View Full Version : Anyone know what happened to Millbrooks Serendipity, Gaulimfry Panther & other smalls

Apr. 21, 2009, 11:40 AM
I'm wondering if anyone knows what happened to some of my old ponies. They'd all be quite old by now, if still alive, but I do often think about them and hope they had wonderful lives after selling them.

Millbrooks Serendipity (barn name Sara), white small, Section A Welsh pony mare. My family really regretted selling her (she didn't work out with my youngest brother), and not leasing her out for a year or two until I was really ready for her. We sold her in the early 90's (I want to say 1990-1991?). We were told she was a broodmare after we sold her. I don't know if she is still alive, but I'd love to know whatever happened to her, and what her offspring is doing. The Welsh pony registry has her last owner as my mom.

Gaulimfry Panther (barn name Panther), black small with a star, Section A Welsh pony gelding. DOB: 5/8/84 (I think). He had a lot of health problems when I had him, and his health problems resulted in problems with jumping (ran out to the left). He was a beautiful mover and jumper, with nice confirmation. We sent him to New Bolton for a few months before we sold him to address his health & allergy problems, and I was told he had improved dramatically and his running out issue had been resolved. A girl started riding him while he was at New Bolton who later bought him, I don't know her name, but I think she was from Connecticut - could be wrong on that. I think we sold him in the mid-90's 1994-1998?

Ledinjadon Windigan (barn name Casper), white small, Section A Welsh pony gelding. Very fancy jumper, but a tough ride, especially for a little kid. We sold him in 1990-1992, I think. I was told his name was changed to Cream Cheese after selling him.

Southwind Penny Dragon (barn name Penny), dapple grey (probably now white), Section A Welsh pong mare. Very marish, cute, but not overly fancy. We sold her in the early 90's, and I ran into her at a show in Camden, SC about two years after selling her.