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Apr. 21, 2009, 12:59 PM
Ok, I've been doing dressage for the past few years and I just got that really nice little mare to train but she's an absolutely fantastic jumper, don't get me wrong, she could move in the dressage ring but would be 'cruel' not to let her express that amazing jumping side of her...So, I've decided to do a come back in the hunter ring this summer.

SO, what are the trends this year for clothing and tacking for both me and the little one? Colors, shapes, brands, whatever!?! We'll only be doing small hunter classes.

(Really this is just for fun, I don,t really care about brands but I'm quite curious about what people do and use at show time....or what are the judge's expectations regarding the hunting world!)


Apr. 21, 2009, 02:33 PM
Helmet: GPA or Charles Owen (Gr8 or Wellington)

Shirt: For hunters color nice. I'm a traditionalist and like the white shirt look, it compliments ANY horse and keeps the attention off you and on the horse.

Jacket: Black has been making a comeback but not so much in the Hunter ring as in the Equitation and Jumper rings. Dark blues and greys are lovely.

Breeches: Latest obsession seems to be Pikuer pants. Or just get the Tailored sportsmans or the Beval Puissance pants with the piping for a little pizzaz!

Boots: Tall boots that fit well and are polished military style. You should be able to see your reflection!!

Spurs: whatever your horse needs.

Bridle: Generally a trend for the wide nosebands on the big warmblood hunters.

Bit: I'm a believer in the whatever your horse needs is in style, but predominately D-Ring snaffles.

Boots: none.

As long as you are clean and everything is well fit and your horse is fat, shiny, and healthy then, in my opinion, you're in "style".

Apr. 21, 2009, 02:42 PM
Check out this site, shes got almost everything marked way down.

and I agree with the above poster- you really just need to look nice and presentable :)

Apr. 21, 2009, 05:54 PM
theres tons of popular brands, but you don't have to be wearing TS or Ariat to look nice. It's a lot easier to look nice in the higher end brands, but you can make almost anything work as long as it is decent. Be conservative in colors but it's still alright to have some fun with color: pretty colored shirts are nice, jackets can have nice lining and a window pane or plaid pattern in colors. breeches should be rust, tan, or puke green. no white breeches unless you're doing jumper classics. coats should be grey, navy, olive, brown, tan, etc. various shades of those. you see hunter green coats every now and then, but i think they look god-awful. i hate the color in general though, so i'm biased :lol: helmets are nice. really anything that isn't too loud (no turquoise green tipperaries in the hunter ring, no purple plastic troxels). something traditional and classy (like a CO hampton, or any helmet in that general style: classic velvet hunt cap.) is always going to be in style. GPA's with the stripe had their time. i still see them, but i'd say the most popular helmet right now is the CO GR8. i also see more GPA speed airs. IRH is good too. they make similar styles to GPA for much less $$. I have a CO hampton that i show with now, and i don't think i'll ever go back to any other helmet for shows, i love it. it goes with everything. i like the GR8 but i dont like it enough to show in it. it'd be a cute schooling helmet, but i'm not willing to spend that much on a schooling helmet. i have an old IRH that i ride in at home and i used to show in it too, which was perfectly acceptable for shows too.

most important other than being conservative in your color choices: FIT. PLEASE only buy show clothes that fit properly! it doesnt matter if you have a $700 GP coat if it doesnt fit properly. you could be better off with a $200 RJ coat if it fits. sometimes you only fit into certain brands, and always buy what you fit into. it will give you a better over all picture in turnout.

that being said, since you're only showing hunters in the summer, i don't suggest going out and buying a whole new wardrobe. try the consignment area of your tack shop. find some tan breeches, a shirt, and a coat that fits. you'll be good to go. you should already have a helmet and boots, i'd assume.

as for brands, some popular ones are...

helmets: CO, GPA, IRH
clothes: Tailored Sportsman, Grand Prix, RJ Classics, Ariat, Equine Couture, Essex, Beacon Hill, the list goes on.

Apr. 21, 2009, 06:34 PM
Thank you all for the infos!

So I'm ready to go on with my shopping!

What about nice boots and half chaps, they are allowed isn't? ( I have the Ariat Monaco set...)

Apr. 21, 2009, 06:53 PM
Thank you all for the infos!

So I'm ready to go on with my shopping!

What about nice boots and half chaps, they are allowed isn't? ( I have the Ariat Monaco set...)

I know that boots and half chaps are allowed in the jumper ring, and I'm almost certain they are in all the other rings. While they are acceptable and can look very nice, they are not common.

Apr. 21, 2009, 06:54 PM
Thank you all for the infos!

So I'm ready to go on with my shopping!

What about nice boots and half chaps, they are allowed isn't? ( I have the Ariat Monaco set...)

In my Opinion they are ok for schooling shows, but I would never wear them anywhere else, even at a local.. but in my area the locals are just as good as the rated shows.

Apr. 21, 2009, 07:20 PM
Ditto what gg4918 said. The hunters are about the horse, so I always like to see riders turned out in conservative clothing. I'm a hardcore navy/blue jacket with a white or blue shirt but that's just me. There have been a ton of nice grey and brown coats I have seen. Boots should be shiny. If you are running around in the mud, buy a pair of the boot rubbers to help protect them from the gross conditions. I would buy tall boots instead of going in the ring with paddocks and half chaps, especially if you plan to show at "A" rated shows.

