View Full Version : Eventer turned H/J for the day

Apr. 26, 2009, 10:14 PM
And I had a blast!!! So did my horse!!! We entered a little local schooling show and did the 3'3" jumpers and had a blast!!!! And I wasn't even the only appy there!!!

It was so much fun!!! I had a great time and loved all the cute little kids in their pigtails and ribbons!!!

We ended up 4th (cause I took the "scenic route" after forgetting the course briefly and 2nd :) GOOOOOO FLECK!!!!

Anyways... just wanted to say that I had fun and will definitely be traveling over to jumperland more often :)

Apr. 26, 2009, 10:28 PM
Great!!!! See...We aren't all stuck up H/J Princesses!!!

Apr. 26, 2009, 10:39 PM
Ha!!! I NEVER said anything of the sorts :) But actually... I was really pleased with how friendly people were! And it wasn't a super big show with a lot of competition nerves, but still. We had a blast!!!

It was a bit odd to hear all the coaches giving help on the rail (in event land you're not allowed to get any help) but it was great!! I even got a "Blue rails!!!" when I was trying to figure out my next jump. Hee hee...

But yep... we will definitely go back for more. Not quite sure we can do the hunters...... but you know, the jumpers work :) (and I mean that because I ride a VERY Loud appaloosa who does not quite understand the slow steady consistent rounds...nor does he quite snap his knee's up all pretty like!, but he's catty (really catty for as big and long as he is) and does his job!, so...)

But yep... it was fun :) Everyone was super nice and we had a great time!

Apr. 26, 2009, 11:00 PM
And WHERE are the pictures?? I love fleck, i want pictures haha. =) he's sooo purrrddy

Apr. 27, 2009, 12:46 AM
Okay... but ONLY if you promise not to laugh!!! Well, actually you HAVE to laugh on this one, but.... it was a funky line and I was trying to not grab him in the face!! So yeah... again, we DO NOT do the hunters ;)

But check out this cute one!!!! I LOVE MY HORSE!!!

I didn't really get any others...the only other one was prior to take off, so... oh well!! I'm glad I got the ones I did... that second one is a new fave :)

Apr. 27, 2009, 01:10 AM
Having seen you do many a jumper (and hunter :yes:) courses WAY back in the day, I think it fair to say this isn't your first time in jumperland...just your first in a very long time. :lol:

Glad you found your way back to us, even if it is just every now and then! ;)

Apr. 27, 2009, 01:17 AM
That second picture is perfect!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

I'm glad you had a good time!

Apr. 27, 2009, 01:49 AM
What a cutie! Glad you had fun over in "jumperland" lol.

Apr. 27, 2009, 11:48 AM
Hee!! It was fun!

And yep....HI englishivy!!! Your barn is LOVELY!!! And congrats on the baby! She's adorable :)

Yep, it has been awhile. I was so tempted to run back home and grab Roany pony and take her in the money class!!!! She was just so agile ;) But Fleck did a pretty decent job too.

Anyways... I figure it's great fun and good practice for us. Now I just need to learn how to finesse my eq!!! So we'll do some other fun local ones. The horse park is so close and convenient, why not!

Apr. 27, 2009, 03:46 PM
thanks for the compliments...darling daughter is 2 1/2 going on 15. She's doing lead line at our show this weekend and thinks she is the BEST rider ever. :lol:

Fleck is cute; glad Roany has another appy to play with.

If you ever head over to Wills or Chateau, let us know. you can always stall with us!

Apr. 27, 2009, 04:08 PM
ha!! That's awesome!! I bet she gets a blue ribbon too!!
How's Angie doing? I saw her babies...beautiful!! Oliver is stunning and Kat is a cutie pie too :)

I will definitely keep you posted if we head that way. And same for you guys. I have mine at home, so I have limited (And slightly ghetto) stalls but you are welcome to stay if you show at the Horse park! Or anywhere else near Covington.
Great talking to you!

Green Acres
Apr. 27, 2009, 04:46 PM
Flecken - were you at Conyers this past weekend at the HJ Fox show?

Apr. 27, 2009, 06:38 PM
I was :) Just Sunday though...was doing lessons Saturday.

I take it you were too?!? Cool!!!

How'd you guys do?!

Green Acres
Apr. 27, 2009, 06:45 PM
I was :) Just Sunday though...was doing lessons Saturday.

I take it you were too?!? Cool!!!

How'd you guys do?!

I thought I may have seen your horse!;) Yea, it was a fun show!!! Relaxed atmosphere but a nice turnout.

I showed my greenbean in 2' hunter stuff both days. He was better on Sunday and was even champion in one division. I'm a happy mom but we have lots of room for improvement!!!

The pictures should be posted online in a few days. The link is http://www.photoreflect.com/pr3/store.aspx?p=269

Apr. 27, 2009, 06:55 PM
That second picture is so cute! I love your horse's name btw. :)

Apr. 27, 2009, 07:54 PM
Ahhh! I have a roany pony too :) Love her!!!

Awesome..thanks for the pics link! I was wondering if/who the photographer was :)