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  1. puppy going off her food, why??
  2. Another itchy dog thread - cause known, need suggestions!
  3. Anyone else have issues with the 2009 Dogde Ram 1/2 ton? I need advice...
  4. Cutting my own hay?
  5. Judge Alex
  6. Board costs for full care
  7. Are We Still Afraid of Diamond Dog Food?
  8. Anyone know anything about Solu-cal lime?
  9. My new dream farm is the victim of a bad appraisal!
  10. California Fire Caused By Bull...
  11. torn between old dog & new puppy
  12. Calling All Contracts!
  13. Self-care spinoff question.
  14. Clearing for Perimeter Fence
  15. purchasing a big farm?
  16. Skin allergy to hay (me not my horses)
  17. Need help pricing farm stuff
  18. Best dog blanket for little boys?
  19. metal water troughs
  20. Food for the JRT
  21. Paddock size recommendations
  22. Save on barn dog teeth cleaning.
  23. Question for those with horse tape fencing re post distance.
  24. What is my responsibility to this pidgeon, please? HE KEEPS COMING BACK!
  25. My chickens are laying impaired NO MORE! An egg!
  26. Utility Vehicle with Dump
  27. What type of wood to line the inside of the barn?
  28. Judge rules on shared pug custody
  29. Cat Food Recommendations??
  30. how long does it take to muck 30 stalls?
  31. what would you do?
  32. Tylan powder
  33. Cat diet question
  34. Wandering farm dog... >_<
  35. Stink Bugs
  36. Cost of building a bridge across a creek. vs. pipe and covering it
  37. Animal neglect, UPDATE Post #52
  38. What is the smallest tractor that can lift a round bale?
  39. Black locust fence posts?
  40. cart for cleaning stalls?
  41. Getting rid of toadstools in pasture
  42. I didn't get to ride tonight
  43. Scars from horse bites..
  44. Towing a Brenderup with a 2003 Volvo S60
  45. Black PVC fence posts anyone?
  46. Wolf on my farm
  47. The "LIST"..
  48. Zoning and variances
  49. Trailering route from Capital Challenge to Richmond
  50. First egg for sale on ebay =D (no, not mine, i have no darn eggs)
  51. spinoff: the newer spreader
  52. Spiders In My Tack Room
  53. Horse shelter on a budget in NOVA
  54. Only Dog sydrome...
  55. Please help, abandoned newborn kitten
  56. Boarding Facility Expense Spreadsheet
  57. Wire mesh fencing - what size is safe??
  58. What behaviors does your deaf dog demonstrate?
  59. De Skunking the farm dog
  60. French Bulldog wedding. :)
  61. solar electric fences - how well do they work?
  62. Need your advice on Arena Footing situation
  63. Dog with bladder cancer.... Anyone know any miracle cures?
  64. Custom dog bed
  65. A question about fleas
  66. Best place to buy butt-bar pads?
  67. Epileptic dog. . .I think - WWYD? HAPPY UPDATE-owner located!
  68. How do you farm peeps protect your back?
  69. So what houseplants are NOT poisonous to cats?
  70. single dose cat vaccines - where to buy?
