View Full Version : H/J Riders Who Have and Love the Black Country Quantum?

Jul. 5, 2009, 09:45 PM
Just wondering what your body type is, and what problems you had with other saddles before you found your perfect fit in the Black Country Quantum? I'm looking to get this saddle on trial after searching forever for my perfect fit and was hoping for some input as to who actually fits well in this saddle, so I can go with another model first if it seems like that would be the better fit.

Jul. 6, 2009, 10:51 AM
I'm not the perfect fit for the off-the-rack Quantum. But there are two components of a saddle that make it a "perfect fit"-- the geometry of the seat and that of the flap. The standard seat sizes (17', etc.) don't describe this adequately.

I'll write you a short novel about me and Quantums, but you should know that if you like the seat and tree, you can get a flap cut however you'd like in order to make it the right saddle for you.

I'm 5'2" with a femur that's 22.5". I measured that by squatting next to a wall with my knees at 90 degrees. The measurement is the distance from the wall (the back of my pelvis) to my knee cap. I like riding in 16.5" saddles... when the flap is right. I also ride a decently-wide, decently-tall WB, so my stirrups are perhaps a hole longer than they would be for me on a narrow horse. All this (plus my horse's tendency to make a saddle slide backward) mean that I'm looking for a ridiculously straight flap and a saddle that lets me sit up close to the pommel.

The Quantum seat works for me. It has a gentle slope from the pommel and a long "working center"-- or a gentle slope to the valley between pommel and cantle. That allows the rider to sit wherever she'd like, front to back, and feel balanced.

The Quantum flaps in the 17" demo I got were too forward for me. I could find the pocket for my knee only if I raised my stirrups a hole, and even then I didn't feel that the front of the flap met my thigh in such a way that it would help me in the two-point. But anyone built like a normal adult or with a longer femur would probably be very happy. These are well-designed, balanced saddles.

The knee pad design may feel a little bit odd at first. The scalloped front means that your knee won't be closed around padding, but fall into a pocket created of just flap leather created just behind the knee pad. Coming from the PdN era, I dig that. If you do get a demo, give it more than one ride to see if you can learn to appreciate that. I think BC will cut the more traditional shape knee roll if you want.

In you position, I'd absolutely try a demo and ask questions about how I liked the seat-- the part of this saddle you can't customize. When I try a saddle, I ask two questions: Does it help or hinder me staying up in a two-point? And, Can I sit the trot in it?

Hope this helps.

Jul. 6, 2009, 11:32 AM
I have the Maelstrom (Quantum with calf skin), but the primary problem I was trying to solve was fit for the horse, not so much fit for me.

I'm 5'8" and needed the flap more forward by 1". I also got an 18.5 seat (although I'm only 135 pounds) because the seat is relatively deep. (I'm usually more of a 17.5 seat person.)

I had the tree made to her tracings, as well as extra gussetting, etc., for the horse.

I personally need a narrowish twist, which this must have as it's very comfortable . . .