View Full Version : Roll call for Rubicon! Who's going? Update: times are up :)

Dr. Doolittle
Jun. 4, 2007, 10:07 AM
Okay, time to sign in :)

Jun. 4, 2007, 10:15 AM
Now that it has rained, I'm in!!!

I'm psyched, love the venue, hope the weather will be nice! Dr. D, will you be there Sunday?

Jun. 4, 2007, 10:18 AM
I'll be there on Saturday with Harry. :-) I'm excited as Harry is definately ready for this.

Does anyone know if we'll be doing XC immediately after SJ? This format works best for Harry, who if given too much time to think about it, gets overly excited for XC!

Ride Irish
Jun. 4, 2007, 10:38 AM
The big gray pony and I will be there on Sunday. I am also very glad for the rain...was thinking we were only going to do a CT.

Good luck to everyone!

Jun. 4, 2007, 10:41 AM
I was one of three drowned rats at the Herndon Festival yesterday, with my sister and roommate, listening to one of my sister's all time favorite bands. I was cold, wet, and what ever sex appeal I had when we left home had melted off of me, but I was LOVING the rain. I was totally giddy over the rain. And now we have sweet, wonderful, beautiful MUD! I haven't seen it in AGES. I'm a happy, happy camper right now.

We have 4 horses entered. Two novice horses (Jed and little mare...though I'm not riding her :no:), a training horse, and a prelim horse (the new NZ giraffe :D). I'm very excited and looking forward to it. We still need to go school at least Jed (little mare hasn't jumped cross country, other than some hunt fences in Camden, since November, and her rider hasn't jumped a cross country fence since possibly Oct. of 05, so they should both go). I'll be more excited once my horse proves to me he is capable of being a star. Our flatwork is about to be fantastic (whether it is by Rubicon, I don't know) and our show jump IS fantastic, now we just need to be a little braver out on xc.

And I'm SO excited about the new guy finally going out. He should be quite good, and I really hope he is. He is way too cool looking to be mediocre or, god forbid, bad...I much rather people notice his stunningly good looks and his GREAT skill than his stunningly good looks and his great skill at being a dork :lol:


Jun. 4, 2007, 10:52 AM
Yep, Dr. D better be there sunday as she is supposed to be coaching my kid!:D

Dr. Doolittle
Jun. 4, 2007, 10:58 AM
Not to worry--I'll be there Sunday morning competing myself (along with my Training student), and then will stick around afterward to help eventmom's daughter and flyingtails, both of whom are doing BN...:)

Jun. 4, 2007, 11:18 AM
Me, but, unfortunately I won't be riding :no:. It seems that Ty and my issues are much bigger than I even realized, so my trainer is taking him around.

Jun. 4, 2007, 11:57 AM
We'll be there as volunteers since we did Waredaca this past weekend. I'm not sure what we'll be doing, but we'll be there both days. I love Rubicon and plan on entering for the fall event.

Jun. 4, 2007, 12:11 PM
I have a horse in the prelim and one in the novice. I am psyched, I have never been there but heard great things about it!

Jun. 4, 2007, 12:18 PM
My competition partner, Beth, and I will be volunteering for the Prelim division on Saturday. I'm pretty sure we'll be at the coffin.

Give me ride times or names or something and I'll keep an eye out for you.

Oh, and who will be at their XC schooing on Tuesday? At the schooling jumper show on Tuesday evening? Dr. D?


Jun. 4, 2007, 12:44 PM
Nope, will be at a wedding in Charlotte... :sigh:

Jun. 4, 2007, 12:52 PM
Matt will be there with a pro and I will hopefully make it back from a red eye flight from Vegas to watch. Might be sleeping instead though.;)

Jun. 4, 2007, 12:52 PM
Volunteering again! I asked for stadium scribe on one day as Helmut is the SJ judge. :D

Jun. 4, 2007, 01:15 PM
I had to scratch for training :(

Jun. 4, 2007, 01:30 PM
I'll be there jump judging on XC on Saturday.

Jun. 4, 2007, 01:50 PM

You'll have to say hello. I haven't seen you in forever!


Jun. 4, 2007, 03:03 PM
Oh, and who will be at their XC schooing on Tuesday?

I was thinking about taking my baby on Tuesday. I've never been to Rubicon though. Is their XC schooling very formal with times and such or just come and go as you please?

Jun. 4, 2007, 03:21 PM
Rubicon's schooling is very informal and friendly. Just show up and have a good time. Let me know if you want a "guide." I've been there several times and, if you haven't had a chance to walk the courses, can probably point you in the general direction of "fun stuff." :yes:


Dr. Doolittle
Jun. 4, 2007, 03:53 PM
I just got back from giving flyingtails a "last-minute Rubicon prep cross-country school" at Frying Pan; we worked on getting her to feel and establish that 350 MPM pace--375 MPM, in the case of Rubicon ;)--and got a good bit accomplished in that department :)

(She and her mare did *great*; I'm sure they'lle have a lot of fun on Sunday :D She's going to try to volunteer Saturday, as well...)

I am planning to go back to Rubicon next Tuesday (too good an opportunity to pass up!), but whether I'll opt to do a cross country school--or instead do their schooling jumper show--will depend on which of those two areas I feel "needs the most tweaking", based on the Princess's performance on Sunday. :winkgrin: (Both will be too much right after the HT, but I think it would be fun to go back and do a little bit of either one or the other...it wil probably be the schooling jumper show, so I will bring Corona, as usual :D)

It sounds like there will be some of the usual suspects there (though I may not see the ones who go only Saturday), so good luck to everyone who's competing, and thanks to everyone who's volunteering! (I have yet to meet Catalina, Cam's Mom, or Elghund2, though I know they've been at many of the same HTs as I've been...some day we'll manage to cross paths!)

PP, good luck to Matt--is he going BN? If so, I'll keep an eye out for him on Sunday! (And I hope you can make it back to watch :))

Jun. 4, 2007, 04:20 PM
I'm wondering when they are going to post ride times?

Dr. Doolittle
Jun. 4, 2007, 04:47 PM
Wednesday, according to the Omnibus (and it's usually the Wednesday before the HT at the earliest--don't go by Steve Symansky at DRPC--he's *uniquely* early with the times! :D)

Jun. 4, 2007, 05:28 PM
Thanks Dr. D :) again :)

Dr. Doolittle
Jun. 4, 2007, 05:31 PM
My pleasure, as always ;)

Jun. 4, 2007, 10:11 PM
We are going to be there on Sunday, looking forward to this event it is soo much fun and great courses!!

Jun. 5, 2007, 12:10 AM
We'll be there going BN on Sunday with bells on! Hopefully my horse will decide to be as good Sunday as she was today. She has really come around lately, I can hear the wheels churning as she thinks about stuff in our flat work, and lately she has been taking good care of me on the jumps. Either way, really looking forward to having a good time on Sunday, can't wait. I'm so excited I can barely sleep. Good think Dr D wore me out today so I'm too tired to stay awake. My brindle hound and I will be there most likely jump judging on Sat. You can't miss this guy so come say hello. Wohoooo!

Jun. 5, 2007, 08:17 AM
I'll be there Saturday with GRC. It sounds like it's going to be a scorcher! I'm going to Upperville on Sunday.

Jun. 5, 2007, 08:40 AM
OK, I have a really stupid question (because I'm to new to be a newbie and know less than jack)...

I board within sight of Rubicon. My horse does not jump. I seriously mean he does not see the point of going over obstacles. I might like to do some baby jumps now that I'm on the East Coast. In the past, Bailey has learned by watching other horses.

Would it be possible for me to hack over on Tuesday and just watch others jumping? Who do I contact about it??

Jun. 5, 2007, 09:20 AM
i will most likely be there on sat. for prelim but will just be doing dressage and maybe show jump...with this stupid hard ground we haven't done much these past few weeks and the coolest thing yet is that after rain all day sunday the ground is still pretty much the same here, yuck. for you guys close to rubicon what is the footing looking like? did you get lots of rain? i am thinking i might school on tuesday with my super green horse to get his feet wet and stuff but we will see...

Jun. 5, 2007, 09:34 AM
toeknee- the footing around here is much better. I'll probably try and ride some on our grass today, and we're going schooling at Morven tomorrow, so I'll have a better idea of what it will feel like. Rubicon does a good job with the footing, and I am sure both Eric and Sheryl were doing the happy dance on Sunday when we got such nice rain. The footing will probably be picture perfect by this weekend.

