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  1. BB recommendations for COTHers, by COTHers
  2. Hay feeders tha look like a house...???
  3. Rapid Rain or Micro Rain sprinklers
  4. Trailer Purchase- brand and option preferences
  5. Solar Powered Outdoor Arena Lights???
  6. Help my buy my trailer! Hawk Rumber Floors?
  7. Derned ole armadillos
  9. Using gravel to combat mud in pastures?
  10. Injured barn cat...
  11. Need help picking a farm dog!
  12. What to put down to lessen the mud in a paddock?
  13. Stop nibbling on the FENCE!!!
  14. Not sure where to post but heated indoor?
  15. Can't wait for hunting season to be over *long rant*
  16. Grave sinking UPDATE BELOW.
  17. Barn cats and rats
  18. carseat for extended cab pickup?
  19. New forum!! Welcome to "Around the Farm"
  20. JRT's
  21. help! moles
  22. See what happened when Martha Stewart showed up at my barn!
  23. BM's dog nipping at horses...
  24. Forum open just in time to introduce STORY!
  25. Heads up, S. New Englanders! Snow on the way.
  26. Best joint supplement for older dogs?
  27. WERM floor or spray in liner for your trailer?
  28. Toting Hay in the Snow!
  29. This might sound wimpy to some but- Surviving with a cold
  30. Draining horse pasture.
  31. Dogs and barn kitties...
  32. Lawn tractor as Snowplow?
  33. Whiteboards (dry erase) in the barn
  34. Question for small ranchette owners in CA....
  35. Who does your farm's bookkeeping - you, or a firm?
  36. Keep hay out of the mud.....(updated) building a hay box
  37. WWYD....Tire place damaged my truck and trailer!
  38. How to teach husband to require good behavoir from barn dog?
  39. Adequan for dogs?.. update post 12
  40. WHO is DONE with this RAIN????
  41. Who has the fattest barn cat?
  42. Fescue/pasture grasses and Bobwhite Quail
  43. Dealing with Mice!...a rant!
  44. Farm dog with frequent urination and blood - do I call the vet at midnight?
  45. Cats outside in cold: OK?
  46. Am I just doomed to always freeze now?
  47. Weird cat behavior...
  48. Predisone and Antibiotic for barn dog with a bad back??
  49. What factors affect horses ride in a trailer?
  50. Electric Fence for dogs... DIY?
  51. Calling all Long Ear fans...
  52. How do those of you in cold climates ride in the snow...???
  53. Dobermans as farm dogs?
  54. Frontline Not Working On Farm Dogs?
  55. So, we have this cat
  56. Questions for those who live Where It Really Is Winter
  57. MOUSES are taking over - Cat allergy, HELP?
  58. Solar charger can work without sunshine?
  59. Chilblains - anybody know what they are?
  60. Manure Management
  61. Making friends with a stray dog - New House PICS page 61!
  62. Birds in the barn: any tips to get rid of them?
  63. Horse owners affected by snowstorm in Midwest and East Coast
  64. getting plow truck unstuck alone?? (new ?? end of post #7)
  65. Farm Animals Hard at Work
  66. What makes us different?
  67. True Christmas Joy!
  68. Ideas for Building Indoor Arena
  69. snowblowing & shear pins...
  70. .
  71. Run in shed fell- who should have to put it up?
  72. Talk To Me About Live Wired Fencing (Coyotes)
  73. Update: She's gone...Need jingles..Old Farm Dog heading to Emergency Vet
  74. Suncoast shavings
  75. I have an agressive farm dog plus typical JR's. Anyone used Bark Busters Dog Training
  76. What type of lights does everyone have
  77. Pigeons In Arena
  78. When horses poop in gravel
  79. Ugh - mud.... what to do for t/o?
  80. Help! THe deer are eating EVERYTHING!
  81. Dang, if it's gonna be winter, let it be winter
  82. Duck, duck, goose be gone!!
  83. Practice your herding:
  84. Best place to park your horse trailer?
  85. What is the most affordable yet nice looking horse fence??
  86. Goodnight sweet Scuffy girl
  87. Speaking of Fencing...How do you???
  88. The worst day at my own barn...
  89. Mutt Dog DNA Testing? Anyone tried it??
  90. Fencing Quotes
  91. Dog with food aggression needs help fast
  92. Tell me about rubber pavers
  93. Left the water running!
  94. Talk to me about the best camera to buy...
  95. What is your latest jerry rig at the barn?
  96. Dog Bed for big/older barn dogs?
  97. Ideas for sturdy metal swing stall guard?
  98. Pesky, painful thumb cracks - what to do?
  99. What has been breaking at your place lately due to winter?
  100. Goat Feed & Deworming
  101. Another poop question...
  102. Owning a Boarding Stable - Expenses?
  103. lowdown on trailers
  104. The best friendly non-herding poultry guard dog
  105. Anyone have experience with canine pancreatic insufficiency? UPDATE & Jingles for Mak
  106. Golden Retriever Breeder Recommendations?
  107. Keeping the Dog ON the Farm- how?
  108. Pyrenees owners, I need some input
  109. Mastador?
  110. pasture rotation/sheep
  111. dog with torn ACL?
  112. Stray dog update...He's HOME!!!!
  113. Help! FIRE ANTS! What to do?
  114. so, uses for this....
  115. building your own run in shed
  116. young corgi needs surgery..anyone have this experience?
