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Oct. 30, 2008, 03:11 PM

I am selling a used Beval Devon saddle with plain flaps. Before everyone goes "yuck", it would be a great second saddle, which is what I bought it for. But, my 42 year old frame really needs that extra .5 of an inch in the seat to be comfortable. :lol: It was a bargain when I purchased it, and I am not trying to make a profit off of it, just getting back what I had in to it.

There is normal wear on the saddle, the flaps are very supple. I want to particularly point out that some of the stitching has worn away on jockey flap. I don't think it will have any major impact to the longevity. The tree is sound. It is a medium wide and has a "W" stamped on the stirrup bar. It does not look hugely wide to me though; hence my medium wide description. On the sweat flap, there is the Devon stamped and the 16 1/2, but it is pretty faded.

Here are links to the photos:
http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn320/daclair1/100_1681.jpg (http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn320/daclair1/100_1681.jpg)

You can contact me at deb@dclair.net

My asking price is $450.00 with free shipping.

Oct. 31, 2008, 04:00 PM
Hi! :eek: I made a mistake in the first listing. The tree is a medium, not a medium wide. I called Bevals to confirm the stamping on the back of the sweat flap this afternoon.

Hopefully this information will be helpful to you. :) It seems like more people are looking for a medium tree than a narrow or a wide.

The asking price is $450 with free shipping. I do have some flexibility in price, but the free shipping only comes with the asking price.

Please let me know if you have any question. There are other pictures in photobucket:

If you need to get in touch with me, reply to this post, PM, or email me at dc@dclair.net.

Thanks, and sorry for the goof up! :o

Nov. 13, 2008, 09:06 AM
Hi! I have reduced the price of the saddle to $399. This is a great price for a great quality saddle. If you have any questions, please PM me or email at deb@dclair.net.


Dec. 17, 2008, 06:51 PM
thank you!