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Auventera Two
Jul. 19, 2007, 10:26 AM
I got the new Easyboots for Monster yesterday and without giving a second thought to the cleats, I just booted her up, and took her for a 30 minute walk to start breaking them in. I got back to the barn and was absolutely DISGUSTED to see that the cleats had chewed right through the outer wall and into the inner wall on both medial and lateral side of the front feet. :mad:

My Arab's easyboots were so tight fitting I could not use cleat covers, but instead put the boot in a vice and bent the cleats down flat so they don't do this.

Monster's boots fit a little looser so the cleat covers would probably fit over the cleats.

But oooooooh, am I mad. This will take a long time to grow out and is ugly ugly ugly.

Jul. 19, 2007, 10:48 AM
Can you post pictures of the cleats? I do not know what they look like. I have easy boots which fit Abby very well. I am thinking about getting those for Sunny so I do not want to get those with "cleats"?

I am sorry about Monster's feet. I hate setbacks like this...

Jul. 19, 2007, 11:47 AM
I dont think the new boots have those cleats.

This happened a few years ago to my horse- a lot of his hoof was dug out and it looked horrible and I was worried, but it didnt cause any problems.

Jul. 19, 2007, 12:00 PM
it's the greatest invention:) no more trying to get the cleats clamped down. now when i get new boots, i order tapers and replace the cleats w/ tapers.
problem solved!

Jul. 19, 2007, 12:11 PM

I searched through and found this site. My mare is using the Boa easy boots. I'm really happy because I can get to control how tight fitting the boots are. I can see why cleats are not friendly to the feet. :( So sorry that you had the misfortune. :(

Jul. 19, 2007, 03:00 PM
Shoes would be kinder. Try shoes.

Jul. 19, 2007, 03:07 PM
are you seriously saying that nailing metal shoes to a horse's hoof is kinder?

Jul. 19, 2007, 03:21 PM
are you seriously saying that nailing metal shoes to a horse's hoof is kinder?

Well, I wouldn't call it cruel. ;)

Jul. 19, 2007, 03:48 PM
all of the easy boots i have gotten lately come with plastic clips you can put over the cleats if the metal cleats are too aggressive for your horse's feet- personally i've never had a problem with them :)

Jul. 19, 2007, 09:49 PM
are you seriously saying that nailing metal shoes to a horse's hoof is kinder?

Yes. if your horse has to wear 'easy boots' to be comfortable , then barefoot isn't working for you.

Shoes are not evil.

Jul. 19, 2007, 10:22 PM
Good luck. I hope you can find a good farrier .

Jul. 19, 2007, 10:44 PM
Good luck. I hope you can find a good farrier .

why are these comments necessary?

To be kind and helpful or snotty and start an arugment?

I wasn't sure so thought I would ask.

War Admiral
Jul. 19, 2007, 10:57 PM
Well, before we get TOO far off the subject - I'll pass along something I saw an eventer (who is also a vet) do once on a TB w/ shelly feet: she wrapped the foot tightly but generously in vetwrap and then put the Easyboot on. Cleat problem solved. :yes:

Jul. 19, 2007, 11:55 PM
I've taken my mare's shoes off in early winter for the past 5 years,and here and there she's chipped off enough foot up to the nail holes to get a little gimpy in the front.I've then put Easyboots on her for up to a month at a time,to let the feet grow out a bit.I pull them off when she's stalled of course,and here and there to keep them clean.Those metal cleats do leave some scratches on the foot,but have never caused any type of lameness issue at all.Not the nicest thing to look at,but any trimmer/farrier is going to know what they're caused by...in fact,my mare's feet came out of this winter the best ever,and she wore Easyboots quite a bit;)

Jul. 20, 2007, 07:27 AM
i'm going to repeat again - TAPERS. replace the cleats with tapers if the cleats don't work for you (apparently they do work for some horses).

Jul. 20, 2007, 07:39 AM
I thought tapers could NOT be used with Easyboots as the boot would not hold.

I know they can be used with Epics.

This is per conversation with Easycare.

