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Jul. 29, 2009, 06:09 AM
I don't think I'm just imagining it, that the dressage horse's back builds and muscles really differently from the other disciplines, am I?

I would really like an affordable saddle to throw on for galloping work and jumping. Used is fine and synthetic is fine. But none of the models I'm used to and have looked at seem to even remotely fit.

Stubben was my first choice. You can find alot of them on Ebay usually. But even the widest Stubben seems very narrow. Forget Crosby PDN's and the like. Thornhills used to be much wider and flatter than they are now.

For the once or twice a month I want to use it, I really can't afford a high end or custom that I know would make it fit.

I was debating which forum to post this in, but really I think that I need to hear from dressage riders on dressage horses who have a second saddle. I think. ;)

Jul. 29, 2009, 07:39 AM
courbette's 32 is fairly generous, moreso than stubben, my horse can't fit a stubben either. someplace courbette is having a 50% off sale... I'll find it...

jorge canaves berlin is one of the best kept secrets in saddles I'd say, wide, well built, easy to ride and under $800 new (very rarely seen used), but its an a/p, 32 is their standard, 34 is the wide, and 36 the xw

my stupid wide horse likes his xwjeffries falcon, which I picked up very very cheap, and very very used.

thorowgood is a fine synthetic saddle and has a broadback line for the uber wide. at Dover you can get the thorowgood Tecniq, a neat little jumping saddle that goes to 36cm wide and has the fish system... I liked that saddle but the seat runs small, I had the 17 and would've been better off with the 17.5

duette is great for the wide ones and can sometimes be found inexpensively.

passier generally has shorter points and can fit a wide range of body styles, they fit a hair more generously than stubben ime

tad coffin crosbys fit my horse well, they are generous and have nice broad panels, especially towards the back.... I have a equilibrium and my friend had a lexington, both very nice saddles.

I too had a hard time finding cc/xc saddles to fit my impossible to fit horse, I ended up importing batches of saddles from the UK. Finally found the jeffries, and a humphries & swain that works for my horse. Lovatt & Ricketts is a good choice for the wide and their saddles are divine imo, and I also was lucky enough to find a Hans Biglajzer that was custom made for an arab... its a pancake flat pdn style that actually fits my horse.

xw pdns are out there, I know as I sold one... it was more for a stupid wide appendix type body, rather than my round rapidly-becoming-muttony morgan.

do prowl ebay, while there are a ton of overpriced saddles listed, many many many are selling absurdly low.

Eclectic Horseman
Jul. 29, 2009, 10:04 AM
Look for a jumping saddle that has gusseted panels. It is much more common for dressage saddles to have gussets than jumping saddles, but you can find them. When the panels are gusseted, there is much more adjustment that can be made by the saddle fitter to get a good fit. You can take stuffing out to fit broader, more muscled backs.

Gussets are the seams that look like they are folded square corners on the back of the panels. You can also find saddles with gussets at the front of the saddle that can be flocked to raise the saddle above the wither when the horse has big dips behind the scapula. That type of conformation--with a broad muscled loin-- is sometimes found in WBs and WB/TB crosses. Check out the Black Country Quantum saddle at Trumbull Mountain tack as an example. Here's the link-


Jul. 29, 2009, 10:07 AM
My horse has a wide back anyway (Appendix QH) and we event, so all kinds of muscles up there. I love the Collegiate Convertible Diploma CC and would buy it 100 times over. It's less than $1000 but the leather breaks in smooth and soft. I also like the new Thoroughgood T6 line, although you can generally only get them through saddle fitters.

Jul. 29, 2009, 12:32 PM
I had a horrible time finding a saddle to fit my mutton withered/broad backed QH/Paint. I finally purchased a custom Albion. Since I had to sell three saddles (Tucker trail saddle and two older Albion A/P and dressage saddles that were too small for me) in order to afford one custom - I wound up getting the Albion Ultima A/P which I can use for everything.

So, I guess what I'm saying is that you can try to find an older, used Albion A/P or close-contact saddle. I also second the Jorge Canaves saddles. I had a 34" at one point that fit my mare pretty well.

Jul. 30, 2009, 10:43 AM
Try http://duettsaddles.com/ they are good quality and fairly inexpensive. They are made for the wide backed horse.

Jul. 30, 2009, 12:30 PM
Hi renvers, I have sent you a PM.