View Full Version : Giveaway thread never showing up?

Dec. 12, 2008, 03:07 PM
I posted a new thread on the giveaways forum about three or four weeks ago, looking for a new dog and describing my situation and my wishes. I'm pretty sure I wasn't in violation of any rules, but my thread never did show up. Was it simply overlooked, or did I make a mistake?

In this case, I found a dog at my local humane society a couple of weeks later and she couldn't be more perfect, so it turns out well in the end. However, this has happened before (posting earlier this year with a free pony ad, definitely not asking for any money, definitely not in violation of the rules). I just posted the free pony ad again, today, and will of course wait a few days while it undergoes approval before I start to worry. That said, I hope it shows up, as the little guy really does need a home!