Jul. 20, 2007, 07:46 AM
I thought tapers could NOT be used with Easyboots as the boot would not hold.

I know they can be used with Epics.

This is per conversation with Easycare.

oh, perhaps you're right... i use them w/ bares which have gaiters so that's a different story.
ok, so i guess all my yelling was out of place... duh-me

Jul. 20, 2007, 09:50 AM
see what LMH wrote. if you're using ez boots then tapers apparently won't hold the boots on. i use tapers w/ bares and before that i used them w/ epics but those have gaiters so maybe it's different.

i did mash the teeth on my old pair of ez boots. then i put layers of duct tape over them. in effect, that got rid of the teeth altogether. kind of like a home made taper. granted they didn't stay on v. well but they also didn't stay on very well w/ the teeth. ever so often she'd overreach and pull the boot right off... hence i was relieved when they came out w/ gaiters.

Jul. 20, 2007, 11:30 AM
AToo, since you used to complain that there were no good farriers anywhere near your area, I'm not sure that's such a big compliment!;)

Good luck with your horse's foot problems.

Jul. 20, 2007, 11:33 AM
AToo, since you used to complain that there were no good farriers anywhere near your area, I'm not sure that's such a big compliment!;)

Good luck with your horse's foot problems.

you just can't stop w/ the digs, can you? having a bad week?

Jul. 20, 2007, 06:47 PM
I quit using Easy Boots because they would rub holes in their hoof wall in a pretty short time.

Jul. 20, 2007, 08:25 PM
I never did that much "work" in easy boots, but like some one else mentioned, I always wrapped his feet first.

Usually the boots were on to Dr. some thing, etc. I would wrap his hoof in vet wrap, and the one or two layers of dutc tape were the cleats would go.

Helped keep the boots ON even during turn out when he would run around silly. Never had the cleats eat through the wrap..

Just My Style
Jul. 20, 2007, 08:31 PM
I am very sorry that happened to you. It happened to me back in the early 90's when I put an easy boot on my TB jumper that had an absess. The boot rotated just a hair and caused HUGE damage to her hoof. The abcess was bad enough and then I had to deal with that. She was laid up for weeks. I took the stupid boot back to Bevals and told Bev about it. He hadn't heard of that happening, but with that kind of design, I was sure I wasn't the only one. I will never own one of those evil things again. There are so many better options now.

Jul. 21, 2007, 02:09 PM
I just get the "comfort straps" from Easyboot, which solves the problem. Tapers can be used as long as you also have gaiters.

For now, bending the cleats down and covering them with duct tape should work okay. Anybody who uses Easyboots and knows about the cleats would understand where the marks came from. Put it down to a learning experience. I had this happen too on my TB mare when she stepped on the boot and yanked it off, scraping the wall horribly :mad:. That's when I invested in gaiters! ;)

Sorry you learned this one the hard way! Easycare should put a warning on those boots with the cleats!!!

Jul. 21, 2007, 02:13 PM
For shoes vs. boots, it is a matter of personal choice. If a horse continues to be sore in the pasture, then I'd say barefoot isn't working. If it is sore in boots, then I'd say barefoot with boots isn't working.

No point going all the way to shoes if a horse is pasture sound and only needs boots for rocky trails or major distance riding. I'm very happy to boot my horse for trailriding and not depend on a farrier's schedule for shoes or worrying that he'll pull a shoe right (or during) a major ride.

Jul. 21, 2007, 10:50 PM
When I bought my epics from Pete Ramey he automatically trimmed the cleats off before trying the boots on my horse. He hates those things!

Jul. 22, 2007, 01:33 AM
Okay, now I'm worried.

I was planning to invest in a pair of boot for each of my girls. I'm in the initial "research" stage. But this post is scaring me.

What do I need to be looking for? Are the "cleats" standard?

I keep my girls barefoot--but I have trouble on rocky terrain. Thing is, we're only on rocky terrain maybe once a month. With shoes costing me nearly 200 a set, and all that comes with them (pull offs) I would rather try boots for the rough stuff.

So...from those that are already going down the boot path, what do I nee dto know before purchasing? Heck, I thought I had to worry about measurements--not destroying hoof wall. Sigh.

