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Jan. 7, 2009, 12:15 AM
I was driving down the road and out pops this Pug. It crossed the street without incident, but something made me want to go around the block and make sure it was ok. So I come back around and this van grazes the dog and screeches around him. Obviously seeing his life flash in front of his eyes, he runs into a backyard. It has a chainlink fence with a large space between the two gates that are haphazardly padlocked together. A piece of chicken wire is leaned against the fence, not held there in place so the dog just pushed it and could get through. So I go around to the front of the house and no one is home. Next door there are three dogs out in a pen in the front yard. Out walks a man clad in a wife-beater, pajama pants, slippers, and a cigarette hanging from his fingers. He checks on his three dogs and then sees me. I recount the event to him. He next tells me that the dog's owner has gone through a divorce and the dog has really never been paid attention to. He gets out multiple times a week and the owner gets daily visits to his house from concerned people. One woman came 4 days IN A ROW. He basically says f*ck the dog, I just want him to get hit by a car. The next door neighbor leads me into the backyard, his name is Ellis by the way. While in the backyard he tells me the dog's name is Pugsley and he doesn't wear a collar because, as the owner claims, he doesn't like it. So Pugsley runs out of a run down shed and around the backyard. Mind you, I don't see any toys for the dog to play with, no wonder he's been running away. :sigh:

Ellis had tried to take him, but his dogs didn't get along with Pugsley. At one point he took Pugsley for THREE days and the owner never even noticed. That was it, I picked him up and he somehow ended up in the car with me, driving home. I'm not sure how it happened, whether A. the dog hypnotized me along with Ellis, the pajama-clad next door neighbor B. I had a complete lapse in judgement C. I relapsed in my doggy soberness. I think I'm going to take B and C. So before leaving Ellis informs me that he has "not seen me". At this point I'm asking myself "What the hell have I done?" I just stole/rescued a dog from some random backyard. This dog could have diseases, fleas, and god knows what else. Not only that, but I may have some deranged owner after me.

Now what I haven't told you is that my brother has wanted a pug for...6 years. Every Christmas, birthday, Thanksgiving, any holiday that you can possibly receive any type of gift for he has asked for a pug. So now I'm thinking this is some kind of act of God. I mean how does a purebred Pug run out of some hillbilly backyard and right in front of a recovering dog addict?! No, it can't possibly be coincidence. So Pugsley stops at the bank with me. Then, the pet store. All the meanwhile, riding in the car with his front paws propped up on the dashboard, standing up and surveying the road. So I get to the pet store and carry him in. I don't have a leash and have no idea what I'm going to do as this dog apparently doesn't like collars. What the hell, I think. So I put on a collar and a leash. He acted like it wasn't even there. So the owner lied because he was too darn lazy and cheap to buy the dog a collar with a tag. Or maybe he just wanted the dog to run away and never be found and tracked back to him as the owner. Either way, the owner lied and is just really sad because he could spend at least $500 on a purebred Pug and not even buy him a darn collar!

So, he spends the night at my sister's house as I'm not ready to introduce him to my LARGE dogs. Three of them weigh over 75 pounds and one is 50 pounds. The next day he goes to the vet. By this time we've renamed him Yoda, due to my brother's love for Star Wars and the dog's resemblance to the wide-eyed character. So Yoda gets all of his shots. I learn he has very bad heart worms, a horrible flea problem, and he is two years old. I don't know how the stool sample came back, but I'm sure that wasn't a pretty sight either. Now it's Saturday and he'll spend the night at my mom's house and then go to the vet to be neutered on Monday. He spends the night without a problem.
I decide to call Ellis to get an update on the owner, if there is any update to be made at all. Ellis's boyfriend answers, who seems to know quite a bit about the dog. He informs me that he knows the dog is about 2 1/2 years old so my vet wasn't too off. Then he hands off the phone to Ellis. I tell everything to Ellis, who then says the owner asked if Ellis knew where the dog was. Sticking to his promise that "he didn't see me" he tells the owner he must have run away or got hit by a car. He suggests calling the SPCA to see if they have the dog. The owner's response, "Well then f*ck the dog." Yes, ladies and gentleman he couldn't make an effort to pick up the phone, punch in a number, and ask if they had found a Pug or not. :no:

So the next day Yoda gets neutered and at this point I'm thinking about just giving him away. I have all these visions of my VERY calm dogs going Kujo on Yoda. So he spends another night at my mom's house and then it's time. I try to stall as much as possible by bringing him to my sister's house to see if I could persuade her. Nope. Then to my Uncle Freddie's house. Nope. So I pop a Zoloft and go back to my house. I bring him in, my dogs don't even realize he's in my hands. I sit down and let them smell him. Not too much action. Even the alpha dog likes him. So I hold on to his harness and put him on the ground. A sniffing frenzy and then it disperses aside from T-Biscuit. Of course, he has to bark and harass Yoda (Now, Yoda/Frank from the Men In Black II movie) at his every move. Yoda/Frank just happily wagged his tail. It makes me realize how spoiled my dogs are. I got him one cheap little chew toy at the pet store and he whimpered in ecstasy while he licked and chewed it. The dog was appreciative just to be in a house and not outside despite T-Biscuit harassing him.

Yoda/Frank doesn't realized he's fixed yet so he tried mating with Stella's head, (Stella is my Giant Schnauzer female) licked her mouth, followed her everywhere, stood under her for protection, put his front paws on top of her so he could prop himself up and see everyone, and laid next to her and just stared. :eek: Stella loved the attention and acted like he was her doting boyfriend doing whatever she told him to do and worshipping her every move.

Now he is laying in his kennel and I am knocking on wood hoping everything will work out. Of course at any hint of endangerment he will be moved to a more suitable home. I am having my maid come supervise him tomorrow while I am gone just to make sure the my 4 dogs don't do anything to Yoda/Frank.

*Phew* That's a long one.
So my questions:
Any suggestions/tips/experience with Pugs?
Can I bring him to horse shows with me? (Obviously he will be kept on a tight leash FAR away from any of the rings or horses. Irresponsible dog owner with out of control dogs annoy the heck out of me.) :mad:

So thank you for reading my short novel.


Jan. 7, 2009, 12:20 AM
Pugs will eat anything remotely, possibly, potentially edible and keep eating it till they are sick. So be very careful what he has access to in terms of your house when you're not around. Pugs can get into trash cans no problem.

Jan. 7, 2009, 12:43 AM
I strongly recommend to keep up with ear cleaning! Pugs have very narow short little ear canals and are prone to ear infections which can become chronic if you don't keep up with them. Also, make sure their face folds are kept clean as they can get skin infections in them. As a vet tech, I will now never own one but they are kinda cute as puppies. Good luck with your new dog!

Jan. 7, 2009, 12:54 AM
Pugs get along with everyone, so don't worry on that account. Good for you for falling off the wagon and rescuing Yoda/Frank. Funny, my sis-in-law has a Pug named Pugsley. The apple of her two young boy's hearts may I add. A harness is your friend, as collars just pop off a Pug's neck since that is bigger than their heads, usually. Pictures, please!!

Jan. 7, 2009, 01:17 AM
I have the most spoiled Pug in the world-"Oliver". He is best buds with our big lab Jack. Ditto on the eating anything, anywhere, in any amount. He is a living Hoover. They are big dogs in a little package and are far sturdier than the other toy breeds.

They aren't good outdoor dogs except for playtime. They are very sensitive to the heat and cold, but the heat especially. I think their smooshed nose makes it hard to breathe in the heat and humidity and you have to be careful not to run them too much when the temps are high.

Oliver loves to go to the barn with me but doesn't usually listen, runs too close to the horses and became a punching bag for the ill tempered goat with horns so he stays home now. I used to have him sit with me on the Polaris as I dumped manure and filled the field water troughs and just loved to sit in the front seat like a little prince surveying his kingdom.

And yes-a harness is mandatory!

He sleeps in the bed with us but it can be difficult as pugs snore like freight trains, fart with horrific abandon and shed like crazy. But Ollie's clownish antics and funny little face make it all worthwhile. Congrats on Frank!!!

Jan. 7, 2009, 10:37 AM
If I read you post correctly - the dog has heartworms?? If so are you going to treat them? It is an expensive treatment and the dog is very sick through the treatment, but it still should be done if you plan to keep or rehome the dog.