HighFlyingBey, you can just hack around, but you should probably contact Eric or Sheryl before coming over. The email address is rubiconfarm@lucketts.net . You may still have to pay the schooling fee, I know you'll have to sign the waiver, and you may or may not need to borrow a vest and get an armband. Remember that their will be a lot of horses out on Tuesday, and they will be some pretty wild stuff going on (schooling days can get hairy). If your guy is at all likely to be a basket case out in the open with other horses galloping around him, you may want to opt for a different intro to jumping. If he's rock steady then you should definitely come out :yes:

Jun. 5, 2007, 09:54 AM
HighFlyingBey, you can just hack around, but you should probably contact Eric or Sheryl before coming over. The email address is rubiconfarm@lucketts.net . You may still have to pay the schooling fee, I know you'll have to sign the waiver, and you may or may not need to borrow a vest and get an armband. Remember that their will be a lot of horses out on Tuesday, and they will be some pretty wild stuff going on (schooling days can get hairy). If your guy is at all likely to be a basket case out in the open with other horses galloping around him, you may want to opt for a different intro to jumping. If he's rock steady then you should definitely come out

Thanks for the info! Bailey has been shown in many flat classes, occasionally with 30+ horses at a time without batting an eye. He's been ridden in front of 1000s of people in breed demos and been relatively solid--and that was before age 5. He's 7 now, but has not been shown in 2 years. I think he'd be fine, but if not, we just go home :) I'll email and see what they say.

I really wish I still had his younger brother (severed tendon). That horse would have been in 7th Heaven watching others jump. He'd probably would have insisted we try jumping something even if we weren't ready. I miss him.

ETA--If I do come over, I'll be on a bay with 2 rear socks, wearing jeans (calves too fat for my tall boots) & looking like I don't belong. Come over and say hi.

Jun. 5, 2007, 10:08 PM
We'll be there going prelim Saturday. Honestly, I'm nervous! It's been a long time since we've been out of the "backyard" (VHT is about an hour away), so I'm really looking forward to seeing somewhere totally new to both of us.

Dr. Doolittle
Jun. 5, 2007, 10:34 PM
Don't worry, octavian jazz--Rubicon is *wonderful*--you'lle love it! :)

Dr. Doolittle
Jun. 6, 2007, 05:00 PM
Times are up! :D

I have pretty good times, though they're pretty close together :eek:

9:24 for dressage,

10:29 for stadium (X-country 25 minutes or so later...)

Jun. 6, 2007, 07:51 PM
We attempted to school Jed today on cross country. :no:

After 10 months of trying to make Jed a cross country horse, we've decided to listen. He was scratched from Rubicon and Surefire. My heart is breaking. I am totally in love with this horse, and everything else was getting SO good. But unlike Meatloaf's beliefs, where "two out of three ain't bad," I need three things from Jed, and he's not willing to give it to me. :cry:

I am a big believer in finding the right job for the horse. His real mommy (LockeMeadows) and I have already talked about his future. I'm very, very sad tonight...I'm going to go drown my sorrows in a pizza and a beer...screw the bike.

The fancy grey horse also will not be attending at training. He has a traveling low grade lameness that we can't get nailed down. He's going to VEI (again) next week. We're also doing bloodwork to rule out medical issues. :no: I hope our other two horses go well, and that the fall season goes better for us, because so far, its been pretty craptastic. :o

Jun. 6, 2007, 07:58 PM
YB - That sucks. At least you know that it isn't going to work for the goofy guy before you get hurt or lose your mojo.

Jun. 6, 2007, 07:59 PM
I love my kids ride times! 12:57 sunday for dressage. Ya, we get time to groom the pony and to sleep!!!

Dr. Doolittle
Jun. 6, 2007, 09:30 PM
yellowbritches, so sorry to hear about your horse woes...:(

It's always frustraing when you work so hard with a horse over time, have them improve measurably, but then have to come to grips with their "limitations" (as it were), and make a decision that's in their best interests--but that is ultimately such a dissapointment (at least when one had high hopes...or just *hopes*!)

Good luck with the rest of the season, in any case! :sigh:

eventmom, yeah, your daughter has great times--but then everyone in the "second division of the day to ride" has the better times! :D (Unless it's 100 degrees--and you then have to ride in the heat of the day--fortunately, Sunday looks like it will be in the low to mid 80's, with manageable humidity...Yay! :)

Jun. 7, 2007, 07:07 AM
YB- That sucks, I am so sorry. I have a horse now that is been assessed this year on what his future is going to entail. I definitely feel your pain and know a beer and pizza helps sooth many wounds. Must add that chocolate works the best so break out the good stuff. ;)

Jun. 7, 2007, 07:16 AM
YB-that is so sad. you just put so much into them that it just takes even more out of you when things don't work out. best of luck.

as for me the curse of rubicon strikes again. last year eliminated at the coffin which is the first and only time he has stopped, let alone been eliminated(knocking on wood), on x-c, and this year we are gonna have to scratch. after being NQR since fair hill, i "think" we may have found something which the vet will hopefully addresss today. with the hard ground, abceses, my issue now and more i too am looking for a better and brighter fall season:)

good luck to everyone going, i am toying with the idea of volunteering so maybe i will see you there. HAVE FUN!

Jun. 7, 2007, 08:33 AM
I ride at 12:57, 1:56, 2:26 with Wild About Harry. Of course the one day that I wouldn't mind the first ride of the morning, I get one of the later rides. Oh well ...

I'm really looking forward to Saturday, and crossing my fingers that it's not too hot.

Jun. 7, 2007, 08:59 AM
I ride at 8:30, 9:24 and 9:54 on Saturday. Well, I guess we'll be beating the heat! I'm a little worried about how I'm going to get my studs in so fast (I'm horrible with them). Is the stadium by any chance on grass?

Jun. 7, 2007, 09:09 AM
o_j, the stadium is indeed on grass, and includes a short steep incline (usually you ride DOWN it, and then have a combo a few strides away on the flat, then back up), so studs would not be amiss for stadium.

Also, dressage warmup is on grass, as are some (but not all) of the dressage rings.

It's a great place with a lovely xc course, always extremely well-run!

My times are 9:48 dressage, then spread like Dr. D's. Not too bad but the poor P will have to be beautified early, since his rustic lifestyle will not allow for braiding or bathing the night before :lol:

Dr. Doolittle
Jun. 7, 2007, 10:04 AM
I'm thinking that I may have to take a trip over there on Saturday to try to watch some stadium and possibly get in on a course walk (unless Sheryl will allow us to walk the course on Friday night, while we're there walking the X-country...)

With only *exactly* one hour between dressage and stadium, that doesn't give me much time to change tack, change clothes, wet down braids, walk the course, warm up over a few fences...:eek:

(IOW, if I can eliminate "memorizing the stadium course" from my list of "things to do" during that brief window, it will make things easier ;))

asterix, when were you planning to walk the course? I'll be out there tomorrow afternoon at around 3:00 with eventmom (and her daughter) and my student who's riding Training (she's the one with the little grey mare--you met her at the MDHT last summer. Led her over the little stream with your boy, as I recall :D She *seems* to have finally gotten over her "ditch issues"...I say that with my arthritic fingers crossed until they scream with pain! :p)

Jun. 7, 2007, 10:07 AM
Dr D. - If it helps, copy the course onto a sheet of paper and carry it around with you for 6 hours, frantically looking at it every 10 minutes... that's what I've been known to do. ;) 'Course, it helps if you arrive at a show at 6 AM and your jumper classes aren't until 7 PM... :winkgrin:

Jun. 7, 2007, 10:13 AM
Hey, Dr. D, current plan is to arrive at 3 as well! I'll look for you!!!
If they have a coffin at T I find this easier than an open ditch -- if I never ever look at the ditch, neither does he :winkgrin:

Does that work for your student?

P is becoming the trailblazer (this is hilarious for a horse who used to never leave the indoor) -- I had to give someone a lead at MCTA this year too, on the hack up...

Hopefully we can hook up! I will walk stadium with you, too, if we can...helps if it is set for Prelim anyway, makes our stuff look little!

