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Aug. 7, 2009, 01:55 PM
I am an adult who just moved to Rochester NY after graduating college for my job. I have ridden my whole life and rode in college in the Intermediate level. I don't have enough money now to buy a horse, but I was looking into finding a stable to take lessons at to keep my skills up. If they have a lease program that would be great. I want to be able to show hunters too, if with a lease horse, or eventually when I buy my own horse.

Does anyone know of any good stables. I know that there are a million around here, but I really want one that will good for me as an adult, not just for little children.


Aug. 7, 2009, 08:09 PM
Welcome to Ra-cha-cha! :)

Like you said....there's a ton of barns around. My suggestion is to visit as many as you can to see how things run at each place, and what fits best for you.

List off the top of my head....

Way Farms
Jensen Stables
Huntington Meadow Stables
Heberle Stables
Canalside Stables
Lehman Farms
High View Farms
Centrepoint Stables
Huntsfield Equestrian Center
Tallison Stables
Tru Colors Equestrian Center
Deer Run Stables
Engleside Stables
Fox Hollow Farm
Shagbark Stables
Sleeman Stables

I board at Landmark Stables out in Walworth....great, laid-back facility thats almost all adults. Really nice group of people!

My friend also runs Braebern Farms in Mendon....nice facility, and she's a great trainer for adults, with some really great lesson horses!

I can get you contact information for Braebern and Landmark if you'd like. The rest of the barns I can't comment on....I just ride my own horse now, and haven't lessoned in years around here. I used to ride at Jensen Stables and Sleemans, but I'm sure things are a lot different there now.

Good luck in your search, and welcome!