View Full Version : A Special Fundraiser From Sunkissed Acres!

Apr. 4, 2009, 11:03 AM
Can you help make a wish and dream come true? Sunkissed Acres is asking its supporters to help make a once in a lifetime opportunity for VERY special young lady come true this summer.

Sunkissed Acres in Summerville, GA is an equine rescue, rehabilitation and retirement program for horses. But they are asking for your help with this special request.

Those of us who work with and love horses know the power they have to change lives for the better. The lessons we learn from them gives us strength and hope. They teach us responsibility and help us learn what is means to support another living creature financially and emotionally. They give us determination and they teach us empathy.

This young lady, who is very dear to Sunkissed Acres family, has the opportunity to learn to ride this summer. This is dream come true for her as she would never otherwise have the opportunity. A facility has generously offered a summer lesson program for her. But she will need $250 which will cover the costs of her equipment etc. The facility has waived their fees.

Can you help make a wish and dream come true? If you can, and every penny counts, please click on the ChipIn button to make a tax-deductible donation directly to Sunkissed Acres. You can also copy the ChipIn widget on the page and help us spread the word and make this dream a reality!

Thank you from everyone at Sunkissed Acres!