  71. Bottle Raising Kittens
  72. Best way to remove old fence posts?
  73. Getting rid of a Porcupine
  74. Anyone do their own gutters?
  75. Temporary Fencing Options?
  76. Trailer Shopping in NC- Assistance Needed from NC residents!
  77. Any Shipper recs from Bham area to Memphis?
  78. RIP Dixie... You were the best coonhound ever.
  79. How high should outdoor lights be on a ring?
  80. Tongue and groove or reg. boards for stalls?
  81. Shop Vacuum--filter neccessary?
  82. Positioning a run in shed.
  83. Horse/dog headstones?
  84. Doggie nutrition help needed: Innova EVO
  85. Now That You Have Chickens....
  86. Tips for trailriding with a very excited herding dog?
  87. Winter Riding
  88. Anyone haul with an F-250, V8, gas model? PIC ADDED POST #38!
  89. I am a huge sucker
  90. Has anybody Cremated thier horse before?
  91. Anything to keep horses from eating my trees??
  92. Is this a good hay feeder?
  93. Trucks - Long Bed vs. Short Bed
  94. My LAb caught our house mouse last night!
  95. F^#&*$# FIRE ANTS$&#*(@&$*# (vent)
  96. Maremma; Issue with Great Pyrenees; Solved
  97. Water Proof Dog Blanket
  98. How much electric wire per acre?
  99. Building Dutch Stall Doors... HELP!
  100. Kitty spay question
  101. Help! Dog eating poop!
  102. Asking too much? Attractive, inexpensive dog fencing?
  103. Testing a pond for sewage?
  104. Leveling a barn... by ourselves. :)
  105. Help! Ichthammol and Jack Russells
  106. Cats, diet and preventing kidney disease
  107. Mirrors for arena
  108. jingles for my old dog
  109. potty training...ugh!
  110. Goat people - a question...
  111. Huge Snake!
  112. Best solar charger? solar vs. electric
  113. HILARIOUS Tractor Story!
  114. Need information on Elite trailers
  115. training the "inside voice"?
  116. MD: Sawdust for bedding and Hay delivery
  117. Feeling very guilty this morning
  118. Greyhound Owners - Loose Stool, Food Rec?
  119. Rain Barrels - Anyone use them? (Spinoff from Gutter thread)
  120. Help me find a good water heating system for a barn with bad well water
  121. Dog barking/crying on a night?
  122. My chickens are eating their eggs
  123. What do you do in the winter with frozen poop in paddocks?
  124. my current favorite dog video
  125. Need Ideas to Stop Dog From Scratching
  126. Confused about how much electricity I need in my barn
  127. Possible dog elbow issues
  128. Conservation seeder?
  129. Are there tarps that don't suck?
  130. what to do with barn roof?
  131. Sickly cat ... update post 24, she now has a heart murmur
  132. Ready for a challenge? Pony. Mule. Mare. ha ha
  133. Need advice on feeding a nursing cat-Long, sorry!
  134. In which Grataan's retired EP Arabian gets two QH "babies"
  135. Nutro brand dog food recall!
  136. Dog Proof cat feeder
  137. Dog upchucks item consumed 2 weeks ago????
  138. Anyone have a sales contract?
  139. Arrggghh...Possum in the barn!
  140. I cannot imagine what these puppies are going to look like...
  141. Does anyone have a blind farm dog?
  142. Anyone in need of Chickens?
  143. Pasture questions, grow it or mow it? Does weed killer contaminate well water??
  144. Going rate for rough board at a training facility?
  145. outdoor arena in a heavy sand area?
