View Full Version : Sulky Squaw - Gray 1996 TB mare

Jul. 22, 2009, 12:28 PM

I'm looking for a mare that I lost track of 4 years ago. She's a TB mare, registered name "Sulky Squaw" (Waquoit x Sultress), barn name "Callie", approximately 16.1h, gray (was a rose gray and as she grayed out her mane and tail stayed dark). She's got a racing tattoo (Z22966) and was a steeplechaser before I got her.

She was last known to be in Greenville, SC in 2005. She was meant to be a broodmare at a farm that breeds Connemaras, but she didn't take when they bred her by AI and later became upset when her pasture mate (Gypsy?) was sold. The last known owner sold her to the same woman who bought Gypsy. All I know about this woman is that she reportedly breeds fox hunters and was going to be breeding Callie by live cover.

I'm interested in finding Callie to make sure she's got a good life, let her current owner knows I'd buy her back if she's ever in need of a home, and possibly see about buying one of her foals. She's been listed on NetPosse by the people I sold her to in 2003 who are also interested in making sure she's ok. She was sold completely legally at every point, we've just lost track of where she is now. There are pictures up (http://www.netposse.com/stolenmissing/missing_1/Searching/CallieSCsearchingJun04.htm) and I've got older pictures from when I sold her in 2003 if old pictures of a gray horse help anyone ;).

Thanks for any information people might have!