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Jun. 26, 2009, 07:45 PM
Last night I drove an hour and a half so my daughter could "ride" for a trainer. I have used this trainer in the past and have known her for YEARS ( like 20) I worked for her as a kid and rode with her as an adult. I totally respect her opinion and her time ( she is awesome with kids and spends hours in the ring then never bills the kids for the time ect).
I called her a few weeks ago to see if she had a pony that would suit DC, she told me she had no way of knowing that unless she saw her ride. I agreed to come down and let DC ride with her in a lesson. Which is what we did last night. DC did great and the trainer was impressed that at 5 she has NO fear and listens as well as most kids twice her age.
When we were done she said to me " call me tomorrow, let me think about what i have here that will suit and let me know your budget" I emailed her all of this info in the past week, of course she does not do her own computer work and her assitant does. They have this info.
I called her this afternoon and she did not answer, her voice mail is full, if I call again am I being pushy? I know she is leaving on Sunday for NY and will be gone awhile, I would like to know if she has anything that will suit BEFORE she leaves( of course I could just be inpatient).
What is the proper thing to do in this situation??? HELP! of course I loved the pony DD rode last night in the lesson and she is listed for sale or lease, is is wrong of me to ask about that pony if she does not bring her up???
And why do I still feel like a 20 yr old kid around this woman??? UGH

Jun. 26, 2009, 08:06 PM
Impossible to sit still while excited! I’m sure calling to let her know her voice mail is full…oh and BTW about that pony… :D

You’re not being impatient. If you were able to leave a message you would wait for a call back. As it is the trainer has no idea you called.

Keep calling until you speak to her – Good luck.

Jun. 26, 2009, 08:15 PM
Breathe - you aren't being completely impatient . . . maybe a tad impatient.
Sounds like you are both busy women with full lives and you are on different pages in the same book. Much better than different pages in different books or as my husband and I have learned to laugh about, not even on shelves in the same library.
Call her and tell her you understand her busy life and her impending departure and that this is important to you and you've established a time line you'd like to keep. Doesn't mean you'll get what you want but at that point, you've been clear and honest - that's all any of us can do.
As for the feeling 20, there are just some people that we do this with. It's not her-it's you and it's O.K. You can address it at a future date if you think you need to, but I'd work on what was happening in my own head first. You might just sort through it yourself. I had a similar experience and once I realized what I felt and when I felt it, I made choices to feel and act differently. For me, this expanded and deepened the relationship. I now have a dear and special friend in addition to having an older, wiser respected trainer.

Jun. 26, 2009, 08:23 PM
I called ,voice mail was cleaned up, and I left a message, now the ball is in her court right???
As for feeling 20, this is a person whom I have been around since I was about 13 yrs old, I am now 40 she is close to 60 LOL! I I have always had the highest respect for her and her abilities and kindness ( she is ALWAYS looking out for the best interest of her "kids" and not so much worried about how/when they will pay) she is a GREAT trainer and also a genuine person, that is hard to come by in the horse world. I think being around her reminds me of how little I knew when I first met her and I think maybe she might not realize how much I have learned LOL. although she did tell me I am doing a great job training my daughter, and that she would love to have her as a student LOL! I guess that should be all the affirmation I need right???

Jun. 26, 2009, 10:15 PM
You've got it!