Jun. 7, 2007, 10:40 AM
Ty's time is at 12:09 on Saturday. My trainer is insisting that he be braided, so he will be looking quite spiffy. I will be the tall blonde looking forlornly on as my horsie and trainer go around (Rubicon is my favoritest show so I am a little sad that I am not riding :().

Dr. Doolittle
Jun. 7, 2007, 10:45 AM
Hey Fritt...:lol: Yes, I too am a bit "obsessive" about learning courses (must go over them in my mind a dozen times before I feel confident that they're "really in there"...:p) I think I would rather feel rushed than go back to that old H/J "hurry and wait" routine, though :rolleyes:

asterix--cool, I will definitely keep an eye out for ya! :)

As for my student's mare, we've tried every "ditchiness remedy/solution" known to man/woman or horse over the years (she's "situationally ditchy", meaning sometimes she goes willingly, and without a peek, other times she won't go anywhere near the darn thing), and nothing has worked consistently until this year, when she hasn't stopped or hesitated even once during schooling *or* competition. :) (I can attest to the fact that said student has been throughly trained NOT to look down at anything "without height", including coffin complexes :D She actually rides the ditches well and correctly, and does nothing to cause (or contribute to) this mare's ditchiness...the mare, however, is a *very* opinionated Connemara/TB with a "pony mare" attitude, and when she says "NO", it is always at the very last minute, and with lightning speed :sigh: Wish us luck this weekend...They have schooled the coffin at Rubicon, and had no problem with it, but has yet to ride it in competition! ;))

Anyway, bring plenty of Gatorade tomorrow aftrnoon--it's supposed to be in the mid 90s! :eek:

Jun. 7, 2007, 12:32 PM
A YRAP (Area II Young rider's advancement program) member is running training at Rubicon without her regular coach. She is looking for someone to walk the course with her. Anyone willing to help? Please send me a PM.



Jun. 8, 2007, 10:16 AM
I don't think it's quite hit me that the show is tomorrow. Harry is more than ready. So hopefully I can step up to the plate and give him the ride he needs and deserves.

If you see someone walking the XC course tomorrow morning muttering to herself "leg on leg on leg on" ... that's probably me. :) :)

Jun. 8, 2007, 10:20 AM
I'm jump judging... blah! After the first 500 events doing this as a volunteer, it gets kind of boring. ;)

Dr. Doolittle
Jun. 8, 2007, 10:45 AM
Good luck, everyone--it looks like the weather is going to be great all weekend! :D

(We'll just have to get through today's scorcher of a course walk :sigh:)

Fritt--which day will you be jump juding??

Jun. 8, 2007, 11:23 AM
Saturday, then stadium scribing (in the shade :D) Sunday. Look for the blonde coated in sunblock and wearing a hat out on course (but don't run me over!). :winkgrin:

Jun. 8, 2007, 01:28 PM
Be sure to say Hi at Saturday morning's briefing. My competition partner, Beth, and are are also jump judging. We're both redheads but Beth usually has a ponytail and she's so tiny she looks like she's 14.

Anyone else jump judging on Saturday morning?


Jun. 8, 2007, 02:11 PM
Good luck everyone!! Have fun, be safe and drink lots of water!!!

Jun. 8, 2007, 06:50 PM
My daughter and I will both be jump judging on both Saturday and Sunday.

Dr. Doolittle
Jun. 8, 2007, 07:17 PM
I got back a little bit ago from walking the cross country course(s)--I walked both the Training course and the BN course, since I had two students there at the same time (who were riding those two separate courses--we all kind of wandered back and forth between them, and I tried to "walk both at once"; as a result, I kept holding my T student up, since she was measuring *our* course with a meter wheel, and waiting on me!...:p)

Anyway, in spite of getting rained on several times (which was refreshing--it was beastly hot!--and we NEED some more rain--bring on the T-Storms!), I was impressed by the courses and the tracks--and it wheeled almost *exactly* right on the 2400 meters: 2402, to be exact! :D (Nice work! ;))

The Training course seemed on the easy side--very straightforward--and had only 16 jumps (though several were A, B--or A, B, C combos) There was one *big* ass jump--a humongous square house (similar to one that my mare *almost* had a rotational fall over a year ago, while schooling X-country at Locust Hill: luckily she didn't fall, but I fell and damaged my shoulder, so having that particular "shaped" jump on course--when riding *this* horse--doesn't fill me with confidence :()

Anyway, I'm sure it will be fine, and everything else looked very inviting :)

I looked at some of the Prelim stuff--challenging but mostly *good* challenging ;): there was an option combo fence at the bank complex :D, and the BN course (as always) looked really confidence-building and inviting--with lots of good galloping opportunities! :)

I walked the stadium course (set for Prelim), and it looked very rideable and flowing, with a triple combo (one stride to a two stride), a broken line going towards the in-gate (Liverpool to a vertical), but nothing else too tricky or daunting. The striding was all nice, as well...:) The first fence was an oxer, but it wasn't maxed out.

ALSO, bless the Williamses--they have laid down *RUBBER FOOTING* on all the takeoffs and landings in stadium, as well as on all the bare spots! :D
(Extra special kudos to them for this expensive and considerate action :yes:)

Apparently Equiview (Equivue??) will be there videotaping X-country; they had a message board advertising their services, with their rates--$75 for *all* jumps, but you must sign up in advance! Their van was there (as was their trailer/RV), but no one seemed to be at home! (I knocked loudly, too) :sigh: How does one sign up to be videotaped in advance if you get there and have only an hour or so between dressage and jumping phases? :confused: Argh! (The sign said "$30 extra the same day", implying that if you sign up the day *before*, you get the less expensive rate...Can anyone clarify this?? I would love to get a cross country videotape, but don't know how I can arrange for this the day before, unless I physically go out there tomorrow (I ride Sunday)--and we won't know our numbers until the day we ride--so good luck with this to the Prelim riders!)

Jun. 8, 2007, 07:25 PM
Wasn't the show jumping nice? I was THRILLED to bits with that!

The courses are probably lacking in jumps since the going is awfully solid. Unless they get the 1/2 to 1 inch of rain tonight, as Eric said would be the best for the footing, our 2 horses (remember...originally we had 4) will probably only do dressage and show jumping :no:. I would maybe run the little mare at novice, but she has had a tough week, and I don't think she needs the extra pounding. Very sad...the prelim course is lovely (I MISS GOING PRELIM!!!!!!). We're wondering if we'll get to go cross country with any of our horses at all this "spring." We were joking, somewhat, today, that we may not run cross country till October! :eek:

Anyway, we'll be there bright and early with bells on. Hopefully, we'll at least have some good tests and show jumping tomorrow and make up for our very, totally, horribly crappy week :o

Dr. Doolittle
Jun. 8, 2007, 08:24 PM
Yes, yay! :D (*Loved* it...:))

Good luck with your horses that *are* running this weekend--the weather should be great, and everything possible (areating, laying rubber down) has been done to make things as rideable as they can be--despite the hard ground :sigh:

Jun. 11, 2007, 08:06 AM
So ... how did it go for everyone??

Here's my report:
I got to dressage warmup and Harry felt just explosive. Instead of telling him to get over it and moving on, I for some reason freaked out. Eventually Harry started paying attention and I started riding. He got tense as I entered the arena, but he settled and put in what nowoncourse (my sister) described as a professional, but safe test (as in we all know Harry is capable of more). Well I get my test back and it says, "Talented horse, but rider's seat doesn't allow him to reach in trot (note: I was trying to keep all 4 feet on the ground, but I totally agree with this comment). This pairs shows much potential to be quite a talented team." So I think, well that's good ... I got a 40, awesome. NOT awesome ... I was in LAST PLACE!

The jumping phases were good. I pulled 2 rails in stadium, not Harry, but I pulled the rails by getting in his face. I definately rode Harry better XC than I did at MCTA, so that made me happy. We ended up 11th of 19. It was definately a learning experience, and I'm hoping next weekend at Seneca goes a little better. Although I'm not looking forward to doing dressage right next to the XC course. :(

Jun. 11, 2007, 08:56 AM
We had a loose horse galloping around our dressage arena, trotting past C, hanging out at F, and generally refusing to be caught for most of our test. I kept thinking the Judge would blow the whistle, so we kept going (albeit a bit, er, restricted in our expression, given the excitement said horse posed to the 5 year old brain). The youngster had an education in Continuing Onward Despite Distraction, and I spent much of the test wondering when the explosion would occur. Sadly, no extra credit awarded for Keeping It Together. The rest of our weekend was similarly distinguished, but for a pony just three days past his 5th birthday, he jumped around slowly and calmly and with a great deal of poise, all things considered, and we were well pleased by his general demeanor and attempts to be a Big Boy.

