View Full Version : Need COTH help on retraining older pony

Jul. 2, 2009, 06:39 PM
I'll try to keep this short.

Five years ago I purchased a pony for my grand daughter who had been riding lesson ponies for 2 years. I was new to all of the pony stuff ( but have learned a lot in 5 years and am still learning!) Friskey was @15 at the time and my grand daughter fell in love and so did I. When we were purchasing him he behaved well and we were all delighted. Well when it came to lessons he was a pill!!! At the walk and trot ... no problems. It was when asked to canter that he would start off fine and then all of the sudden take off at full gallop up the hill and towards the out gate. It got to the point that during lessons all the trainers concentrated on was keeping her in the saddle. The philosiphy was " you are not a good rider until you fall off 500 hundred times, you are a great rider when you reach 1,000". Being neieve about all of this we started showing in Pre short stirrup. He did wonderfully! First time out won champion and continued in this vein until we started doing short stirrup. Once he gets into a canter he would stop short at the fence. Completly opposite of what he did at lessons.

Jump ahead 3 years. Grand daughter out grew pony and we got her a new one. We did not (and will never) let go of Friskey. GD was still riding him on trails to keep him in shape. Now she has a sister who is 3 and starting Friskey on lead line (they did their first show this year and won champion!)

Here is my question. What can older GD, who is a small 12 year old now, do to possibly get Friskey to behave better for her sister? Now that older GD has the ability to control better.

BTW we have changed barns and the new trainer is much more about working on the pony and rider together.

Also what can I do for the 3 year old. when she is on Friskey right now she is basically just sitting there. she is no longer holding the handle on the saddle and has great balance. Right now I don't want to bother our new trainer too much since I don't have a lot of extra money.