  146. A Cross Post
  147. Deaf Black cat?
  148. Barn Kitten...what to do?
  149. Southeastern peeps: Insect pest problems in pasture...whats your story?
  150. How much hay can you fit in your 2H trailer??
  151. Show me your barn lights!
  152. Outdoor dressage/jumping ring
  153. Moving horse... what to look for in a boarding facility?
  154. How to find an Equine Property to rent?
  155. Broken dog tooth questions
  156. Stall Deodorizer Spray-Ever make your own? Post recipes!!!
  157. Best Sports Bra Please!
  158. Can dogs digest whole flax seeds?
  159. Cool Sealing Barn Roof
  160. Tack Room Organization: Saddle Racks
  161. Best winter golves?
  162. Halter rack?
  163. Corner Guards for wood posts
  164. Electrical pricing update
  165. REALLY gassy greyhound-help??
  166. Trailer Shopping!
  167. Running water to barn
  168. How high would you put lights?
  169. A Feel-Good Post!
  170. Jingles needed please, for Holly the barn cat
  171. Clydejumper always said "Nothing Says Love Like a Tractor"
  172. Puppy problems, before we even have the puppy!
  173. List of everything you need for a boarding barn
  174. Horse transport recommendation - Utah to NC
  175. Lost a good barn cat tonight...
  176. Oh my gentle Jesus, Craigslist...
  177. Raising a stall floor
  178. The Skunk Saga!
  179. Posted Signs
  180. Need update on "Newer Spreader" opinions
  181. My barn cat caught Templeton the Rat
  182. Anyone had their dog's semen frozen?
  183. Has anyone reflective -ed their horses/barn??
  184. The Eglu- Does anyone have one of THESE for their chickens?
  185. Contract signing by someone who cannot read ...
  186. Abingdon, Va. Draft/Mule Auction
  187. 5:00 AM Wake up
  188. taking the pregnant cat to shelter....or, "why I despise my neighbors" vent
  189. Horse hoof, meet gate....with a finger in between
  190. Arena Clear additive
  191. Update on the sunks!
  192. How much aspirin for my older Lab??
  193. HRH Rosalind Expresses Her Opinion
  194. Tank/trough heaters
  195. largest dog ??
  196. Bloodhounds as farm dogs? Hardy enough to be outdoor dogs?
  197. Goosenecks and clearance
  198. What size boards for stalls?
  199. Barn Builder Recommendations: Frederick, Maryland
  200. Forget Livestock Guardian Dogs--
  201. weaning kittens
  202. One of my cats is a self-loader
  203. Dog- Picky eater or something else?
  204. Perennial Peanut Hay - Allergies?
  205. Sirius/XM Radio in the tractor? Anyone have it?
  206. Sigh... my new barn roof is leaking. I'm back to hating the barn.
  207. So, how do you make them barn kitties or indoor/barn kitties?
  208. Anyone Have Dexter Cattle?
  209. ? for those with modular run in/ tack room/ stall combos
  210. Hay feeders for pasture horses??
  211. Looking for Used Manure Spreader
  212. Dog farts
  213. Has anyone here used the Coir pelleted bedding before?
  214. Another LGD option- Kangal dogs from Turkey
  215. Farm dogs & protein amounts?
  216. Moved to a new barn ... considering mud control
  217. What irrigation system do you have?
  218. Spinoff on aspirin for dogs - ulcer symptoms?
  219. Update on Diamond Naturals Dog Food
  220. Breakaway device engaged on trailer...questions
  221. Livestock Guardian Dogs- tell me more?
  222. How big a trailer do I need?
  223. Indoor Arena Lights??
  224. Balanced Ride Trailers
  225. Equispirit vs. Hart trailers - Advice needed
  226. Seriously bad pill taker
  227. spigot spray <sigh>
  228. boeckman trailers
  229. Anyone have experience w/ Osteosarcoma/bone cancer in dogs?
  230. Neighbor's child wandering into pasture? Liability?
  231. So Sad- Lost Dog
  232. Horse blankets????? please help
  233. Soo cool! Rambo is giving a $75 credit when you send in, bring in your old rambo!
  234. Anyone have a MIRACO auto waterer? or putting one waterer on a shared fence line?
  235. I'm so easily pleased...
  236. Remodeling bathroom in our ranch house
  237. Help identify this awful clover-like weed
  238. Septic in the MIDDLE of Acres - ARG!!!
  239. Need some advice....Dog Acupuncture and/or Chiropractic Success?
  240. economical run-in sheds?
  241. HOLY SMOKES! I can't believe the hay this year!!
  242. Barn Security
  243. Help with older dog, itching AND odor
  244. should this forum be renamed?
  245. Kitten not using litterbox! Help!
  246. Laundry Detergent in the Litter Box
  247. Please keep the topics farm-related & avoid general dog/cat questions
  248. Western/PNW peeps - coyote & horse management?
  249. Electric/Auto BP Trailer Jack?
  250. One-ton vs 3/4 ton -- difference in gas mileage?