Jun. 11, 2007, 09:08 AM
My daughter had her first major disappointment :( She had her best dressage test to date (not perfect but the word here is improvement!). Had a clean round in stadium! Then went cross country. 2 refusals at jump #2. A lot of horses were having issues with that jump and we could not figure out why! Then jump #6 was a. up a bank b. down. The boy would not go down the bank! So, she was eliminated:eek::eek: He has had problems with banks in the past but we thought this was behind us. First elimination ever! I think the most frustrating thing for her was she was so looking forward to that wonderful gallopy course, but she never got that far!
Oh well. Hope to go school out there tomorrow.

Jun. 11, 2007, 09:24 AM
Ty had what I thought was a really good dressage test, but the judge must have been looking at someone else because he got a 44 :eek:. He usually gets in the low 30's, so that was a bit of a shocker. He had a cheap rail in stadium but otherwise jumped around really nicely. Jump 2 in XC got to him too; I don't know if it was the bright white or the fact that it was going away from the warm up area or what, but he slowed down to a trot to get a better look at it and then a walk and then took that darn one step back before my trainer made him practically walk over it. After that, the rest of his course was brilliant and he jumped around boldly and cantered into the water beautifully. I had a great vantage point at jump 3 where Fritt was jump judging. At one point Elghund drove up in his golf cart right as my horse cleared jump 3, but was off before I got a chance to meet him. All in all it was a wonderful show- even if my beastie finished in 17th, at least he is enjoying his job. Next stop: MHT I Novice and MHT II Training :D.

eventmom: Sorry to hear about your daughter :(. I was suprised at the number of eliminations and faults that there were XC, it seemed like a bit of a beefy course for so early in the year.

Dr. Doolittle
Jun. 11, 2007, 10:05 AM
Well, at least I got to ride early on Sunday, when it was overcast--the gnats weren't "out in forrce" yet! :D

My mare was fairly relaxed before dressage (which for her, means "a bit behind the leg"--though not relaxed *enough* that she was able to get through the test without spooking--and bulging away from--the flowers at A :rolleyes:, and adding a flying lead change where it most decidedly did NOT belong :lol:) Anyway, I didn't think the test was that bad, but the judge was apparently not impressed, and I wound up with a 43.5, with the judge saying "needed to be more forward"--this one of my mare's worst scores EVER! :eek: (We did USEA Training tests that were not as smooth, actually, last weekend in the rain at the Warrenton show grounds--they both scored 34s...under a different judge, of course ;))

On to the jumping, where I attempted to warm up *alone* (while the rest of the division was taking advantage of a course walk)--but since there was one, lone "somewhat charged-up horse" in the warmup ring with us, jumping ("Oh, Good Heavens! :eek: Surely", thinks Her Majesty, "there must be a *reason* to be upset and anxious!" :rolleyes:), the Princess's panties wound being "in a wad", and some drama queen behavior ensued :rolleyes: During our stadium round, she was a little "charged up", and I had to give her some strong "Whoas" to a few of the verticals...:p (And then after we went through the finish timers, she spooked theatrically at the flowers--again!--on the blue oxer that she had jumped not 30 seconds before :rolleyes:)

On to X-country! :lol: Well, the time was fast (475 MPM), so I had intended to keep her going at a pretty good clip--she was a little strong and spooky (not like her, since lately she has been cruising easily around T Level X-country courses in a relaxed way, jumping everything out of stride, and re-balancing before each jump easily; IOW, she's been "getting it", and enjoying herself.) So in spite of this, we were right on the time at the halfway point, when as approach the bank complex, the jump judge waves us to a stop--there had been a hold on course up at the coop in the woods, where a rider had taken a rather scary fall, and so they had to send the ambulance up there. I hung out and walked her around for 6 minutes (she was sweating and panting a bit, which she hasn't been *at all* lately after X-country, because she's been so relaxed--yesterday, however, she was "worked up", for some reason, which always results in her being hotter. :sigh:
Luckily, I was aquainted with the jump judge (she was a friend of one of my students), so we had a nice chat--plus, my faithful "groom and Girl Friday", AspiretoJumpHigher, was standing by the big house with a video camera, ready to film me...while we all stood around and waited for the hold to be lifted, Aspire got a call on her cell phone from flyingtails, who was getting ready to haul over for her 3:30 dressage time. :) Anyway, once back on course, I tried to make up a little "momentum", sailed over the rest of the course, and wound up coming in a few seconds over the "approximated" (by my watch) optimum time (I think they were remarkably accurate in tallying the time, considering our long hold :), and I wound up with 2.8 time faults to add to my craptastic dressage score.

I didn't get a chance to check the score board regularly, since I had to go and help eventmom's daughter--who rode the hell out of that pony--had her best dressage and stadium to date...I was immensiely proud of her, and she was effective, tactful, and "thinking" through all of her rides :) Unfortunately the pony decided to be a "little stinker" on X-country, so we must go back to the drawing board with him on down banks...:sigh:

I'm sure flyingtails will provide her own report, so I will leave her to it. :D

I did see FrittSkritt (faithfully volunteering again, and trying to find a new career for her boy :sigh:, while she looks into finding a free lease of something promising, which would enable her to get "back in the saddle and in competition"; heaven knows she deserves it!!), and asterix (so sorry asterix! :cry:), and bambam, and of course RideIrish, who kicked MAJOR booty (You go girl! :D), and who will have to provide her own story...;)

Oh, and The Princess wound up 4th in her division (Training Horse), rising all the way up from a tie for 11th after dressage...:)

I wasn't planning to school her there tomorrow IF she had been good, but since she was reverting to her "I'M in charge--and must tune you out" silliness, she will need to go do a little "remedial cross country work" after all, so I guess I will see synergystic out there! :D

Jun. 11, 2007, 10:08 AM
Hey, Thanks! She came down with a cold last night as well, then this am spilled her breakfast! Just started sobbing! (poor kid...she never does that!)
Anyway, she got a 41 on her test as well. We really didn't think it was that bad! But the judge did say some nice things about her ponies potential!

Dr. Doolittle
Jun. 11, 2007, 10:14 AM
Poor kid...:(

I think she was really dissapointed, since she's usually SO stoic and sunny...
(Who can blame her, really?) I hope she feels better, and is able to shake it off :sigh:

Let me know about tomorrow if you're interested--I'm still trying to set something up.

Jun. 11, 2007, 10:18 AM
Well, I discovered what we all already know to be true --
dressage is the hardest part, or the one that really does require the most mental focus.

I had an absolutely terrible week (so terrible that I do not want to say what happened here, as I can't bear more sympathy. let's just imagine the worst thing that could happen to you as a horse owner, ok?), and was just trying to go and not cry, not fall off, and remember why horses are good parts of our lives.

That turns out to be a bad way to approach dressage. My lovely, well-trained, fully capable of getting in the high 20s even with me horse was absolutely STUCK to the ground. I was in such a funk I could barely ride, and it was genuinely the worst test I've ever ridden on any horse. The judge had not one nice thing to say about us, and for those of you who have seen my horse, that's saying something (we usually at least get "relaxed" or something).

Needless to say, I almost went home right then and there, but mr. asterix and bambam valiantly convinced me to press on.

And we know the rest of the story, right? We are eventers, after all, and so, apparently, is my horse (having banished his dq-ishness for good, I guess).

He perked right up for SJ, and so did I, put in a nice flowing round (ok, so I threw myself into the spot at 2 and tipped the rail). And then went out on XC and kicked complete butt. Made the time at Training (which, again, if you've seen my guy, all 17.2 h warmblood of him, that's a feat), jumped everything beautifully, totally smooth and harmonious and easy. He is ready for Prelim, even if I am not (and thanks for the extra efforts clearing all those little streambeds -- that's 4 times he almost jumped me out of the tack not related to an obstacle :lol:).

So I went home very happy with him, and somewhat eased in my broken heart. Can't ask for much more than that.