Jul. 22, 2007, 07:39 AM
don't worry about this.
the other easy care products can be used without the cleats (i actually thought ez boots could be too, but apparently i was wrong). when you order the boots, order what's called "tapers". you then replace the part where the cleats are with the tapers and problem is solved.

of course, that's assuming you're looking at easy care products.

Jul. 22, 2007, 02:05 PM
Buddy Roo, the Easyboots now come with cleat covers. I think A2 took them off because they were too snug to fit with the covers. But, if you are ordering Easyboots on line, I highly recommend you get either Epics or Bares, or one of the styles that stay on without gaiters (such as Boas or Old Macs). From what I gather, Cavallos are also easy to use, but you need to get them somewhere else.

I have to buy gaiters and boot separately, because of my horse's odd sized feet (they are as wide as they are long). I often pick up the plain Easyboots at a local tack shop, and then order the gaiters and comfort straps online. All the new boots come with cleat covers, and they don't scratch with those on. I've had no luck keeping Easyboots on with no gaiter. When the gaiter is attached to a regular Easyboot, it becomes an "Epic." It's the same darn boot, just with a gaiter. The Bares have a different tread and a bungee system for securing the boot. I think they automatically come without the cleats.

You can also do a custom order, where you choose the tread, type of heel strap (or no heel strap but have "tapers" instead), and clips, and Easycare assembles the boots with gaiter before shipping it out to you. It might take a bit longer, but it is worth it. It is no fun to install the gaiters, I can tell you from first hand experience (I have to wait until the kids are in bed so they don't here me cussing ;)).

Jul. 22, 2007, 05:49 PM
Thanks for the info!

Jul. 23, 2007, 12:19 AM
Hmm. I haven't had trouble with the cleat covers. It's important to know that they aren't fool proof!

Another point in favor of comfort heel strap strap (no cleats), tapers (no heel strap at all), or mashing down the cleats is that it is much easier to get the boots on without the cleats when the fit is snug. I had the hardest time getting Butch's wide quaters past the darn cleats (with covers). I would have needed a mallet to do that. Again, much cussing and people hanging around wondering why I'd bother with boots. :winkgrin: So life without the cleats is easier all the way around. ;)

Jul. 23, 2007, 11:29 PM
With the Boas and the Old Macs, they say that you shouldn't ride more than 25 miles a week in them--is that because of rubbing and chafing, or something else? I'd only need to use them about once a week, for a walking and trotting hour-long trail ride over dry, fairly even land. Would they cause rubs in those conditions?

Jul. 24, 2007, 12:19 AM
Oh, I agree, please don't let this thread scare you off from using Easyboots! Once I got used to putting them on, they are really great. But you just have to take the time to fix the cleats before using them.

I will say this though - I'm now doubly pissed. :mad: I put the cleat covers on, and worked my girl again. Got back to the barn, took the boots off and THREE of those frickin cleat covers were MISSING! :eek: Thankfully it looked like no further damage was done. But I won't rely on them again for protection. I'll just bend them down flat and to heck with the cleat covers.

2007 models are supposed to be without claws, using the low comfort strap instead. ???

Jul. 24, 2007, 07:39 AM
I believe only Epics now have the comfort strap.

I believe Easyboots still have the cleats.

Has anyone TRIED easyboots (not epics) with tapers?

Jul. 24, 2007, 12:00 PM
I believe only Epics now have the comfort strap.

I believe Easyboots still have the cleats.

Has anyone TRIED easyboots (not epics) with tapers?

you can use bares w/ tapers, too.

they didn't have tapers when i used ez boots, however, i would clamp down the teeth and then put several layers of duct tape over them which in the end resulted in a home made taper of sorts.
it wouldn't hurt to just get a comfort straps w/ tapers and replace them to test how well it works for you...
i actually have an old pair of ez boots, maybe i'll try it. i was planning to trade them in under easy care's trade in plan for a new pair of customs, however, i've decided to hold off since my trimmer just placed an order for a pair of renegades for my mare, so i want to try them first.