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Jul. 18, 2009, 01:07 PM
Looking for feedback from anyone who's had a broken pelvis and how long it took to get back to riding.

My story: On 6/30, I was starting to work my mare in my pasture and stopped to talk to a new neighbor. Got involved in a conversation and my mare put her face on the strand of hot wire (which packs a BIG jolt!) that runs around the top of all my fences. In a micro second she had whirled around and started bucking. I had no seat and only the buckle of the reins in my hand. The first buck instantly threw me backward and on the third buck I went WAY up in the air and came down hard on my left side. Since we'd had no rain in forever, the ground was like concrete.

Ambulance took me to the local hospital and they sent me to the Houston MedCenter as they felt I needed a surgical facility that had neuro-surgery capabilities just in case my concussion was worse than they thought (it wasn't). Had two factures in the left iliac wing on my pelvis. Unfortunately, they sent me to a trauma hospital (they did NOT think I was a "trauma") and I had to wait for 9 days to have my surgery. I now sport three plates and assorted screws to hold me together. Total stay in the hospital was 2 weeks. Needless to say, I lost a LOT of strength during the two weeks I spent flat on my back.

Have been home since this past Monday and have started doing some mild exercises to strengthen the muscles and stimulate the nerves to get back feeling on my left side from hip to thigh. I am able to get around quite well with a walker and haven't had any pain meds since two days before leaving the hospital.

My primary concern is how long it will be til I can get back to riding. Would love to hear from anyone who's had a similar injury.

Thanks much,

Queen of the Flying Dismounts

Jul. 18, 2009, 03:35 PM
Would love to hear some positive stories! I'm missing my horses so very much right now and I need some encouragement that it won't be forever before I'm back in the saddle.


Green Acres
Jul. 18, 2009, 05:43 PM
Jingles for a speedy recovery! Wow, that sure must have hurt!!!

I fractured my pelvis when I was 17 in a car accident. Ugh. I didn't have surgery, just had to use crutches for 10 days. It happeded a long time ago but I think I couldn't ride for 1-2 months. Once I started back riding I don't remember too many problems getting back into shape or any pain but then again I was 17. ;)

Good luck, but I would take it really slowly. Don't rush it!!! Are you doing any physcial therapy? If not, I would inquire since a PT could really help you get your strength back and help determine when you could start riding again.

Jul. 18, 2009, 05:51 PM
Many jingles coming your way. No broken pelvis, but some severe back and pelvic areas injuries. Take your time to heal. If you too much too soon, you'll regret it. Ask me how I know! I really think the ground is harder than it was when I was younger-DANG Global Warming-must be the reason, not me getting older.

Im Natives Last
Jul. 18, 2009, 06:53 PM
I broke my pelvis in 5 places about 15 years ago in a car accident. I spent 3 weeks in the hopital, and another month on complete bed rest. I was back on a very well behaved horse 12 weeks after the accident, with my doctor's approval. It did hurt alot, but I am glad I did it. I do have arthritis in my hip now, not related to the riding, and have to use a dressage saddle. Short stirrups are not my friend!! Good luck, and a speedy recovery.

Jul. 18, 2009, 08:36 PM
Sending jingles...
I was violently bucked off 3 years ago and fractured my Ishium, near the pubic arch.
No pins or screws...only rest. LOL.
Anyway...I had 2 crutches for a week, then managed with one crutch for another week. After that I was able to start some light weight-bearing and used a cane.

I used that cane for a long time....it's amazing how handy a cane can be!

I did not even try & get on a horse for several weeks.

The pelvic fracture took me way longer to recover from than the 6 broken ribs/punctured lung I had 5 years ago. I was back on board after 3 weeks with the ribs.
Good luck!!!

Jul. 18, 2009, 08:42 PM
Well, I had a horse flip over and land on top of me about 15 years ago, crushing my pelvis and my chest...unfortunately, I never passed out, and felt every jolt of the ambulance on the way to the trauma center. I have metal plates in my left hip and across my symphysis pubis. Within 3 1/2 months, I was able to sit on a horse, and ride comfortably at a walk...graduating to more within a few weeks, no problem! I really have very few ill effects from the horrible bone-crunching ordeal, other than a much greater fear of any possible fall on a horse...I found out mostly that I am very much mortal, and broken bones really hurt :-) Just do whatever exercises they give you, plus whatever else you are comfotable with. I was in a wheelchair for 8 weeks, then a walker, a cane, and then I had to learn to walk all over again. You will recover, and be much more cautious in the future.