Jun. 11, 2007, 10:20 AM
What time are y'all planning on being at Rubicon? I wanted to head over right around 9:00, but there's no point in auditing if no one is there yet :)

Jun. 11, 2007, 11:28 AM
Well after flying all night I went to Rubicon to watch the barn owner ride Matt in dressage. He has been a little stiff in his hind end so we were only going to be there for dressage. The test wasnt bad and can see where I am influencing things and was reassured where the same old problems creeped up and got some pointers on how to deal with them. ;)

But, and I heard there were complaints all weekend, he got MASSACRED in his scores. But heard that happened to most people so wasn't too unhappy.

Definitely can see where I need to work on me, I was getting nervous before they went into the ring and I wasn't even riding! So obviously I am dealing with worst nerves than I thought. I left shortly after that due to complete lack of sleep and slept the rest of the day. :lol:

Don't think we will be at the schooling though I might take Hero, but will be doing Seneca with both this weekend. Matt will be seen by Dr. Pete on Thursday so will have a better idea of what the issue is.

Dr. D- Can I say how much I love your girl! lol. I love another "vocal" horse who just can't stop being independent! :lol: Are you guys going to Seneca?

Hopefully we will get some rain darn it and soften up the ground.

Ride Irish
Jun. 11, 2007, 11:35 AM
What a day! I am completely addicted to eventing, especially XC. Adios jumpers!

The giant pony was a rock star. Our dressage test didn't feel very good, but not the ponies fault. Instead of treating the test as a walk, trot, canter flat class with some circles in it as I have in the past, my trainer has decided it is time for me to learn how to really ride a test...you know, a little shoulder fore here, more bend there, deeper into your corners, and hey, don't forgot about geometry...well, I felt a bit overwhelmed and after thinking I went off course during my first trot circle (Having two different test is a little much for my aging brain to handle!), I gave it my best. Thank goodness the giant pony gets extra marks for his lopping ears :-)

The Stadium course was challenging, however, not where I thought it would be. The pony was a little behind by leg at 1, on landing gave a little spur and felt that we had a nice soft canter around to 2...3 strides out he says "Nope, don't really want to"...totally surprised me, but I gave him a pretty good smack two strides out, he went but pulled a rail, landed in a heap to 3, got another whack then he was off and finished the rest of the course pretty nicely...still looky but at least going forward.

XC was a blast! After 1 he really protested and wanted to head back to the trailers doing his best bucking and balking protest. I just laughed a little and told him he had to done more than 1 fence, gave him a whack and the protest was over. After that he was having fun. Forward, ears pricked, looking for the next fence. He was a little sticky at the down bank, which in the past has caused huge problems, but with a little encouragement he went, even when I committed the cardinal sin and looked straight down! The best was the announcer nick named him "Lighting"...pretty unbelievable to think a 1600 pound (see Dr. D I'm not in denial anymore) Irish Draught could ever get such a nick name, but I think it may stick around for awhile :-)

It was the best day and the most fun we have had in a long time and the icing on the cake was winning our division.

Dr. D and Flyingtails congrats to you both and thank you for being so supportive. It so nice and refreshing that you all cheer and support each other and are truly happy when others do well. Eventers Rock!!! See you both at CDCTA.

Jun. 11, 2007, 11:44 AM
So did ANYONE have a good dressage test??

This is something that's a bit frustrating to me, because 2 weeks ago I went to a dressage show and got a 68.8% and a 70% on Training 3 and 4. I knew that I should have put on just a tad more leg to really show Harry off, but I thought it was a solid Novice test. So being in last after dressage with a 40 was a bit of a shock. I had the same judge both this weekend and at MCTA and she didn't like us at either show. But at least this time her comments were a little nicer and more constructive. And the judge at Redland LOVED my horse (if you've ever met him in person, you will understand that it's hard not to love this horse :) ). Let's see how Seneca goes.

Dr. Doolittle
Jun. 11, 2007, 11:48 AM
Hey, PP--I was on the lookout for Matt (was too busy with my BN students, so missed seeing him), but noticed that he did dressage but not the jumping phases...Yeah, the uh...scores in Ring 2 (was that the ring Matt was in??) were, umm..."a bit punitive", on the whole :lol:

Anyway, at least you had a chance to get him in the ring (and how I love the footing there! :D)

Maybe I'll see you tomorrow--I'm still trying to work out the logistics, but will probably be there late.

No Seneca for me, in fact, I don't have any HTs planned for Her Majesty until DRHT again in August. flyingtails is going to CDCTA, and then she and Erin are entered at Surefire, so I will be coaching at those two venues. :) (And volunteering at Surefire, if I can squeeze it in between coaching my two at different levels--Mr. Dr. D and little D will be volunteering at Surefire one of the two days, for sure...)

RideIrish--a big congrats again to you for your stellar performance! (And for showing the Giant Pony who's boss, when he had some "moments"! :D)

Maybe you can train Mr. RideIrish to drive the trailer "to your exacting standards" between now and CDCTA, and then you will be able to have more than one Corona after X-country...;)

Jun. 11, 2007, 11:55 AM
The crazy thing is that even with Ty's horrid 44, he was near the middle of the pack. The judge actually gave him a couple of 4's :eek:. Maybe the judge forgot her glasses or something? The horse who went in before Ty did a stellar test, absolutely gorgeous, and scored a 37. I don't get it :confused:.

Dr. Doolittle
Jun. 11, 2007, 12:15 PM
Hmmmm, yes...I was able to place 4th in my division with a 46.3 :eek:

(My mare got NO 7s in her test; first time ever! :p)

Jun. 11, 2007, 12:49 PM
Well I would say we had a pretty darn good day! My mare was pretty with it, although she just gets way too blazzee about dressage. Not paying attention, aniticipating the movements (resulting in loosing roundness and bend) stumbling 3 times in the same exact spot. But all in all, our scorse were fair, though I thought our transitions were much better than in the passt, but with the same score :no::no:. We have been working so hard on those. hmmm... I see more schooling dressage shows in our future.
She was great in stadium all things considered. Was very forward thinking but went pretty much to the base of everything. Got caught by suprise by something stupid at fence five, big, very bright butterfly winged oxer, and atually stopped at the las minute. Then she procedes to get mad that she got caught by suprise at the last second and tries to charge the fence on the re-present :eek::eek:. I manage to ask her not to totally run at it, and boy she was forward, but soft, and did not grab the bit. SAILED over it like it was 4 feet tall. I hope they got a picture. Small discussion about the bening line the the vertical just 6 strides after wound up trotting that, and proceeded to have a Diva momen over my over bitting a tad when she locked on to the two stride combo. Had to come down to a walk, halt for a minute and let her trot the five strides to the A fence. The rest of the course was picture perfect.
XC was a blast and she was almost perfect. Minus me having to borrow a watch (second horse in and out of vet just has not given me the xtra $100 to go buy one... getting all the equipment your first year eventing is really tough $$ ) Thank you for the person who did lend me theirs, I never did get your name! We had to start out really slow to send the message home that we are not goign to run off like we are in the Derby. Had a moment coming around the big curve to fence four, where we decided to spook at the pile of blue stone and do a mini teleport. Now we're gallpoing here, and oops, now we're four feet to the right. Ugly long spot to fence two, always seems to happen to me on that fence. And man were we having fun making up time on those long gallpoing stretches trying to make up the time. No, issue on the course, non, not the small ditch, not even a hesitation at the water. Had to trot the bench out of the water, me getting tired (:lol::lol:) and sailed home RIGHT ON THE TIME. It was so awesome. My mare who cantered quietly to the finish line, as I gave the thumbs up to my trainer, to say clean on fences and time proceeded put on the gas, pop up in the air, popping and mini bucking side ways. It was the only time I had to use my whip on her in XC, to smack her and ask her to settle down and not embarass me by unseating me just the other side of the finish flags, LOL. Finsished third over all after being tenth after dressage and stadium. Would have been first if it were not for the stop and time faults in stadium, but oh well. Its our third recognized HT, I'm happy I finished and didn't get the E.
Thanks to Dr. Doolittle and AspiretoJumphigher for all their help, grooming and coaching. Eventmom, I'm sorry you all had a dissapointing day. It will get better, poor kid. I too used to often get colds after big shows from the strain, even thouhg I have always been pretty health and athletic. She will live to fight another day. And way to go ride Irish, the anouncer thing was so funny :yes::yes:. Lightning!! Ha ha. See you at CDCTA.

