View Full Version : Barns in Ewing/Princeton Area. Help please!

Jul. 6, 2009, 10:58 AM
I am going away to college in less than 2 months and I was hoping to find a barn a little closer to school. I will be starting my freshman year at The College of NJ in mid-August and currently my horse is stabled in Oldwick, NJ. The commute between school and the farm I am at now will soon be about an hour in each direction. I was hoping to find a barn a little closer to school and keep my horse there just during the school year and return back to Oldwick every summer.
I ride very competitively and I want to keep my trainer, Sarah Stewart, that I currently have now. I ride in the Level 5 Jumpers and she has clients that do the Hunters, Jumpers, and Equitation. She is willing to travel the distance down to the Princeton/Ewing area. She is also willing to train others if other people at a potential barn are interested.
I currently know of the bigger barns in that area: Duncraven and Hunter Farms.
Unfortunately, they are too large for my taste.

I am looking for a barn with
an indoor ring big enough to set a good jump course in.
an outdoor ring of decent size.
a barn with jumps already there.
one that will let me keep my trainer.
exceptional care from the grooms.
turnout for my horse because he likes to be out for 4-7 hours a day.
within my price range of about $1000 a month for board.
in the Princeton/Ewing area. (trying to stay within 30 minutes of the TCNJ campus)
a low key atmosphere. (I am used to coming and going any day of the week as I please. I need to have a flexible riding schedule to keep up with work and school work and horse showing which means coming early some days and coming late other days. I am also used to not having very many people around.)

I do not need full time grooms. I need someone to clean his stall, turn him out, clean his feet when he comes in, be around on the property to bring him in if he starts to run in the paddock, feed, give smart paks, and water. If I go to shows, sometimes I want a groom but most times I don't need one.

Most importantly I need reliable people taking care of my horse. He is my pride and joy and I cannot have anything happen to him.

If anyone knows of any barns in the area, even if they don't have everything I need, please message me back ASAP so I can start making plans to move.