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Jun. 27, 2009, 04:17 PM
Everyone looking for a CHEAP nice project horse NEEDS to look at these. i went up to Suffolk and spent the entire day there with the CANTER volunteers photographing and looking at horses with a friend today. In hopes of finding some homes for these LOVELY bunch of horses, i am posting them early- so this is a sneak peek of what's going to be listed this week. A few are already listed so if you're interested- heres some more photos of them. Overall a VERY nice bunch. Some just need a month or two off to become horses again, some have some injuries. From what i remember i will add the info to each group of photos for each horse.

i DO NOT have contact info or names for these horses (i wasnt paying too close attententionf or that) so you will need to wait until they are listed on CANTER New England for that. Overall a very FUN day with MANY,MANY nice horses to view today. I will say that ALL HORSES VIEWED TODAY WERE VERY QUIET AND COOPERATIVE.

The first two i will post will be the two stallions already listed on CANTER. Let me tell you- these boys are some eye candy! Anyone looking for a FANCY show hunter, these 2 would be the ones to look at. They are in the 3,000 range but you can neg if you are a serious buyer with a loving home. NO TIRE KICKERS! Both these boys were VERY well behaved.

The first is a dark bay. He was the last stallion listed on the bottome of the page. Very good boy. Very cute mover (i have video of him jogging). Jogged very sound. Never kicked, bit, acted up, etc. Well loved by his trainer/owner. a total doll. he does know he's a boy but he is just LOVELY! Very refined, welsh pony-like face. obviously well taken care of. you can see him on CANTER NE. his legs very clean as a whistle






The second stallion has an interested party already. His name is King Jack and he was my favorite out of the day besides the one above. He is going to be gelded next week per trainer. This guy was breathtaking! The nicest conformation on anything i saw there today. Veyr wlel built. Good mind. Good feet. Clean legs. This guy had a wonderful walk! I did not see him jog but we all know that "hunter walk". POinted his toes at the walk with a big, long strided walk. Very, very typey. Would do excellent in the hunter world! Lots of chrome on this guy too. I have video of him walking on the hot walker. He is listed on CANTER as King Jack. Worth a look for anyone wanting to win in the hunter ring! clean legs with no bumps from what i could tell.



The next one is a gelding. Lots of chrome. well built. clean legs. Sound. i have video of him jogging. Cute mover. very quiet and well behaved. very flashy. He had throat surgery for a roaring problem. can't run for 2 miles without a breathing prob anymore. he would do FINE in the hunter ring, eq ring, etc. Just can't meet the demands of being a racehorse anymore. i will tell you that he was VERY VERY CHEAP. He will be listed on CANTER and you will get a steal with this horse. its def worth the call to the trainer. he was very good and quiet, even when he jogged. a lovely project for someone





Here is another very cute gelding liver chestnut gelding w/ star. He was very, very quiet and very well-behaved. very well put together. legs were clean, no bumps and no bows, etc. He was a total love. didnt bite, kick, act up at all. I remember the trainer said that he was a bit body sore right now so he needs some time to get out in a paddock, stretch out and be a horse again before he goes back into work. other than that there was no blemishes, anywhere. foo feet too!





This is another BIG bay gelding from the same trainer as above. i believe this one fractured/cracked a sesamoid but with the right time off he will be a nice w-t-c horse; maybe even more than that depending on the prognosis. (read his bio on CANTER). He was VERY well behaved, and very very quiet. Stood quietly. let us fuss over him. I could see this horse in the the Eq ring. Well built. good feet. couldnt say enough about him. didnt bite, kick, flinch...nothing. a total love. walked sound check him out on Canter NE






Next is a beautiful mare. Chesnut, stripe, white legs. VERY cute! Very well behaved and very quiet. a lovely looking mare. Sound and legs were clean. Trainer had circumstances in which owner didnt send the paperwork with the horse and pretty much sounded like the horse was dumped on her but you can talk to the trainer to confirm. she said the horse just isnt cut out for the race world so she needs to find a new career. Nothing wrong with her. still growing and shes young. very well taken care of i believe she is asking 2500. check her out on CANTER NE site.