Jun. 11, 2007, 12:57 PM
So did ANYONE have a good dressage test??

Yes. Well, I should say we got a good score, compared to what I am reading about here! but I am the first to admit that it wasn't a good test, we definitely could have done better (um, pausing to reach down horse's leg to kill a horsefly that was positively eating her - my aim was quite good!- would have been better avoided, for example). I was a little surprised actually by our score.

Jun. 11, 2007, 01:09 PM
1) Neon green and neon pink together should be outlawed. I don't care if you're 7, it's hideous! :dead:

2) Even if you have an ex-3 star horse that'll go over every Novice fence you point him at, he still doesn't know where the finish flags are if you don't steer him there... so if you miss them, it's your fault. :lol: THAT was enlightening.

3) Popping your pony on his shoulder before every stadium fence for no reason = bad, bad, bad. And yes, the judge does notice this stuff and will call you on it.

4) READ THE DAMN RULE BOOK!! :mad: Rider who came off during stadium and broke the bridle... she and her coach or mom stood there for 10 minutes trying to piece it back together. (We're all thinking, "just get the headstall together and walk out of the ring!" :confused:)... then rider proceeds to get back on and try to finish her course (nope). So even if the 2 fall rule was still in effect, she definitely overstayed her 45 second grace period to get back over that fence. :)

5) To make the time in stadium, it doesn't mean you have to tear around at Mach 3. We calculated that many of the training riders were going at least 375 mpm, when it's supposed to be 325... yikes! :eek: There was actually one rider that the judge and I thought, "He better hurry up, he's going to have time penalties" and he actually made it under the time by 8 seconds. Why? Because he planned his turns, took the inside track, and made it all look easy without being hurried. :)

Dr. Doolittle
Jun. 11, 2007, 01:15 PM
Great points, FS! :D

(It's nice to have access to observations from someone "in the catbird's seat", as it were, who saw just about *everyone* go!...and I hope you stayed out of the sun! In spite of putting sunscreen on in the morning--SPF 30--I find myself with some "sunburned spots"--wherever my shirt didn't cover me--the result of being out there from 8:45 AM to 7:00 PM; probably around the same hours as you were out there! :p)

Ride Irish
Jun. 11, 2007, 01:17 PM
Dr. D,

Mr. Ride Irish gets to skip CDCTA! Grooming on his B-day and learning to put studs in was a lot to ask of my DH, but man he is an awesome groom. We are stabling over night in Culpeper at a friends place where I have my retired TB so maybe I'll let Atossa drive on Saturday night and can have a couple of Coronas...but then again I am a bit obsessed about who drives the giant pony!

Oh and I was informed that the announcer was actually calling the giant pony "White Lighting"...may have to change his name :-)

Jun. 11, 2007, 02:23 PM
Yep ring 2 was getting some horrific scores. The barn owner was shocked by her score and a little offended as she tends to score well on the multiple horses she rides/shows. :lol:

Matt got repeatedly slammed for tense back and not through. Definitely better than I have seen him and I thought a pretty good test. Oh well.

Jun. 11, 2007, 02:25 PM
Ah, Sunday was so much fun. Ending up sun burned and tired as all get out was so worth it; so much I’ll be there again Tuesday! :D

Anyone who caught sight of the brindle boxer toting a red pack saw me! She was so good, just happy as can be spending time with Mom and being helpful in caring water for everyone, towels, and fly spray. She was even stung by a bee on her toe :(, but have no fear the EMTs on duty were very happy to share an alcohol swab and off she went again, bounding around as important as the fly spray she carried. I couldn’t have done it without her.

We enjoyed watching the cross country, and I only caught the first two minutes of Dr. D’s stop on tape; I thought she did an amazing job rebounding after that...all three riders on course should get a pat on the back for having to stop like that and be expected to pick right back up. One more shout out for my puppy: she managed to lie down and be as still as possible on the cross country course anytime a horse came riding by. I think she shared my fear that the red pack would spook someone. Kudos to her for being so calm! :D:D

The highlight would have to be reading Flying Tails’ final score on the board and not telling her.:winkgrin: It was fantastic hearing her be so hard on herself all the time knowing she was in the ribbons…and moved up from tenth to boot! I shared my little secret with Dr. D who promptly had to cover her mouth from hooting in excitement. :lol: It was the best moment seeing Flying Tails search for her name from the bottom up and then exploding with happiness. :D

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and didn’t get as sun burned as I did. I’ll gladly take one for the team!

Dr. D; I'm sorry to tell your hubbie, but I'm taking over as team lead...he can fight it if he wants but until he learns the art of tacking up it has to be done. :eek: I'm sure he prefers not having such a high profile job though! We love him anyways...what would we do without our number one camera man?!

Jun. 11, 2007, 02:37 PM
I saw you! I tried to get your dog to come over to me so I could pet her (end of the day, around 6ish) but she was "on a mission!" and didn't even give me a glance! ;)

Jun. 11, 2007, 02:44 PM
Does anyone know who the photographer was?

Jun. 11, 2007, 02:53 PM
GRC Photo

Jun. 11, 2007, 02:58 PM
That's what I thought, but the pictures aren't up yet, so then I started to question what I thought :lol:.

Jun. 11, 2007, 03:47 PM
I forgot to mention the run away horse. I was watching Dr. D during her dressage test when a runaway horse came trotting up the hill towards us.

I've gotten in a habit of standing perfectly still during Dr. D's dressage tests(yes, I even let the nats eat out my eye balls :eek:) all for the sake of the Princess who will spook at me anyways...nevermind the fact that I walk her back to the trailer, sponge her down, and tack her up ALL THE TIME! :winkgrin: At least I'm not giving her anything more to spook at, right?

I'm thinking do I risk spooking the Princess and grab my dog to the side or just stay still and hope the horse see's her laying in the grass?

My pup sees the horse coming and looks at me like I'm trying hard to listen and stay still, but I'm afraid of what I see coming towards me. She starts getting antsy but stays laying in the grass. :(

A couple of beads of sweat, one glance at Dr. D soluting and two steps later I have my pup in tow and the horse passes by us.

Haha Loose Horse, your plans to toil my puppy's good behavior will live for another day! :D

I saw you! I tried to get your dog to come over to me so I could pet her (end of the day, around 6ish) but she was "on a mission!" and didn't even give me a glance! ;)

Oh I remember you! I'm sorry, she was on a mission. She saw the trailer ahead and WATER! She normally is very friendly and loves people but she was a pooped pup by then and nearly sleepwalking. :sleepy: We will be CDCTA so if you're there come up and introduce yourself, I'll be glad to put a face to the name!

Jun. 11, 2007, 04:21 PM
Yep ring 2 was getting some horrific scores. The barn owner was shocked by her score and a little offended as she tends to score well on the multiple horses she rides/shows. :lol:

Matt got repeatedly slammed for tense back and not through. Definitely better than I have seen him and I thought a pretty good test. Oh well.

I was in ring two also, got the tense back and short neck and over flexed for a score of 45 where at VAHT seemly same test was a 31, go figure, but the pony made up for it was a steller double clear in SJ and XC!!! Xc was a piece of cake although we did have to boggie to get the time in training!! Ened up 5th overall after being 12th after dressage!! Great courses and everything!!

Dr. Doolittle
Jun. 11, 2007, 04:24 PM
Aspire, you crack me up! :lol: (You're just lucky you're such a good dog trainer :winkgrin:)

As for taking over for Mr. Dr. D, he's been BEGGING to get fired as "groom/helper) for years: He says: "How surly do I have to be, and how sucky a job do I have to do--in order to get fired as your groom?!?" :lol:)

And you are SOO much more enthusiastic...(I keep praying that you never lose that and become jaded, cynical, and burned out...:p)

My student (Erin) mentioned that the loose horse in question (named Felix, like my late horse) had been in first in her division after dressage; Erin was in fifth. Felix and his rider unfortunately "parted company" in stadium, and he came trotting up the hill past the dressage ring. (Luckily, I was just finishing! Whew!)

Was this the same horse to which GotSpots referred, who apparently distracted Tiamo? (Who must have been in ring 1 or 3, if so...)

