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Aug. 31, 2009, 12:40 PM
Any word on how the Level ll training session went?

Aug. 31, 2009, 02:02 PM
One of my best friends just did the one in NJ at USET HQ and called to give me details, as I'm participating in the one in FL in November.

He was really, really happy with how Julie Winkle taught, though she is not the clinician for all of the clinics.

He said day 1 was all gymnastics with different exercises for each section. He also said 3' and 3'6" rode together (for a total of 6 riders) and then the 4' kids were together with separate exercises (total of 6 riders here too). Some of the exercises included two trot rails to a crossrail, then back to the trot in 2 strides, 2 more trot rails to an oxer, then back to the trot in 2 strides and 2 more trot rails to a vertical. This was by far the hardest exercise in his opinion.

Day 2 was more like a horse show. You had to warm-up with no outside help except that from other kids in the clinic. Then you jumped a first round and a "jump off" (it didn't matter if you had a rail in the first round, it was more about executing a different plan).

Melanie Smith Taylor was there and just watched all the kids, as she has a great say in the final decision. Only 12 of the 60 from all the 5 Regions will be taken to the National Clinic. They still do not know exactly when or where, but apparently mid-spring is what they're thinking (how they're going to do 5 days mid-spring for kids, most of whom are in high school and college, which means that is right before finals, is beyond me). Apparently, Julie was talking about doing it at her farm and having the kids just come and rotate sale horses all week. But who knows. Nothing has been decided yet.

There is also off the horse stuff at this clinic. It includes at least a vet, barn manager, and other things too.

Andddd, there is more free stuff for the participants. More saddle pads & polo shirts (red this time though).

Aug. 31, 2009, 02:07 PM
Sounds like fun! One of the girls from my barn was in the NJ clinic this weekend, excited to hear a full report from her too... It's such a neat program.

Aug. 31, 2009, 03:24 PM
I am helping at the IL one (Canterbury Farm) this weekend so I can report back next week. Ray Texel will be there.

Sep. 1, 2009, 02:40 PM
Any details on riders, did they actually compete or was the format strictly a clinic?

Sep. 1, 2009, 09:24 PM
What do you mean? It was not a competition in that it was not pinned, but the format sure does have the clinicians "judge" the riders.

Sep. 8, 2009, 09:11 AM
The session at Canterbury Farm in Hampshire, IL this past weekend went great! Perfect weather & perfect facility (a HUGE thank you to the Franklin family for their genorosity! :yes:).

Ray Texel & his barn manager Darren (aka Dagwood I heard) were there. Friday was checking in, getting settled, rider's meeting, etc... Saturday the riders were in the sand outdoor working on flat, poles & grids with Ray. There was a vet seminar that discussed emergency horse care & prevention. Riders then walked the outdoor course (for Sunday) in the grass field with Ray at the end of the day. Melanie flew in from CA Sat night (she was out there for day 1 of their clinic) so she could see riders Sunday. On Sunday riders again walked in the morning, this time with Ray & Melanie, plus walked their "jump off". They then had a seminar with a farrier. Riding followed which was more of a "show" format. Group 1 riders warmed up in the sand ring with Melanie & Ray watching & then schooled themselves (riders from group 2 set the jumps as directed by the riders) over jumps typical of what you'd find in a show schooling ring. After "warm-up" time, that group moved to the grass field where they each jumped their first round & the jump off (regardless of rails or stops in the 1st round, everybody did the JO). There was a unofficial time kept just so riders were aware, but it's not like there were prizes or anything. After each rider went, the rider first commented on their round which Ray & Melanie followed up with their comments. Then the jumps went up & the Group 1 riders helped the Group 2 riders. After all the riders were done & the horses cared for, there was a final closing meeting & then the riders started packing up, cleaning up the stable area (stripping stalls) & trailering out.

I thought Ray & Melanie did a great job! They were positive & encouraging yet made the corrections when needed. Their enthusiam is contagious! :D On Saturday Ray did get on some horses that either were acting up a little or to demonstrate an exercise (again, awesome for the riders to see). Darren was great in the barn with the riders--showing them new techniques, pointing out things to be corrected & answering rider's questions.