View Full Version : FITS Endurance ride- anyone going?

Diamond Jake
Mar. 3, 2008, 11:02 PM
I am crewing for some friends there this weekend.

Anyone going?

Auventera Two
Mar. 4, 2008, 09:52 AM
You live in MN right? There's an endurance ride in MN in March?! :eek: :lol:

Romantic Rider
Mar. 4, 2008, 11:10 AM
If I remember correctly, Fun In The Sun is a three day ride in Florida. I think there's an FEI 100 mile ride. I know several riders who go there from this Midwest region. It seems like a ridiculously long way to travel though. Especially with this rotten winter for conditioning.

Diamond Jake
Mar. 4, 2008, 08:57 PM
You crack me up!

A member of our MN group has a winter farm in Florida. She has a few horses that can do the 100 on Sunday.

A couple of friends of ours are flying down to ride her horses, and my best friend and I are tagging along to crew for them. Hey, ANY excuse right now to go to Florida!

So yes, the Fun In The Sun ride in Dunnellon, FL is an FEI qualifying ride. I think the base camp is on Valerie Kanavy's farm. It will be a great experience for us to see the difference in rules and regulations, compared to what we follow in MN.

I wanted to make some joke about the equivalent of the Iditarod in March.. but it just wasn't funny....

Huh.. so I guess no one else is going. :cry:

I will bring back stories and pics!

Mar. 4, 2008, 09:06 PM
The weather is going to be pretty nice this weekend at FITS. Enjoy!

I'm not going this year even though it's one of my closer rides; just didn't get a 2nd horse ready for a 50 and I'm too cheap to pay to ride a 50 mile horse in a 25/30. My main horse did a 100 just over 2 weeks ago so he's on a mini-break.

Who will be running (or hobbling) on a 15K trail run on Sunday instead of riding at FITS. Sniff, sniff.

Romantic Rider
Mar. 4, 2008, 10:59 PM
I'd give just about anything to go to Florida right now... :sadsmile: Oh well, surely spring can't be that far off even for Wisconsin. I hope you bring back some warm weather along with those stories and pics. ;):)

Diamond Jake
Mar. 5, 2008, 03:03 PM
Let me tell you- I am SO grateful I was able to tag along. I really need a few days off, especially with some decent weather. We got a couple of inches of snow here this morning and everyone went into some sort of blizzard-type lockdown on the roads.

Seriously, people, it has been like this for years... can't you learn to drive normally?

Anyway, just counting the hours until I can drag my butt onto that plane.

I promise I will deliver pics and stories when I get back.

Mar. 6, 2008, 01:13 PM
Well, I live right next to where the ride is occurring. I am a driver, but many of the drivers in our little community of Steeplechase volunteer for the endurance people. I will be helping to serve the ham Mon. morning to the 100 milers.

Diamond Jake
Mar. 11, 2008, 02:34 PM
From the frozen tundra they call Florida!

Let's see- they got over 6 inches of rain Friday, 30 MPH winds on Saturday, and a 30 degree start Sunday mornuing.
I would have been comfortable if I had brough my insulated Carhrtt's!

But, it was sunny most of the time, and really, the weather Sunday was perfect. Cool breeze, warm sun...

Unfportunately, the trails were a soup, so many did not get completion because the footing was so tough.

So many other stories to tell... but can someone direct me to the directions for postings pictures?

A2- finally melting over here. There are some local farm roads and snowmobile trails we will be hitting this weekend. Jake is so fat this spring I am actually scared. I really have some work to do with him in the next two months before our first ride.

I will be back with more stories!


Mar. 12, 2008, 10:45 PM
Yeah Steph, so much for that nice weather forecast I saw earlier in the week! It sure went south in a bad way although Sunday did turn out nice after starting cold (and I'm about 100 miles further south than the ride so I bet it was a lot worse up there).

I've ridden those trails when they've been wet and there are sections where you slog forever through fetlock+ deep water. As a completer, not a competer, slowing down for such stuff isn't a big deal for me but I know that there were 28 riding that FEI 100, trying to qualify on what is usually a fast trail. Two years ago, the winning time for the 100 was faster than my 55 on the same trail on the same day! (Yes, I have riding slow down to a science!).

We need stories and pictures so get them together!


Auventera Two
Mar. 13, 2008, 11:41 AM
Yay, we have some melting here finally also! We got another 2" of snow last night to add to the 2 feet on the ground already, but we're hopeful. LOL.

To post pictures directly you have to pay for a premium membership which is $20 a year. Otherwise, you have to have a Photobucket or Webshots account that you upload to, then post links here.

That's too bad about the footing. How depressing for them. That's got to be frustrating. I'm sorry to hear the weather wasn't great. :(

Sabal - don't worry about riding slow. Lots of people do, me included. It's just great to enjoy the trail and the friendship of other people. :)

Mar. 13, 2008, 07:01 PM
I tell everyone that I ride slow so I can get my money's worth! Actually I prefer slower rides in hopes my horses will last me many years. I hate starting over! But this year I bumped up my pace to prep for my big end goal of Tevis and to get ready for our 1st 100 (my 2nd attempt but my horse's first). I ended up with 2 50 milers around the 6.5+/- hour ride time mark and a 100 with a 16:15 ride time; was 12th in both 50s and the 2nd/last finisher in the 100 (5 started). I surprised the timer at the 50s because she's not used to seeing me so early in the day but warned her I would be dragging trail on the 100. I think the other rider finished over 2 hours ahead of me, if not more but it was a tough sandy trail and my horse did just about the entire 100 miles by himself so I was happy that he was still going out after each hold and moving down the trail, no matter how slowly.

Diamond Jake
Mar. 14, 2008, 10:02 PM
When it comes to tough 50's and 100's, I truly believe "To Finish Is To Win".

It takes a lot of hard work to go that distance, and after seeing that horse crash last weekend, I am more adamant about being careful. The ride is NOT worth losing my horse over.

I think it is awesome you finished the 100, now matter how long it took you! If you get a completion, you get a completion! You can try and go faster on the next one if you want to!

I have heard, though, that the main advice is to choose your 100's wisely. Do not just do as many as you can. Do the ones that count.

I am going to start with 25's this year. ( I mostly did novices and a 25 last year) There are three rides in May, and I am going to do them, slowly, and treat them like conditioning rides. If I get completion, I still get the miles, and can work towards going faster later in the summer.

It will be forever before I get pics here. Maybe I will do an update in the spring!