(Pied Piper, Ring 2...'nuff said! :D)

I guess that sometimes happens when you're first after dressage--some kind of "mean karma joke" :p

RideIrish, I totally fogot to tell my hubby that *your* hubby "worked" on his birthday yesterday (I think Mr. Dr. D considers "helping me at competitions" to be officially "unpaid work", since it doesn't involve A) playing golf, B) grilling out, or C) lying on the couch watching war movies/mob movies/bad Westerns--or boxing...Luckily for him, I like pro football, and watch it with him on "non competition weekends" in the fall...;))

*Definitely* get Atossa to drive after the first day at CDCTA--I plan to persuade flyingtails to pick me up and drop me off (it's on her way), so "the coach" can have a beer without worry! :D

flyingtails--great job, and some good riding (and damage control)--it's *all* training, and you are becoming better at it with each outing...:)

Dr. Doolittle
Jun. 11, 2007, 04:30 PM
Firefox--I definitely felt your pain in the dressage department! :sigh: (And had a similar experience with the whole event, apparently ;)) Only ONE person in my division (Training Horse) didn't get time faults X-country--ironically, that person got a bunch of faults in stadium, so didn't place.

The track was wheeled perfectly (nailed it at barely two meters over the stated length), but the 475 MPM was a bit tough to make--had my mare been more "rideable", it would have been easier, and I wouldn't have gotten those 2.8 time faults (which is why we're going back tomorrow...JUST to work on a little "relaxation and rideability"...:winkgrin:)

Jun. 11, 2007, 05:34 PM
OK...let me first say that I'm VERY glad someone mentioned ring 2 first, because both our horses rode in ring 2 (prelim and novice) and they both got slammed. Admittedly, their tests weren't perfect (kiwi horse blew the canter work because he anticipates and/or thinks he is supposed to do flying changes, not counter canter, and little mare's rider didn't get her bent enough and off the inside leg and blew both departs), but most of the trot work for kiwi horse was great...very relaxed, swingy, and obiedient. He may have gotten a little short in his shoulder in, but I still didn't expect the scores he got! I missed little mare's test (I spent 15 minutes trying to get cross country boots on my whirling dirvish kiwi horse :lol:), but her rider and her teenage owner said that, other than the mistakes in the canter, it was a great test for her...I first wanted to say "TB hater!" :mad: but then when I saw how close all the scores were and how HIGH they all were, I realized we were dealing with someone who doesn't use the full scale...and prefers the low end of the scale to boot.

ANYWAY, so other than kiwi's dressage blunder (otherwise he was a star...very calm and relaxed in warm up), he had a decent day and we learned a TON about him. Like, he is on fire when he comes out of the ring...any ring. He DRAGGED me back to the trailer, he was a complete basket case after show jumping. However, he settles almost immediately upon returning to the trailer. So, from now on, he gets a couple of down time minutes at the trailer before proceeding to the next phase. We also learned that there was a reason he went in a double twisted wire on cross country in NZ. :lol: The boss doesn't need that much (his former rider was a woman littler than me), but he needs more than an KK Ultra for both phases. He was a firey boy in show jumping, and the boss did well to try and ride him smoothly with an open stride, and they jumped clear. :) On cross country (another thing we learned...timing is everything! He doesn't like hanging around in xc warm up), he went like the hounds of hell were after him! :lol: He is terribly bold, and since his last event was a CIC***, he didn't understand A) why the jumps were so "small" and B) why he wasn't supposed to go advanced speed. :eek: Again, the boss did really well to not battle with him and try to make it all smooth. Most of the jumps I saw all worked out quite well...he left one out at the garden wall and the big box at three, but settled after that...kinda. He was supposedly brilliant at the coffin, he was terrific at the water, and saved the boss' butt at the bank complex. At the big oxer over the creek to the skinny, however, things got a little goofy. He over jumped the oxer, so the boss tried to circle him to get a better line to the skinny. Well, between the lack of real brakes and a little steering and the fact the goof ball was spooking at the jump judge throughout the circle, they didn't quite get the line right, kiwi horse half jumped to the side the skinny, and the boss caught the left flag with his right knee, popping him out of the tack :rolleyes:. It was one of those truly silly things...he could have done something like that 100 times, and 99 times would have been fine, but this one time...nope. Kiwi shoots off across the course, heading toward the gate by the house, I go shooting off after kiwi while boss' GF goes to make sure he's ok (side note: while I haven't done alot of it yet, I have been doing some trail running and it paid off on Saturday! I ran nearly the whole length of the main field before kiwi and I hooked back up). I go to take kiwi to the boss, who I'm sure, considering this is the 3rd time in a week he'd hit the ground (long story...our week last week SUCKED), I was sure he was just going to go home. I took about two steps, and here comes the boss in the golf cart with DOC...boss looks a little sheepish, DOC has a wicked little grin on his face. ;) Turns out, DOC (boss is coached by him) saw him hit the ground, and went over to him, and pointed to the seat next to him. Boss says "You're going to make me finish, aren't you?" DOC says, "Yep." I could have kissed him. They finished without much fuss...though they racked up quite the "cricket score." We know a few things now, and despite hitting the deck, the boss was pretty pleased.

Little mare's day was much less uneventful. She jumped a really lovely stadium round, and bombed around cross country like an old pro. We saw her jump the box after the bank complex right out of stride in amazing form, and the boss and I turn and look at each other "She needs a bigger fence." I guess she was a little sticky at the ditch, but otherwise was a real star. It was bittersweet and a little weird for me. In some ways, I was still a little miffed that I wasn't on her, but it was great fun getting to see her ridden by someone who rides her like I do. Not that her teenager isn't a good rider, but she doesn't have the miles yet to bring out the very best, so it was really fun getting to see her go...even though I knew it would have been more fun to be in the irons.:( She finished 6th! Yay!

So, all and all, a good weekend...until today....:cry:

Kiwi spent the night inside, wrapped up on Saturday night. He looked great to me yesterday morning, with cool legs. This morning, after he came in, I was chatting with him while pulling off his flysheet and bell boots. I ran my hands down his leg as I always do (I'm obsessive...good thing :( ), and his left front did not feel right. It was thick, and hot and he jogged out lame. He's off to VEI tomorrow. Dr. Johns doesn't think it is a tendon (no profile), but he is still going to be out of it for a little while no matter what it is. I came very, very close today to packing it in and looking into dog training school. I wonder sometimes if I put too much of myself into these guys, and when things go wrong, I take it HARD. I feel a little bit better now (had some good rides, which helps), but, man, it sucks to think this guy goes out ONCE in the US, and comes home with an issue...and I'm second guessing my management, wondering what I did wrong. Oh well...

Anway, sorry for the epic, congrats and condolences to everyone and thanks to all who volunteered and made our day go so well! We ran two horses, and were done before 12:30!!!

Jun. 11, 2007, 05:39 PM
The track was wheeled perfectly (nailed it at barely two meters over the stated length), but the 475 MPM was a bit tough to make--had my mare been more "rideable", it would have been easier, and I wouldn't have gotten those 2.8 time faults (which is why we're going back tomorrow...JUST to work on a little "relaxation and rideability"...:winkgrin:) Wsn't it supposed to be 470, not 475? As in - was it spot-on, measured at 475 (in which case it'd be slightly too long at 470), or was it spot-on at 470 (in which case, we were just plain slow, as we enjoyed our canter-in-the-park)?

Dr. Doolittle
Jun. 11, 2007, 05:42 PM
You are correct! :D

(sorry about that...:p)

Gawd, usually I try to edit myself carefully...doesn't always work, bleah! :uhoh:

Jun. 11, 2007, 08:31 PM
whats the website for grc?

Jun. 11, 2007, 10:58 PM

Jun. 12, 2007, 01:17 AM
We had a rough day. Go there late (woke up at 2 AM to drive 4 hours...) had to do a lot of rushing around, only had one trot circle before going in to do our dressage test (we typically need a lot of warm up, about 20-40 minutes, so this was really rough for us) and of course the flowers on the letters were terrifying, and due to lack of warm up, he was extremely distracted and tense. It was also our first time with prelim test B, and our shoulder-in went horribly. I decided maybe I should just let go of the fact that our dressage test was a disaster...I guess these things happen, especially when you get no warm up. We then rushed back to the trailer to put in studs, and of course had one stubborn blank which sent us to the farrier (who seemed unsure of how to get it out) and I missed my stadium ride time. Thankfully everyone was really nice about it. Our stadium round was definitely the best part of the day, he listened to me really well. We pulled #2, but that was due to lack of communication which was 99% my fault. He was perfect the rest of the course. My favorite was definitely the triple. Sometimes my guy has a problem listening during stadium, he gets overexuberant (spelling...?) and wants to take everything his way, but he collected, came back, and we even got the striding right! No time faults either (was it just me or did their seem to be a lot of time faults with stadium?).

