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Hunter-Eq rider
Jul. 31, 2009, 07:34 PM
Hey guys! I might be showing a jumper at my barn in around 2 weeks. I show in the hunters and equitation. A lot of my barn friends show in Jumpers but I don't really get how it works. I understand the basics.

So, tell me about jumpers!

Thanks in advance. :)

Hunter DQ
Jul. 31, 2009, 08:22 PM
Jumpers is tons of fun :) Before you go, look up the section and table for the type of jump off the classes you're doing will be using. In my area, lots of shows use section II table B, where if you have a clear first round, you stay in the ring and start your timed jump off. But a lot of shows vary, so you need to be prepared so that you don't leave the ring too early and get disqualified.

Jul. 31, 2009, 10:28 PM
it is the preciseness of H/J with a lot more speed, smaller turns, bigger jumps but at least when I was still showing in it, more relaxed as far as the rider's apparel. also, as previously stated, when there is a jump-off the rider can either do the jump-off while in the ring for the first round or come back to do the jump-off. I would have preferred doing the jump-off after the horse has had a chance to take a break.

Jul. 31, 2009, 10:58 PM
if you can ride a good Eq round at a forward pace, you can do Jumpers. the key to learning is to ride with a trainer that is experienced at the strategy of how to ride the lines, and get around efficiently, or even just to walk the course at the show. you dont want to go pell-mell so much as have a good plan of what track to ride and what turns and slices to do.

Aug. 1, 2009, 01:39 AM
I love jumpers so this will spook me out of lurkdom. This is ungodly long - I just got back from a show so half of this is just me reflecting on my mistakes, ha.

Yes, jumpers takes the precision required in eq and hunters, but it also calls for the rider to make a clear and informed decision about the ride to each jump. A jumper round, obviously, won't be won because the rider looked pretty or the horse looked pretty (I'm not trying to knock eq and hunters-having good eq is very important! And good movers aren't just born, I understand the handling that goes on with hunters at shows).

To win a jumper round, your track has to be as efficient as possible - you don't win jumpers by digging a rowel into your horse's side and dragging him through a tight turn and lead change. Rather, when walking the course take the time to think: does my horse land left? Should I perhaps step into my right stirrup to hint to my horse to land right so that I don't get off of my rhythm for a stride while he swaps?

Jumper courses are won in the walk: just take a careful look at all the gaps in the ring and be bold with your inside turns. Also note long, gallopy distances - is there a long gallop to a single oxer? If so, be bold, take a hand gallop to it. In jumpers, you get to demonstrate how well you can manufacture distances, just as you can get a long, yet comfortable distance, you can also wait back on the add step to the single vertical, that you're surely going to hit at a slight angle (can you tell my horse has cruddy lead changes?). This allows for that inside turn, the one that will win the class.

This is where jumpers and eq sort of criss-cross; medals are won not only by having stunning equitation, but also because the rider is able to make an informed decision, and, show a bit a boldness while maintaining that perfect equitation.

Also definitely take a look at the tables. These are them as far as I understand them, if I'm wrong, do correct me!

II: power and speed, with a jump off: a (leave the ring and wait until you are called back to do only the jump off course), b (remain in the ring and wait for the buzzer to start your jump off course), and c, where you merge your power and speed rounds, not stopping between first round and jump off.

III: all faults are converted into time. I'm not so familiar with this table, so I'd definitely check it it some more.

IV: speed, no jump off. Get through the course as quickly as you can.

V: optimum time. Ride this round like and eq round. You are trying to get as close to the set time as possible. This round rides a bit slower than most jumper rounds as inside turns are not factored in, normally, when they calculate the optimum time. Jump offs can be labeled as a different table, or they can also be optimum time.

I think that's all the jumper wisdom I have to share. As for fashion: most days just a collared (show shirt/polo shirt) shirt tucked into any breeches (not the ones that look like denim, I've heard jumper judges/time keepers excuse riders for them). However, on classic days (normally Sunday) riders are to wear full show attire: light breeches (white is in style now), show shirt (white is in as well), and a hunt coat (everyone in my barn has the fancy kind with silver buttons on the back panel-things).

Aug. 1, 2009, 10:23 AM
wait for the buzzer!!!:)

Aug. 1, 2009, 10:54 AM
wait for the buzzer!!!:)

And make sure you note where the timers are - don't go through them unti you need to and then make sure you do go through them!!

I dunno why, but that was my biggest issue when I moved over to jumpers!