Jingles for a speedy recovery!


Jul. 18, 2009, 09:08 PM
when I was 36 weeks pregnant I was in a car accident and broke my pelvis and my back. They could NOT fix it due to the pregnancy. I healed , have no pain and went back to riding about 3 mos after my son was born. He came 2 weeks after the accident. I was lucky, I have since been to nursing school and learned that its a good idea to GO SLOW! the bones could shift while they are healing, and cause major issues! BE careful go slow and remember that in the long run its worth the time to heal!
JINGLES and be careful!!!!:):)

Jul. 18, 2009, 10:13 PM
So sorry to hear about your accident. I fractured my pelvis quite a while ago. I was back riding in 2 months. HOWEVER, many years later when it's cold, wet, or rainy I feel this strange pain in my pelvic area. The Dr.'s said I would more than likely have arthritis. UGH!!!

I hope you heal soon and get back in the saddle! Thoughts & prayer are with you!;)

Jul. 19, 2009, 03:34 AM
I broke the right pubic ramis (essentially the part of the pelvis between the pubic bone and the seat bone) 5 years ago in an accident that was strangely similar to yours. I was on my thesis advisor's horse (what a way to start grad school!), standing and chatting and the horse started bucking out of nowhere. We think he was stung by something, as there was no other explanation.

I was on crutches for 8 weeks and back on my horse within 12 weeks. I didn't require surgery so my healing was probably faster than some of the other fractures described in this thread. Not sure how old you are, but I was 24 at the time so I had youth on my side as well. I was living alone at the time, so my mother stayed with me for about 2.5 months. My apartment was on the 3rd floor, no elevator, which really really sucked.

For the first 4 weeks or so, I was exhausted by simply attending lectures for 4 hours or so out of the day. My mother would drop me off right by the building door, I'd hobble into the auditorium, sit down and not get up until class was done. Then Mom would pick me up, take me home and I'd sleep for 3-4 hours. Ordinarily, I NEVER sleep during the day. I managed to keep up with school, but I didn't do much else. I few times I let friends talk me into going out for dinner or something, i paid dearly the next day or two. Even if I had access to a horse, I don't think I would have felt up to riding.

I did PT for 3 months and did a lot of swimming laps once I was cleared for exercise. Swimming is great since it works your muscles without putting weight on the bone. Even 8-9 months later, I would still get this weird twinge if I ran or even walked quickly. Before the accident I used to go jogging (very slowly), and I never went back to it afterwards. It just was too painful at first and by the time I felt like I could do it, i was just too out of shape. When I started riding again, I was lucky enough to have a safe, sane horse that I trusted. If your horse is not in this category, I suggest borrowing one that is. You'll need one that is happy to trot around on the buckle while you figure out how to make your body listen to your mind again. It is very frustrating when your brain knows how to post and your body just can't quite do it.

5 years later: I don't have any visible aftereffects. I doubt anyone (except for maybe a horse person with an eye for NQR!) could see anything off about the way I walk. This is not to say that everything is just like it was before. I still feel the fracture when the weather changes. I still have some residual stiffness in the hip on the side where the fracture was. I try to do yoga and stretching to loosen things up, but it's a constant work in progress. I admit that with my busy schedule, I am not as good about stretching as I could be. I am most bothered by the hit to my confidence. I still ride but the younger "I'll ride anything with 4 legs" me is gone. I'll be fine and then a silly little spook, even if it doesn't unseat me at all, will have me hyperventilating. Still working on that one.;) I've found an instructor who is good about not pushing me past my comfort zone and have opted not to take lessons with an instructor who thinks I need to "just get over it."

Best wishes for a quick recovery,

Jul. 19, 2009, 08:58 AM
In addition to concern about doing the right rehab so that I can get back to riding without an extended delay, I am also thinking about the impact on my confidence. Even tho the mare who threw me is not a packer, per se, I have owned her for 3.5 years since she started under saddle at 6, and I think she's quite safe. She is a bit reactionary, but I really don't blame her as I know from accidently leaning my forehead on the hot wire when I was repairing a gate latch, that wire packs a really big jolt.

Although I hate to admit to my age (which I also think is in great part a mental attitude), my birth certificate says I am now 61. I do NOT want to bounce like this again. My mare and I event, which I've done for about the last 10 years. Did not start xc jumping until after I was 50, but at the time I had the most dependable, wonderful horse who was a great confidence builder. I recognize that I'm going to have to take the jumping a bit slow to begin with. I am fortunate that I have an absolutely amazing trainer who knows just exactly how much to push me. And she has offered to take my mare plus my young project horse to her place and work them for the 30 days just prior to my starting to ride again.