I was dissapointed after cross country. I was really excited walking the course, what a big, forward, gorgeous course! I was looking forward to riding it, especially the bank complex and water. It just wasn't our day. We started out and he was really sticky, more interested in looking around then anything else. He typically loves cross country and is almost too forward at times, and when I felt that he was sticky and distracted, I kind of knew in the back of my mind that I was really going to have to do a lot of riding. We got in a bit crooked to #3, but he was thinking about running out. We really had a struggle at 4, and almost stopped but made it over. #5 we had a run out. Went over it the second time, but had to do a lot of pushing. Got to the coffin and had a lot of problems. We went over A, nearly went over the training ditch, but stopped, came back, got the prelim ditch, missed C, had to come back and get it. Got to the water and had our fourth refusal, didn't hear them calling me to pull up (my adrenaline was going, didn't have the rulebook in mind), made it over the second time and heard them. It was time to walk home. :sadsmile: At least I was a good example of the new rule, I suppose. It was our first time at a new place in a while, and we had a four hour drive, and we were all going on only 2-4 hours of sleep, and everyone keeps telling me that it was a good experience, but it's still discouraging. We haven't had that many problems for a long, long, time. He usually loves his job and is very bold. Don't know, guess we just had a bad day. We'll be back in the fall more experienced and ready to take another crack at it.

Jun. 14, 2007, 11:51 AM
I went schooling Tuesday and loved it! I've never been but thought the courses were great :D
However, I couldn't figure out what was marked for Novice at the water? Maybe I completely missed it :confused: Was it just jumping the log and going through?
BN was going through and then jumping the small bench. Training was the log, through the water, to the larger bench. Right?

Jun. 14, 2007, 12:06 PM
They made the N water nice and inviting. Just a simple run in, turn right, jump small table on the way out.

Jun. 14, 2007, 12:41 PM
I rode Bailey over around 9 AM. My concerns about leaving his pasture buddies behind turned out to be the least of my worries.

It was a learning experience for both of us. I did not accomplish the hack on the course like planned, but it was not a total loss either.

For those of you there early, I was the one with the young bay who would not shut up :o I was/am so terribly embarrassed. He's been shown (flat pleasure/breed shows) since he was a baby, but I apparently misjudged how accepting he would be after 2 years away from showing.

I appreciate everyone who asked if he was young and didn't openly roll eyes at us or tell us we didn't belong. Many thanks to the lady who held him for me so I could sign the release.

I stayed at the top of the hill, intending to start with circles and figure-8s to get his head back. Instead, the first splash of the water popped his head up and he just stared in disbelief that horses do such things! Then, the pair schooling the tree line popped over the last fence and that was enough for him.

At the time, I felt as though he was ready to explode out from under me. Had I been dumped or lost control, my instincts told me it would have been disastrous. He would have been running loose, kicking, bucking, etc, like a young horse in pasture out of sheer excitement.

Discretion is the better part of valor and I headed him home at that point. No need for disaster our first time out. I couldn't even let him jog or he'd have bolted on me. He had a nice little tantrum between the stadium jumps and the parking lot. I'm quite sure it had a lot to do with how tight I was holding him in. It was not how I wanted to ride at all.

I would have liked to have said hello to the riders in the parking area, but I was very concerned that he would get away from me after I dismounted (no way I was riding his lit fuse along the road to home). In all honesty, I would have liked to crawl under a rock.

I was nearly dragged home, until he spied our pony in the front pasture. At that point, he seemed to forget the fun he'd left behind and stopped trying to pull my arms out or drag me down the road.

We schooled a bit in the ring, then I put him away & headed to work. I ached badly yesterday and found that I'd sat the tantrum so deeply, I was raw in a rather delicate place :eek:

I learned quite a bit from that short ride. First, mid western pleasure shows are nowhere NEAR what events/jumping shows are like. There's a different atmosphere. I understand now why people take horses for exposure before showing.

Second, I underestimated Bailey's maturity and acceptance of exciting things. I think he may like to jump, but his enthusiasm scared the heck out of me! Several years ago, we were at KHP and he exhibited the same "crazy" behavior. I chalked it up to being 12 hours from home. I think now I was very wrong and it was the excitement of jumping and the different "vibe" that was setting him off.

I know there is more that I learned, but I'm still processing the whole experience.

All-in-all, I had a very eye-opening, humbling ride and I realize I have a LOT of preparation work to do if I'm going to try anything like that again.

Jun. 14, 2007, 12:47 PM
Goodness - no worries - happens to everyone. One trick to add to your tool basket that's worked very well for me when I'm on a youngster about to explode is to give them a job to do. I use spiral-in/spiral-out trot circles (which is part of our regular warm-up) to get them thinking about moving their feet instead of focusing on everything else going on around them. Sometimes it's just so much worse when they're focused on the excitement than when they're doing something: be it a circle, a little shoulder fore, haunches out, or other exercise. Even in the middle of the field, if they lose their cookies, at least you can given them somewhere to go instead of feeling like they are going to explode underneath you (which gets most of us tense and it all spirals into a not-so-great downward drop. Better luck next time and don't feel embarassed at all.

Jun. 14, 2007, 01:08 PM
Thanks :sigh:

I was trying to start circles, etc, but it was too late. I had the distinct feeling he'd throw a fit, force me off balance and drop his right shoulder. It's worked every time before--except by the stadium :D I felt it coming that time and wasn't off balance! Drives me crazy that he knows that trick works & i hadn't been able to thwart it.

I'm really grateful that y'all are so easy-going about that kind of thing. Pleasure people, in particular, the stock-type horse peeps of central WI, are NOT understanding. If you can't control your horse, get the ef off the show grounds. Schooling for things like that isn't welcome either.

It's a culture shock moving out here!

Jun. 14, 2007, 03:12 PM
Oh, HFB, don't worry about the disapproval of others! Did you read the thread from the event at Rubicon about the loose horse hanging out by the dressage ring, during someone's test?
The last HT I went to before Rubicon, some poor kid was jumping his stadium round, had a loose horse from XC arrive at top speed IN the stadium arena, had to stop, wait for horse to be caught and removed, and start up again.

That was before the steeplechase race came right by both XC and SJ. (and this part was "planned," although I can't say I thought it was a good idea)

Mostly we all just think "phew, glad that's not ME!"

Suggestion for you -- find a way to bring him somewhere much calmer for an introduction to this sort of thing. Even experienced event horses sometimes have meltdowns in the group schooling atmosphere.
He can learn to be quieter! When I first got my horse, schooling in a group of 3 (that's 3 total, no one else on the property) was so exciting I could barely ride him in a circle (and, yes, he had evented before); 2 years later, I hacked him out during our home barn's event -- we stopped to chat on the path to the start box, which crossed the xc field -- horses whizzing by at full gallop. He fell asleep on the buckle while I talked.:lol:

So try taking him to Frying Pan Park on a quiet day, with an experienced buddy. Let him walk along, step over the itty bitty jumps, put his feet in the water. He may surprise you in a good way!

Jun. 14, 2007, 04:05 PM
Thanks for the vote of confidence.

I did read about the loose horse during the test--and I did think "Phew! It wasn't me!"

I guess it's time that I get the electrical box fixed so I can hook the trailer up again.

I've heard of Frying Pan but never knew where it was until today. I live about 20-25 minutes north! Too funny that it'll take me almost 4x that long to get my horse there :lol: What's the best way to get there when towing? It's enough of a PITA driving 28 without a trailer.

Jun. 14, 2007, 06:20 PM
We take the toll road to exit 10 in Herndon. Hang a right at the end of the ramp, then a left at the light onto West Ox Road...it'll be on your left. REALLY easy from Leesburg/Lucketts area. The toll is worth not having to stop and go with the horse trailer on 28 (and I think it is much faster).

Jun. 15, 2007, 09:09 AM
Thanks for the directions. After I posted, I realize I'd be taking my trainer with me & that's probably how she'd send us :)

Turner Farm Park is also just minutes from home. We'll have to check that one out, too.