Jan. 7, 2009, 11:55 AM
Congrats to you for rescuing this little guy! Pugs are so cute! Definitely keep in mind that they can't tolerate hot/cold well. We have Bostons and they're real wimps if the temps are out of their 70-80 degree comfort range ;) haha!

Have fun with him!

Jan. 7, 2009, 02:25 PM
I've become a Pug addict, even though Pippin is my first and only - SO FAR! I'm pretty sure this is the only breed I'll ever have.

Like others have said - they are sensitive to extreme weather/humidity, so they have to stay home a lot. I do take Pippin to shows - in fact he won a coach dog class!


He comes in to the barn only when the horses are put away in their stalls. He tends to get underfoot and I'm afraid he'll get stomped on, so he's not a good barn dog.

Pugs tend to get along with other dogs very well. Mine is food agressive, but I don't think that's common. They are clowns and love to play.

Stay on top of that nose wrinkle. I use baby wipes to clean it and smear a little gold bond powder in it if it's moist. Keep monostat or triple antibiotic cream on hand - they do tend to get a little yeastey in there.

And bless you for taking him in.

I don't know where you live - but you may want to see if there's a Pug meetup in your area. We go to the dog park once a month so he can play with a bunch of his fellow Pugs.

Jan. 7, 2009, 03:40 PM
I have a Pug cousin, the French Bulldog. And just like their flat faced cousins, pugs can have many health problems. Being a brachycephalic breed (flat faced) means they cannot tolerate extreme temperatures (hot or cold), could have stenotic nares (small nasal passages) and/or an elongated soft palate (which makes their breathing even worse). You could have had the vet check his palate while he was under anesthesia for his neuter, but if his breathing is not horribly labored you should be okay. Maybe have the vet check the next time you get his teeth cleaned. Make sure his wrinkles are clean and dry. Also, you mentioned he had heartworms. That is an expensive treatment (just so you know). As for the horses, I took Toni, my French Bulldog, to the barn once and she wanted nothing to do with it! She stuck to my husband like glue!! OTOH, my 85 pound American Bulldog wanted to play with the yearlings! Hope the previous owner isn't a member of COTH!! Just kidding, it sounds like you gave that dog a great home.

Jan. 8, 2009, 09:30 PM
I have two pugs. Ditto what previous posters have said about the ears, nose rolls/wrinkles and not being able to tolerate the heat and cold. Pugs also tend to have alot of skin problems. You also need to be very careful with their eyes. They can scratch their corneas easily and get a corneal ulcer, which, if not properly cared for can lead to blindness and/or loss of eye. Using a harness is better than a collar for a pug because they do have breathing problems that collars just seem to agggravate. They are funny little dogs but can be stubborn. Pugs arent for everyone but if you understand their special needs and care for them properly, you wont find a nicer, friendlier dog. I love mine but they are high maintenance.
Im glad this little guy has a better life with you!

Jan. 9, 2009, 06:14 AM
We have pugs and they are the greatest dogs! Seth is our little black boy. He's coming 7yo this year and is the sweetest, most loving dog you could ever ask for. Sydney on the other hand refuses to go outside to go potty when it is less than 50 degrees. They are smarter than they look and seem to get along with everyone.

Enjoy the pug, but I do think you should have contacted the owner before taking him. If he hated the dog that much, he would have more than likely given him to you anyway.

Jan. 9, 2009, 12:29 PM
We used to have a Pug, her name was Cookie. Cookie was like a cat - nothing was off limits for her, despite puppy classes, obedience classes, and frequent encounters with the water gun when she (again) jumped her way up on the kitchen counter. They are determined little buggers, but too cute not to love.

I would like to reiterate that NOTHING is off limits to the Pug when food is involved. That applies to anything that even remotely resembles food, or packaging that used to contain food, or smells like food, or might taste like food if you give it a few licks and chews.

One day we came into the kitchen to find Cookie on the kitchen table, having knocked over the salt shaker. She was licking the salt off the table and off the top of the shaker. Then there was the time my unknowing cousin left a butter dish on the table after dinner. ;)