View Full Version : cleaning out tack room, several items for sale

Jun. 23, 2007, 05:54 PM
I'm in the process of cleaning out my tack room and have several items for sale that either I no longer use or don't fit my three.

Sports Medicine Boots SMB100 black standard size - $30.00
Kineton Noseband (used for dressage) used twice- $30.00
White Cotton Mohair String girth size 44 $10
White String Cord Girth size 48 $10
Davis Neoprene Split boots, size M, purple $10
Best Friends Cribbing muzzle (attaches to halter) $20.00

Several bits:
Myler Full Cheek Snaffle w/hooks w/sweet iron mouthpiece 5' $20.00
Plain Eggbut Snaffle 5' $10.00
French Link Baucher Bit 5' $25.00
Segunda Loose Ring w/Copper port 5' $15.00
Full cheek corkscrew Dr. Bristol 5' $10.00
Loose ring waterford 5' $10.00
Myler ported barrel D ring 5' used once $45.00

Buyer to pay for shipping and handling cost.

Jul. 24, 2007, 01:28 PM