I'm trying to just concentrate on my rehab and getting stronger and not dwell on the mental aspects of all this.

And thanks for the swimming suggestion. I did ask the doc about that and he said as soon as my incision has completely healed I can start to swim. I have 30 staples from my hip to just above my pubic bone that are going to be removed this Wednesday. Hopefull, I can get in the pool later this week. Just have to figure out how to get in and out as we don't have any above ground rails to ease myself in with.

Thanks! It's so helpful to hear how others have overcome injuries to their bodies and their confidence.


Jul. 21, 2009, 09:44 PM
I broke mine in 4 places about 17 years ago. Was banned from doing anything that would cause a fall (skating, riding, skiing, etc) for 6 months, then was able to do anything. Went on to gallop race horses and show (still show a little) and also have a child.

Jul. 22, 2009, 12:49 AM
Since you mentioned your age, I'll tell you about my dad. He fractured his pelvis a few years ago -- he turns 80 this year so he must have been around 75 when this happened. He was dismounting his mule (little beast that it was...), right spur caught in the bucking strap, mule jumped sideways away from him, and basically split his pelvis (he was kind of doing the splits, if you can envision it, with the one leg caught in the strap and the other on the ground -- it makes me cringe to think of it!). They did not do surgery, it healed, and he was back riding again. Of course, he's just a trail rider type, but at his age, I thought it was pretty remarkable. He's a tough old guy!

Best of luck in your recovery!

Jul. 22, 2009, 05:36 AM
Broke my pelvis several years ago from a nasty fall after my stirrup leather broke. Mine was not a severe break. I was on crutches for about 10 days...was back riding in about 4-6 weeks...but at walk/trot only. Whenever I tried to canter my groin muscle would go into severe spasms and I had to get off the horse immediately. Doctors missed the torn groin muscle (and I was so bruised and so that I didn't really realize it either). THAT is what hampered my riding the most. Took almost 9 months for it to heal enough that I could tolerate cantering. That was over 10 years ago and even now that muscle will still occasionally seize up on me. :mad:

PT, slow stretching and patience.

Jul. 22, 2009, 12:27 PM
Fractured mine about 10 years ago, had a horse flip on me. I was in the hospital for I think 2-3 weeks, and IIRC no weight bearing activity for 6-8 weeks after that. I didnt have surgery to repair it, just drugs and rest. I did heal crookedly, and as a result have a little difference of leg length, and probably have some internal scar tissue and do anticipate it being an issue in years to come.

Jul. 22, 2009, 03:17 PM
My DD broke hers in 5 places and fractured a few vertebra when a friend's horse flipped on her. She was 15 and in great shape as she was a hard core soccer player. She had 6 weeks of mostly bed rest and pain killers, no surgery. Her bones were relatively straight after they broke, the docs said due to her fitness.

After 8 weeks she went back to school with a walker. After 4 months she was allowed to jog and after 5 months she could play soccer again. She didn't need any rehab as all her tendons, etc were fine and she was young. She did go to the chiro/massage place for a few months after she started back at soccer. She doesn't have any lasting effects from the accident.

Unfortunately for you, the docs all told me it was lucky that it was her and not me, that I wouldn't have healed as fast :(

Good luck!

Jul. 22, 2009, 03:42 PM
A good friend of mine at the barn fractured her pelvis this spring in a bad fall. She didn't require surgery and the doctor said nothing was displaced. She was riding again within 7 weeks, but is still sore and it's been 15+ weeks. It is getting better each week though. Doctor said it would take a year before the soreness was completely gone.

Jul. 22, 2009, 04:20 PM
I was working for four-star eventer Sharon White when she broke her pelvis. Had been riding in a schooling session with her, saw the fall, and went to the hospital with her in the ambulance (young horse tried to oxer a bounce).

Her fall was in early August, she was in the hospital about two to three weeks as I recall, including surgery to repair the break--her pelvis was essentially snapped in half, and they plated it in multiple places.

She was back teaching from her wheel chair in about a month post-fall, then on her crutches. We put her back on a horse for a pony ride sometime in December or January (can't remember exactly, but I remember it was snowing and we were all bundled up). She was schooling the older horses on the flat by Feb or March, and was getting back on the babies and naughties and jumping by April/May. She started competing around then too, but went slow--took her advanced horses in a prelim to see how she felt.

