View Full Version : Rambo Sheet, Jeffries Girth, Show Jacket, Bits

May. 17, 2009, 10:51 AM
I have for sale the following high quality items:

Jeffries Wembley Girth, 50" Black BNWT. High quality contoured girth, with Triple elastic at one end. $55.00 plus shipping. A serious deal!

Rambo Armadillo Summer sheet, Size 80, BNWT. $55.00 plus ship. These retail for about $100.00. Navy with Aqua striping, very sharp looking.

Devonaire Nouvelle Ladies Show Jacket, size 10, Navy. In perfect
condition, clean and ready to go. Has some lycra in the fabric for
stretch. My daughter outgrew it. Was used sparingly. $40.00 plus

Bits: all in barely used condition:
Cherry roller loose ring, 5" $15.00
Dewsbury Jointed kimberwick 5" (new was $45.00), used 3X $25.00
Cheltenham Gag bit with Rath Cheek pieces, used a few times. 5" $45.00

All bits plus shpping

e-mail me at whippet2@mac.com
I'm in NH