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Jul. 3, 2009, 07:49 AM

USHJA Zone 2 News

Dear USHJA Zone 2 Member:

The USHJA Zone 2 Hunter Committee would like to make everyone aware of the process for defining qualifying criteria for the Zone 2 Hunter Finals and how this will affect the criteria in 2009 and in 2010.

For 2010, USHJA will require that each Zone submit their Zone Finals specifications on or before November 30, 2009. As this has not been a previous requirement and in Zone 2, the show committee decides the finals schedule and qualifying criteria, exhibitors were unaware of any changes until the prize list was available in late August.

The Zone 2 Horse Show Committee, at the conclusion of last year’s finals, deemed that the 1000 points qualifying rule, which had been added the prior year, was not in the best interest of the finals or the exhibitors. The 2009 Zone 2 Horse Show Committee reviewed last year’s prize list and took this finding by last year’s committee into account when revising the qualifying criteria for 2009. The proposed qualifying criteria was put forward to the Zone 2 Hunter Committee in June, for their review and approval. The Zone 2 Hunter Committee has approved the revised criteria, which is available on the USHJA Zone 2 webpage and printed in the prize list that is also available online and will be mailed shortly. In addition to the prize list being available online, exhibitors can review their points on the USHJA Zone 2 webpage. These points reflect total zone points during the qualifying criteria of September 1, 2008 to August 31, 2009, and do not take into consideration the top 15 shows.

We are limited by time factors to accepting 125 horses and feel it is in the best interest of all exhibitors to invite the same number in each section, if available. We will still use only the best fifteen shows within the qualifying period to invite competitors. We hope that we will have many participants fill our divisions from all over our zone to make this another exciting Zone Finals. This year’s qualifying criteria will be reviewed and modified to be in place for 2010 by December 1, 2009.

If you have any questions please contact Susie Schoellkopf at sbeat@aol.com or Claudia Meeks, USHJA Zone Coordinator cmeeks@ushja.org or 859.825.6010

So if "the Zone 2 Horse Show Committee, at the conclusion of last year’s finals, deemed that the 1000 points qualifying rule, which had been added the prior year, was not in the best interest of the finals or the exhibitors," wonder why they thought it was ok not to publish anything til just recently, with the bulk of the qualifying period already past.

I am not one to chase after Zone points, and would rather enjoy myself at a nicer, longer show than to put all my eggs into that basket and kill ourselves qualifying. So not that I have a horse in this race, but still...I have heard NOTHING but griping about this for the past several weeks.

Pleas to leave the criteria unchanged until 2010 apparently fell on deaf ears. My own opinion is that if only a few, the committee, were privy to what the criteria would be until the prize list came out, and that is an unfair situation, whether or not they used it to advantage.

What is up with this?

S A McKee
Jul. 3, 2009, 08:14 AM
More likely the 1000 point rule wasn't in the best interests of the show managers as it allowed an exhibitor to stop showing once they reached the cutoff. Now if you want to go you'll need to be the energizer bunny and keep going and going.....

I'm sure there is a problem with the number of horses that can compete at Zone finals.

But then why split the older AA's into 2 sections of 15 each? There are considerably more in the 18-35 section yet they only get 15 entries.

Drop the AO and Junior Hunter sections. They aren't zone divisions and last year any horse that had a single AO point was eligible.

Maybe a parity system based on the number of horses showing in each division at a cutoff point mid year.