Of course, being who she is, we did have one incident where a very naughty horse attempted to squish and kill her barn manager, and I look up and Sharon is jumping up on him WAY before she's supposed to be doing anything other than walking. She did get him sorted, but I'll admit I had to play barn Mom and run into the ring saying, "you get off him RIGHT NOW!" :winkgrin::lol: And then applied ice packs. :yes:

Her response,"Well he has to know it's not Ok to try to kill someone.":lol::lol::lol: "Yes, you're right, but that's why we have five people working here--because you don't need to solve it right now. :D

She said her only real fear moment was that first pony ride--she got up there and went, "OMG, people are right, horses ARE very tall and far from the ground." She said it was almost more about being disoriented at the height than truly scared.

She immediately went in to physical therapy, and the therapist is also a personal trainer, and she continues to work with her to this day. She feels that maintaining her fitness with a mind always towards the trauma she suffered is key to getting back to and maintaing her pre-injury level of performance.

She ran around Rolex the next spring, so you can make a full recovery!

She did about a year and a half later have surgery to have one of her plates removed, as it had always bugged her. Pelvis wise that was fine, she had healed well, but she did get a staph infection post-op and ended up in the hospital for about two weeks. The other plate will be there forever.

Jul. 23, 2009, 12:14 AM
My injury was on 6/30 and my surgery to repair the two pelvic wing fractures was on 7/9, so I'm only about 2 weeks past surgery. Went today to have the staples removed and the x-rays looked good, although there is still a big old break that is quite evident. The PA said everything was right where it was supposed to be. She also said no weight bearing until I come back to see the doc on 9/11! That seems like a long time. But she said it was a very bad fracture and I needed to give it time. (She did allude to the fact that younger folks heal quicker!!) She said 3 months for the bones to heal and I could ride at that time as well. Hubby didn't seem too thrilled at that!

I'm religiously doing my exercises, but the PT said the REAL work won't begin until I can put weight on the leg. By that time the PT who now comes to the house will be finished and I'll go to a local facility for some serious work. Then we'll have to see what kind of work I'll need on my head and confidence to get back to eventing.

I really appreciate all the encouragement!!


Jul. 23, 2009, 02:03 AM
My husband broke his pelvis 3 summers ago. He had a 2 cm separation and they decided not to do surgery. He's 57 this year. He was on crutches after being in the hospital 2 weeks. It was 3 months to the day before he got on a horse again and that was only to give my horse a tune up. I didn't say anything since I didn't think he'd actually be able to get up there. :eek: First time he's ever used a mounting block.

He has recovered reasonably well but his pelvis still occasionally "clunks". He does ride quite a bit but can't ride as many in a day as he used to.

I would take it pretty easy and make sure you do your PT.

Good luck,

Oct. 21, 2009, 09:38 PM
hi-i'm new and can't see how to start a new thread. my subject is a fractured pelvis(me-not horse) but this thread is so old i thought it might be better to start a new one

anyway...how are you all doing now?

i am now dealing with new pelvis pain for a week. i have a hist of fractured pelvis(see below), and long term chronic lyme and osteo arthritis. 18 months ago i started riding, 4 months after bilateral knee surgery after not riding for 10 yrs. was pony clubber to first level before-50 yrs riding. this time tho, i leased a greenish , 6 yr old half draft and was seriously training her. she was improving-but had some spookiness that was scary for me. i'm 60. glad to be riding again-but i don't think i have many falls left be for i am totalled out.

so after 3 months riding, i was getting stronger, losing weight, feeling more muscle-getting closer to the saddle. she is pokey so i use seat bones a lot to keep her moving.

cloumbus day weekend i did some extra walking on uneven ground, and there have been a number of spooks...one she went up at C and we landed at B...i don't know how i stayed on. i didn't relate the spooks to my problem until i read the SI tread on here.

after the weekend of a lot of walking i noticed a soreness radiating from the point of my pelvis down toward my thigh

the next day the point of my pelvis was very painful...i was thinking about the ER but it came and went-so decided to see if i would work out of it.

very painful walking and standing and lying and twisting-(turning over in bed, getting in and out of car)-but no pain sitting. even riding.

a week later i realized-the pain is similar to when i fractured my pelvis a few yrs ago-but in a different place.

i just had my pelvis xrayed and have appt tues. i could tell by the questions they saw someting and are looking at SI-but my painis in front on the point of the pelvis. it does spread and radiate out-but at that point is it 10 times worse.

so-i am reading on here and glad this info is here-because i guess i should be resting more and pushing less or it might make the whole thing worse. (having lyme for so long if i stopped for pain i would do nothing...but the experience with my last fractured pelvis is making me be more cautious this time.)

any input anyone has i am open to.

the following is about my first fractured pelvis-not related to horses-so not sure if i should put it here. admin can delete if they want to.

