with help from some really great people, sure enough, these are the results. :lol:

I put videos and pictures from the Keuring on our news page (http://sakurahillfarm.com/news.php).... I'm just gleaming :-) Thanks for listening.

Sep. 7, 2009, 06:50 PM
Congrats! :D