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Aug. 22, 2009, 01:11 PM
Excerpt from April 1937 Hoof Beats and "Trainers at Pomona, Cal" and P. W. Moser.

The old warrior, Guy the Tramp 2.041/4 (2.02 pacing) looks to be about ready for another whirlwind campaign. In fact, he has just nicely finished his last campaign, as his owner-trainer, Mr. Crummer, used him in the making of the movie, "Off to the Races," which has just recently been released. From what we can hear, that (the movies) is where they really give a horse "the works." It means long hours of hard work, but the old fellow is in good condition, looks to be serviceably sound and will without a doubt be right in there battling younger horses the coming season.

He made his first start in 1930, starting but once that season when he paced to a record of 2.153/4 in a winning race. The next season, he won eleven of his sixteen starts, reducing his record to 2.041/2. In 1932, he won seven out of seventeen races and with it his best record, pacing, of 2.02. In 1933, he won nine out of eighteen, and in 1934, his last year as a pacer he won but two races out of fifteen starts and it looked like the end for him.

But in 1935 he came back and it was as a trotter. Making no less than twenty-five starts, he won eleven races, trotting to a record of 2.053/4.

This he reduced to 2.041/4 in 1936 when he won five of his eighteen starts.

In 1936 he made his first start at Langhorne, Pa., on May 28. Then he raced east through New Jersey, doubled back, racing at Goshen, N. Y., then to Old Orchard, Maine, back to Ohio, and next we find him winning one heat and second money at Des Moines, Iowa, where he and that other oldtimer, Lee F. J., had a battle royal. After this, he made the long trek to California, where he was raced, trotting to his record at Santa Rosa on October 11, where he stepped three heats in 2.07, 2.051/2, 2.041/4. Three days later, at Del Mar, he for the first time in 1936 finished out of the money. That ended what to the writer is the greatest campaign ever made by any trotter, for
number of races, time made in races and distance shipped. Then for two or three weeks he was drilled daily in the movies.

If there is another case like this on record we plead guilty to not being able to recall it. When the entire career of Guy the Tramp is summed up we find that he has started 110 times, winning forty-six races and being out of the money but few times. His winnings as a pacer totaled the nice sum of $13,250, and as a trotter be earned $3,701, making a grand total of $16,951 at both ways of going.

Mrs Crummer and Guy the Tramp photo accompanied article.


Racing image from June 17, 1936 Harness Horse.
text read:
Guy the Tramp p, 2:02 t, 2:053/4 world's champion double gaited half mile track performer wins the first heat of the 2:14 trot in 2:07 at Flemington, N. J. with owner-trainer Charley Crummer up.


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How much did he make in the movie?

As in how much was the horse "paid" for an appearance? I doubt that information exists anywhere but in the deep records of Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp.

This film ("Off to the Races", Brooklyn premier: 29 Jan 1937) had alternate titles of: At the County Fair; The Jones Family at the County Fair; The Jones Family in Off to the Races

Turner Network Classics has aired this before but not recently (http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title.jsp?stid=85404)

Regarding pay I doubt it was much at all as Man o'War 'appeared' in three films (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1210222/) too ;)