{i fractured my pelvis a few years ago by falling backwards in the cellar and landing on my butt on the edge of a concrete shelf. i went 5 weeks without dx (including a week in the hosp for a different problem) because the ortho doc wouldn't xray it cuz he said there was no way i could have broken it because...ok, get ready, this is real-he said i couldn't have broken it cuz there was too much padding ie: my butt was too big.

4 weeks later i went back for my recheck and told him the pain was still bad...and how did he know it wasn't cancer...so he xrayed it and said, guess what...you broke your pelvis about 5 weeks ago and it is healing real nice. it was one of the sitting bones and i can't remember which one now. so-it healed by itelf and i did not do much except ibuprofen and crutches.}

Oct. 21, 2009, 10:41 PM
Twelve years ago I was the victim of a rotational fall. I broke my hip (acetabulm), four ribs, collarbone, several bones in my left hand, plus a cardiac contusion and a punctured lung. I have two plates and seven pins in my pelvis. I was in the hospital for two weeks and was 13 weeks, non weight bearing. The day they took my crutches from me, I was on a pony! I am now riding mostly dressage (no more eventing), but I do jump occasionally for fun. Some days are better than others, but nothing a little tylenol won't fix! Just do your PT! And get riding!

Oct. 21, 2009, 11:45 PM
Your mind can help the body heal much faster if you are in the right state of mind. I had a very badly broken collar bone several years ago, and I remember feeling so sorry for myself and telling everyone I don't think its going to heal right. Don't make this mistake!

It wasn't until almost a year later that I had discovered yoga and pilates.

I know you can't do either right now, but as soon as you can, go to a yoga class and just lay there and breathe. Move what you can, even if is just turning your head side to side. You will be surprised that something so simple will help so much. And everyone in the room will be thinking of you.

Bones heal faster with lots of vitamin C, and will reduce chances of chronic pain.

I hope you are feeling better soon!

Oct. 22, 2009, 12:43 AM
thank you for the tips.

actually there is a lot i can do now. i am not allowed to do what hurts but i have no pain in a sitting position. so i can do adapted crunches and stuff.

i only have a cane and need to get crutches soon i guess.

i'm already thinking about getting someone to tack up for me so i can ride...i hate the thought of going backward when i have only been riding for 3 months

but i know i need a dx first...thanks again.

Oct. 22, 2009, 10:17 AM
I broke my pelvis with 2 disassociated breaks between my legs when my horse lauched me while galloping down hill. Like for you the ground was like concrete and I was thankfull he put me between the two trees and past the rocks into a pile of leaves. I landed flat on my back and what bothered me the most were not the breaks but the ligament tears. I was told I would heal in 6 weeks. It really hacked me off that I am just now getting back to normal but was riding again in three months. This was 2 years ago.

healed up
Dec. 3, 2009, 12:00 AM
I was standing by a horse that either passed out or tried to lean on me. His hind quarters fell on mine. I hit the ground face first and he got up. I spend 2 weeks in hospital, had surgery with pins in the back part of my pelvis and had an external fixator connected to the front of my pelvis which I had on for 12 weeks. That is some bad pain! I really noticed things being better about 18 months after the break. I am now about 30 mo from the injury and only if I get real cold or wear the wrong shoes shopping do I have pain. Weather changes also give me some aching and am not looking forward to arthritis which is probally a given. Things get better and am just so happy to not of had any lasting effects like being paralyzed.

Dec. 3, 2009, 12:33 AM
I too broke my pelvis in quite a number of places. Two weeks in hospital and two surgeries (plate for my hip socket and external fixator) and then three months non-weight bearing.

I was slightly stupid in how I started riding again. My doctor, bless his heart, told me I could go ahead and get on and walk around. The day after I was cantering and the day after that I was popping crossrails. To this day my symphasis is NQR. And I definitely feel my hip when it is cold and/or rainy out.

But I do have a cool party trick (that nobody ever wants to see boo): I can dislocate my hip at will!

Dec. 21, 2009, 07:58 PM
i don't personally have a broken pelvis, but a girl i ride with does and she sustained it in a riding accident about 2 months ago, and she has just been cleared to ride after Christmas break...

Dec. 21, 2009, 11:40 PM
I hope you let us know what the dx is.