Next is a grey gelding. very well built. screams hunter. this guy is believed to have a chip but it is NOT confirmed. may just need some time off. This horse is also a steal. Call the trainer when he's listed on CANTER NE. i will confirm that his price is a steal and his chip is not confirmed so he may just need some time off. VERY quiet. very well taken care of and a total love. beautiful head neck and topline. legs were very clean, no bumps or blemishes & didnt flinch when he was out. i believe he will be listed for 500 (CALL THE TRAINER IF YOUR INTERESTED!). you can confirm this on the CANTER site when hes listed



Next is another stunning liver chestnut. this guy was a total doll. let us fuss over him for as long as we wanted. stood and didnt move. very well put together. lovely head, lovely neck, lovely topline. just needs to fill out. very well put together and screamed HUNTER to me. his legs were very clean and he had wonderful feet. Didnt bite, kick, or do ANYTHING wrong. i wanted to take him home. Price was neg. but i didnt catch the asking price. he will be listed also. a lovely looking boy






Next is a bay gelding that was also a TOTAL LOVE and very well built> loved to be fussed over, pet, hugged. Very well put together. Has some swelling in the right front. needs some time off and a vet to look at it. He was very, very quiet. he will make someone a very happy horse. this is also one of the very, very cheap ones of the day. only the right front seemed to be the issue. all other legs were very clean definately worth a look, even with the ankle. i believe he'd make a lovely flat or trail horse (but have the vet make a prognosis) with his quiet demeanor. didnt move a muscle and really truly loved the attention. just needs a loving home were he can recouperate. I remember the trainer saying that she has a 5 yr old daughter and just can't keep crazy horses in the barn so this one is QUIET! and one of the best looking horses of the day-





This mare was one of the firsts of the day. very lovely, extremely quiet. young, clean legs. very well put together. wonderful temperment. totally loved being fussed over. check her out on canter


Next mare is from the same trainer. liver chest. with chrome. i believe her name was Hanky Panky. VERY QUIET! Stood like a rock. didnt move. loved attention. a total doll. no leg issues. very sound with no blemishes at all. shes young and leggy and shes got lots of growing to do. make her into what you want her to be


Here is another lovely dark bay mare with some white. Very well put together. i could see her making some fancy foals! QUIET. very pretty head and shoulder on her. girl said she had some knee soreness from running on the track but that could definately change with a career not as demanding as racing. very, very cute mare.



next is another cute bay mare (same trainer as grey gelding). sound. she was very quiet. very leggy and seemed to be young and needed to fill out more. she was very cute and would make someone a lovely project. well put together too!straight, clean legs



next was another favorite of the day! Bay gelding with some white. this is a stunning gelding! very well put together with a nice, head, neck and topline. sloping shoulder. i do have video of him jogging. jogged sound. cute mover. his legs are clean. very pretty head. lovely event or hunter prospect. he is young. i believe they are asking 2500 neg but check his CANTER listing. he is a very very cute gelding who will make someone very happy. Didnt seem like he was very happy being in his track setting all the time. would love to be a show horse with some outside time he was very lazy; so much that we had to cluck and clap to get him to even want to jog!




OK everyone- i tried REALLY hard to get a bunch of nice photos of each horse. please enjoy them and dont fight over them! I was kicking myself because i have a stall but im currently rehabbing my boy who fell on the ice. i really cant contain myself right now. all horses and their official contacts and info will be listed on CANTER New England soon. They are all lovely! They were all extremely quiet and lovey and the majority were sound and very very promising prospects. the biggest group of stunning prospects ive seen in a long time. the volunteers even saod they havnt seen this many in a long time. open your hearts and barns and training programs for one of these guys! They'd do wonderful! Let me know what you all think!

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