  117. Need help with new electric fence tester
  118. Chicken litter on horse pastures: pros and cons
  119. Which product is the best anti-crack cream-balm for hands ?
  120. Barn Owl
  121. Farm Dog Resolutions- Better Obedience!
  122. What to put on cement floor of loafing barn?
  123. Privacy fencing one side of paddocks. Will I be sorry?
  124. Barn Dog: Dental Health?
  125. Mud Control: TWO THUMBS UP for Cow Carpet!
  126. Tips for building a round pen!
  127. Spin-off: Quality Rhodesian Ridgeback breeders?
  128. Please help me with a newly adopted dog...
  129. WOW - bad news about bedding today!
  130. Stall-Dry, Sweet PDZ, Lyme or something else?
  131. I've had it with mud! Need Geotextile fabric.
  132. We had a scary critter event yesterday...
  133. Costco dog food?
  134. Goat (mis)behavior
  135. best dog/house keeping suggestions for a family with allergies
  136. rabbits
  137. i lost one of my barn kittys
  138. The puppies are here!
  139. Raw Food Diet for Dogs
  140. feral cats - whats your SOP?
  141. Cow Tax??? - yup, the EPA is considering a "fart tax" on livestock
  142. Looking to acquire a farm puppy/dog.. suggestions?
  143. Meeting with the realtor tomorrow....
  144. Dumb question of the day - how many bales...
  145. Best way to provide water in a field
  146. Cheap/Inexpensive ideas for keeping hay out of the mud?
  147. What should always be kept in a trailer?
  148. Pugs? *Need advice* Just a got a rescue *Short Novel*
  149. One dog or two?
  150. DRY skin from being out side on the farm
  151. how do YOU find motivation when you're sick or injured?
  152. US Rider? How is it?
  153. How much does it cost to keep your mini donkey?
  154. What tank heaters do to your electric bill!
  155. Quick Help: Board size for building stalls
  156. What type of wood is best?
  157. Hoof Cuttings
  158. Black German Shepherd Dogs
  159. Spinoff: Wood floors in barn
  160. Non horsey husbands and small farms
  161. Very Cold Temps coming - ideas for keeping my goat warm!
  162. Cost of clearing land & what's involved?
  163. UPDATE: So, tomorrow we are putting our dog, Whisky to sleep...
  164. Baby accessories that make it easier to get to the barn?
  165. Need some dog food help...
  166. How do I teach her the horses are okay?
  167. ACK! Two of my chickens just kinda croaked!!
  168. My Olivia
  169. is she jumping?
  170. Get out and stay out!
  171. I rescued a human today...
  172. Dog question re: liver shunt
  173. Kune Kune anyone?
  174. Thoughts/experience with hidden electric fences for dogs?
  175. For those who are truly interested in learning about dog food/vaccines
  176. Farm trucks?
  177. Free Feeding Dogs
  178. Crazed fox
  179. Water spigot troubles
  180. Protecting trees from horse teeth?
  181. Garden Tips?
  182. Barn Brat's tell me about your barn enemie and i'll tell you about mine.
  183. Emaciated Young Hound -- Advice?
  184. Ever have a riding lesson like this?
  185. Any hope for my hose?
  186. Tank heaters and GFCI outlets
  187. Keeping the cats' water dish from freezing?
  188. Feeding the finnicky, PITA dog
  189. Jingles for my Corgi dog please!
  190. Montana gov. offical wants all pitbulls in her state destroyed..please help
  191. are you supposed to tip the hay delivery guy?
  192. Who the heck designs stalls with a water spigot INSIDE?
  193. "sharing" water with the birds
  194. Automatic Waterers In Stalls
  195. Aging farm dog messing in the house - Anipryl?
  196. Farm layout - Is this ridiculous? (long!)
  197. Landscape poles as fence posts?
  198. Cost of putting in a culvert....
  199. large dog chasing horses?
  200. Best puppy (golden retriever) play toys for both inside and outside?
  201. Woven Wire with Top Board
  202. Now I HAVE seen it all!!!!!
  203. My Corgi May Have Cushings Disease..
  204. How many people have (good) part time horse help?
  205. Off shoot of hidden electric dog wire - ?
  206. my JRT puppy was just diagnosed with a heart murmur
  207. Good horse people
  208. Keeping your water hydrant thawed?
  209. Feeding horse feed to goats.
  210. Cesar Millan an equine guru??
  211. Quandry - how to keep your horses/dogs/cats safe from prospective buyers?
  212. *UPDATE* Older farm dog not adjusting well - how to help him?
  213. Fox Help
  214. Moldy leather
  215. Could My Dog Be Having Seizures?
  216. Structural integrity of pole barns, or 75MPH winds!
  217. Dog blanketting or Could my puppy be cold?
  218. Can I have your thoughts on Barn Sitting?
  219. Tents for ponies
  220. Planning for new horse property - GATE WIDTHs
  221. Riding in Magnesium Chloride
  222. NEED JINGLES - for my barn kitty (happy update page 4)
  223. would you take a chance on free fill dirt?
  224. smart pack rat
  225. Disposal of Manure
  226. Some people just make you roll your eyes...
  227. Question for vegetarians.
  229. toyota tundra v8 - suitable for towing?
  230. Trouble adding 3rd horse????
  231. For those who have wooded acreage
  232. Boarding vs. Owning Property
  233. Have Guinea Hens?
  234. Electric fence question
  235. Anyone tow a golf cart BEHIND a horse trailer?
  236. House water pump froze last night
  237. Trailer shopping- advice to prevent being scammed please
  238. Moles
  239. Barn cat may kill me
  240. Are there any REAL kink-proof hoses out there?
  241. Do your farm dogs GO to the vet, or get farm calls?
  242. Cuckoo Marans for dual purpose?
  243. more rabbits -- buck not eating!
  244. Which Muck Boot?
  245. Suburban Neighbors-why me?
  246. Crazy afternoon at the Farm...neighbors from hell
  247. Finding Ride-Along/Working Companion
  248. When farm dogs and toddlers don't mix - a novel, vent, and seeking advice
  249. Central VA posters?
  250. Homemade heating bags