I have had stem cell for si instability and spinal issues. It has made a huge improvement in my life. The pain can feel like pelvis fracture. I am not in pain most of the time now and I can ride. Check the saddle thread and you will see what I am creating to be able to do more, better. Feel free to pm me. It took a very highly trained PT to realize how badly damaged I was. No one figured it out or did xrays, etc. until then. 6 months after the accident, it was officially "named".

I had to change my horses to quieter ones that were also smaller because it is easier on my body and I can ride better. I don't do the splits any more on the 17h wbs. I am now 5'3", several inches shorter, from vertebrae and disc damage. I don't wear heels, which is tough because I LOVE pretty shoes. But I can walk, run in an emergency, dance a bit, and most importantly, ride. I can follow my passion still.

You can, too.

Dec. 22, 2009, 10:45 AM
One thing about healing from a pelvic fracture that really surprised me was starting walking again. I was non-weight-bearing for three months and the most painful part of walking again was the soles of my feet. Seriously, they really really really hurt. I ditched the crutches the day I got them (more for stability in walking than anything else and a serious nuisance) but the feet oh the feet.

Iron Horse Farm
Dec. 22, 2009, 02:23 PM
When I was 29, my outside stirrup leather broke while doing a flying change. Horse bolted and idiot that I was, I thought that I could save it :( So instead of falling off of a relatvely controlled lead change, I got launched off of a runaway :confused::(. My trainer at the time told me to stop screaming.......that she saw the whole thing and it wasn't that bad :no::confused:

Hospital showed broken pubis, shattered sacrum - opposite sides! Sacrum swelled and put pressure on siatic nerve, so they wouldn't operate (or was it because I was uninsured???). 14 days on a Morphine drip, 19 days in the hospital. Was sent home on bed rest and Vicoden. Hubby had to work, so he would pack me in ice, set me up with a cooler with lunch in it, the phone, the remote and my pills and go to work. 8 weeks after my fall, I talked him into tacking up my broodmare (don't now why, she hadn't been ridden in years) and wheeling my wheelchair out to the barn to lead me around on her like a children's fair ride!

Today I am mostly ok, I don't ride much just because I have had 2 kids since the accident (2 c sections) and am very very busy. My hip hurts when it is very cold or when I do something stressful to it.

brian Murphy
Jul. 7, 2010, 11:51 PM
do any of you have x-rays you could email me of your pelvis? i broke my superior and inferior pubic ramus years ago, and it has caused me great trouble ever since. i have a very good knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics, and am very well qualified at studying x-rays. i am trying to find others who have suffered lateral compression pelvic ring fractures, and need to see x-rays to determine similarities. if any of you have digital images you would be willing to share, it would be much appreciated. you can email them to me at brian71074@aol.com
thank you very much

Auventera Two
Jul. 8, 2010, 05:45 PM
I have an old pelvic fracture that I sustained as a young teen. I fell down a flight of icy concrete steps while walking my dog. I'm permanently crooked due to a poor healing. There are bone spurs in the pubic joint, which have now fused the joint entirely. The fracture is near the pubic arch. I still have a lot of pain at times but I've found that the amitryptilene I take for fibromyalgia has helped with the pain to some degree. Also have costochondritis so I take a lot of anti inflammatories so that also helps with the pelvic pain.

I do have radiographs but they aren't digital. They're at my chiropractor's office on film. When he took the images he said "WHOA! What HAPPENED to you?" One side of the pelvis is jammed up 1" higher than the other side.

Jul. 10, 2010, 10:56 AM
In addition to concern about doing the right rehab so that I can get back to riding without an extended delay, I am also thinking about the impact on my confidence. SD

dont worry about your confidence. it will come back with time. just go slow and do what your comfortable with.
i shattered my tibia and fibula 21 weeks ago. i have a big rod and 4 screws in my leg. i slipped on ice walking my dog and i was no where near the horse. the dr gave me permission to ride at 11 weeks but not fall off. i was really nervous. i had a friend ride my horse and then i would get on at the end for 5 minutes. gradually i worked my way back to riding myself. i feel quite comfortable.
but i havent been allowed to jump yet and i am nervous! i have rehabbed before from an ACL injury so i know if i go slow and do only what i am comfortable with i will get back to where i was before. but it does seem like i will never get back.. but this is only when you are thinking about it and not doing it.
for now really focus on your recovery. get yourself as fit as possible and that should help protect your body. good luck!

Jul. 10, 2010, 10:59 AM
oh wait i didnt realize this thread was so old! hope you have recovered!