Apr. 21, 2009, 08:04 PM
I think you'd be fine in the Ariat Monaco boot/half chaps in the show ring. I doubt anyone else could tell that's what you're wearing if they fit properly. I was surprised to see a lot of (local) BNTs at the couple of shows I've been to this year wearing half chaps (even in the hunters). You really can't tell when they're in the tack.

I broke my ankle a couple of summers ago and rode in one tall boot and one paddock boot/half chap (Ariat Crowne). I was the only person who could tell the difference despite the fact that I have zipper paddock boots (meaning they didn't match the laced tall boot). The higher end half chaps really do look like boots...especially if you have spurs on.

Apr. 21, 2009, 09:56 PM
i know some kids and adults who do lower end showing with boots & half chaps, one friend even showed at wef with half chaps in jumpers. as long as they are nice, youll be fine. sometimes they look better than the really cheap tall boots!:D

Apr. 22, 2009, 07:51 AM
I have seen some pros wearing a nice set of paddocks/half chaps at C shows, mostly in classes like Special Hunters (so "nice" show, but not even a rated division). Honestly, while it may cause a double take, since you're just doing "small hunter classes", if that's what you have, and the Monaco set is a nice one, there's no need to buy tall boots just for that. If you have field boots, wear those, but if you have the paddock/half chap option or dress boots, then as long as your comb is a matching set, go for it.

Platinum breeches used to be, IIRC, Pytchley. I've had my Pytchley's forever now, and when it comes to side-zip khaki/puke green/whatever they want to call their particular color, you're hard pressed to determine one brand from another from any distance, so wear what's comfortable and fits. Platinums were, last I looked, right about $100. Oh, just checked, they're a little more now. But if you can wear a 26 petite you can get a great deal LOL

Helmets? Whatever fits your head and has a traditional look :) If that's a G8, great, if it's a *gasp* Troxel, great.

Apr. 22, 2009, 10:43 AM
Half chaps are actually against USEF rules for attire in the hunters.

HU127 Attire.
1. Formal Attire. Riders are required to wear scarlet or dark coats; white shirts with white stock; white, buff or canary breeches and protective headgear. See GR801. All Hunter and Hunt Seat Equitation riders must wear protective headgear while jumping in accordance with General Rules, GR801.2. In classes restricted to junior exhibitors protective headgear must be worn in accordance with GR801. Members of the Armed Services or the Police
may wear the Service Dress Uniform.
2. Inappropriate attire. When management permits Hunter or Hunter Seat Equitation riders to ride without jackets, riders must wear traditional, short, or long-sleeved riding shirts with chokers or ties. Polo shirts and chaps are not permitted except in unjudged warm-up classes. Management or Judge may eliminate an exhibitor who is inappropriately attired.

Some judges care, others won't. But when we called the USEF and asked, the response was that all chaps are prohibited under the rule.

Apr. 22, 2009, 01:48 PM
Half chaps are actually against USEF rules for attire in the hunters.
Some judges care, others won't. But when we called the USEF and asked, the response was that all chaps are prohibited under the rule.

I think the rules are a carryover from when half chaps looked like half chaps....not tall boots. With the number of trainers I've watched in the recent past walk into the show ring (in the hunters) with half chaps on, I'm not sure I'd be terribly worried about it. I'm not disputing that it's technically against the rules, but with a pair of spurs on I don't think anyone can tell when someone's riding in a pair of well-fitted half chaps.

Having said that, I will admit that I had the back gate person radio the judge every time I walked into the ring during the season where I rode in one half chap and one boot. The judges never had a problem with it, and one hunter judge commented that it was unnecessary to ask.....but I'm sure you're right, Trixie, that there are some who might care.

So I guess it just depends on how much of a risk taker you are :lol:

Apr. 22, 2009, 08:46 PM
As for the rules...I'm from Montreal and a knowledgeable person in the hunter world just told me the 'boot looking' half chaps were allowed at any level in the hunter/jumper rings as well as in the dressage at local shows (regionals not at provincials). It might depends on each country!

I usually buy second hand tack and get quite lucky in the quality vs pricing

So for now:
On my really dark brown mare: Devoucoux biarritz saddle with matching Vespucci bridle both two tones. No bling bling. And a nice Fleecework white half pad.
On me: Ariat Monaco set, pikeur 'so called beige' breeches, and CO Ascot hunt cap black velvet (old version)
I just now miss the coat and blouse. (I've been lucky to have somebody offering me one just now in PM...and I'm looking forward to see if it fits!)
By the way if anyone else have something to sell that would match and look good (because we never know when a stain can get on breeches)...: I'm 5'7'' and wearing S or 8T/12 for coats and 26R or 28R for pants. My saddle is a 16'5...so if you have older nice pads!!!! :winkgrin:

Would be fun to get some pictures of people in their complete attires!

Apr. 22, 2009, 09:01 PM
In Canada under the EC rules half chaps and paddock boots are allowed as long as the boots and chaps are the same colour. They just changed the rule last year or the year before I think.

So if you're showing in Canada then go for it!! :)