View Full Version : ISO Previous owners of "2K" AQHA

Jul. 12, 2009, 01:01 AM
I received "2K" a few years ago from a Mother and Daughter in eastern Iowa who no longer wanted him. They had acquired him from a back board situation and did not tell me a whole lot about him. "2K" is bright sorrel with a big blaze and a RH sock He is HUGE 16.2 1400# Defiantly has Impressive breeding in him. he is either AQHA or APHA. Affectionate and kind. I know he was a problem horse for them. He has ADHD!!! Because of the back board acquisition I did not get papers with him, but I think he is a 2000 foal and might be by Touch Down Kid or a grandson of him.

I have lost contact with the people i got him from and I would like to get reacquainted if they would like to. Or even with any of his other previous owners.

He is the apple of my eye - always demands to be the center of attention.

Thank you