View Full Version : Knight or Knight of the Round Table - aged MD TB gelding

Jul. 7, 2009, 09:11 AM
Looking for infomation on my aged MD TB.

Dark bay, almost black, star with strip, small snip on lip, white hind foot with some white on other hind foot, 15.3h. Tattoo is illegible and he was pinfired. Age is guessed around 26 but he doesn't act like it!

He was at Inwood Stables in Catonsville, MD for 4 or so years before I purchased him nearly 5 years ago.

Well trained, sensitive to legs and seat. Not a beginners horse. Loves to run! :D

I was told that he had been ridden with PVDA but I'm not sure how much I believe the teller of the story. :confused:

Please PM with any information.