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  1. Adopting and Crossing the border
  2. I want a Jack Russell! Hoping to see some at the KY Classique!
  3. Coyote attacks deer
  4. Anyone have a giant breed dog?
  5. Softening a Leather Halter?
  6. Oster showmaster lemon
  7. Animals as Therapy Visits for the Elderly/Homebound
  8. Farmers never care if cows are out?
  9. Plans for PVC jump standards?
  10. Lycra Fly Masks?
  11. Deutz Fahr Tractors
  12. Double R Trailers - opinions?
  13. Yellow Jackets #$#$#@()$#U$
  14. Best toys for bored horse?
  15. Tell me about your Dachshund farm dogs!
  16. llama's anybody?
  17. negotiating behaviorist rate?
  18. Australian Shepherd puppies
  19. Recc. Reading for Fearful Dog Issues
  22. Crud on Skin of Long Haired Dog?? Help please?
  23. Horse trailers badly - suggestions?
  24. Gaps between gate and fencepost?
  25. 432 Animals Seized from a Single home in FL!
  26. Jingles for Stella the dog- Great day!
  27. Adding a second dog???
  28. Is there a "pattern" to follow when dragging a ring?
  29. Has anyone used this mat for mud?
  30. Mike Rowe Gelding...
  31. Dog with major hives - help!
  32. Insulators for backside of T-posts?
  33. Escaping from flex fencing (Centaur, Ramm)
  34. Scary moment - dog seizure
  35. TSC Saddle racks
  36. Mosquito hell, daddy-long-legs heaven?
  37. Anyone have an electric line fall on an electric fence? What happened?
  38. Anybody Ever Sold Cedar Trees?
  39. Trailer brakes won't turn off
  40. Jingles for a Barn Cat
  41. Anyone work sheep? Extreme sheep herding...
  42. Need Info - Protect Wooden Trailer Floor
  43. Rescues/resources for baby squirrels?
  44. Fixing mud in the paddock
  45. Help! Stupid moldy hay!
  46. Alpha Cat peeing in house
  47. Concrete or stone dust under barn/stalls?
  48. Weight Loss suggestions for dog?
  49. Reselling used fence boards and posts
  50. Please Vote for Kelly!
  51. Sad Day & Need Suggestions for Dog Breed
  52. More stall mat questions
  53. JRT puppies
  54. Brenderup vs. Featherlite
  55. Think my old man may be getting close to that time:(
  56. Emergency Evacuation Preparedness
  57. More chicken cruelty
  58. Some dogs get ticks, some don't?
  59. advice on dog rescues in Nashville/Middle TN? (pic added post #3)
  60. Help with coyote deterrents??
  61. leasing property
  62. pet foster for deployed military?
  63. looking at building my own barn, HELP PLEASE!!!
  64. Racing pigeons - so much fun!
  65. Our new baby!!
  66. Loafing shed footing
  67. New Holland lost hydraulics
  68. Spinoff on Coyote repellents- how about chipmunks?
  69. How thick is your barn concrete?
  70. Treated or untreated wood for stalls?
  71. What do you use under bedding in your stalls?
  72. Checklist for solo trailering
  73. Evil Kitten - Update
  74. Opinions on hauling with a manual truck? Update - We bought it!
  75. Check out this "pony"
  76. Winter Run-In Suggestions
  77. Muddy Paddocks
  78. cost to build a small indoor in NoVa?
  79. Chicken Chasing Hints - Update P.3
  80. Not a fight wound... it's Cuterebra - yuck!
  81. Crate or Barn?
  82. Dogs and water troughs
  83. yet another chicken question-Rooster is sick
  84. Homemade dog food ?
  85. Cats Killed
  86. Does this stall sound stable enough?
  87. Lack of Professionalism?
  88. kitten w/ a death wish
  89. # of stall mats per stall - is less better?
  90. Chicken game for children
  91. Did I do the right thing for my dog?
  92. Life around the farm
  93. Building barn- door styles for northern climate
  94. Bobcat at the barn
  95. What do you pay for jump poles?
  96. Am I being picky? new barn construction
  97. Another ? for those who had barns built- nails, metal shards, screws oh my!
  98. Plexiglass in barn door?
  99. Dream Barn
  100. Dumb idea for fly control?
  101. Plans for jump standards?
  102. Leaving the Horses Alone on the Farm
  103. Richmond SPCA Chief's Dog Dies in Hot Car
  104. Fencing Question
  105. Some VERY basic questions about automatic waterers
  106. How long can you leave a chicken egg outside before it goes bad?
  107. Klene Pipe Structures
  108. We are now full-fledged farm folk... UPDATE: Chicks hatched!
  109. Cat frothing at the mouth
  110. Lexan sidelights
  111. Little Owl in barn?
  112. We've had to make the hard choice, now..
  113. Wheel rims for Brenderup
  114. Sigh... help me with my new dutch doors
  115. Trailers with hay storage on roof
  116. Post paint or stain
  117. Triplet names? Goats....
  118. RATS!
  119. Another Grand Old Guy Crosses the Bridge...
  120. Packing the wheel bearings
  121. Best place to advertise a tractor? Tom King?
  122. Trailer ramp matting?
  123. Buying and storing hay
  124. New barn construction pictures! Outside is done
  125. Vinyl stall guards
  126. Anyone know anything about construction?
  127. Very difficult day today
  128. Question of pigs
  129. Bengal kitty cats ...
  130. Frontline really isn't working.
  131. Construction assistance...Anyone know about retaining walls?
  132. For the love of Pete - my cat is NOT pregnant!
  133. dust-free suggestions for around barn???
  134. Removing a Leach Field
  135. Saw Dust on Stone?
  136. We have chicks!
  137. Black Walnut tree
  138. Poor puppy
  139. Writing an article on bedding. Care to share?
  140. Jingles needed for my cat...
  141. Looking for vinyl fence company input
  142. The truth about dog brushing... does it *really* help with shedding?
  143. Varmint du Jour Poultry-style
  144. Anyone knowledgeable about Otters?
  145. A more serious question - preventing barn fires, sprinkler systems?
  146. Got dumped from farm insurance company for doberman. Who to you use in Virginia?
  147. Best Horse Friendly commuter vehicle?
  148. FILLED TY - drivers needed for dog transport KY to NY
  149. Just bought fencing and it's TWO years old!
  150. Random dog/cat/black widow question...
  151. Farm Dog: Urine Crystals UPDATE POST #8
  152. stall walls
  153. Has anyone made their own stall stifter?
  154. Kingston Trailer people!!
  155. Sheep????
  156. Frustrated with dog and food - is Purina Pro Plan/animal digest really that bad?
  157. SPINOFF! Frustrated with bad dog foods, too!
  158. ?'s on when to spay and spay incontinence in female dogs
  159. Hay bags for the trailer: any preferences?
  160. Dog allergies? (While we're talking about dog food...)
  161. trailer hitches
  162. First Time Tractor Shopper - What Do I Need To Know?
  163. Anybody know how to prevent mice in the water buckets?!
  164. I Present To You Poquito - The Greatest Donk Ever
  165. !!!Help Hay questions for hay gurus
  166. Recommendations for West Coast Hauler
  167. Dog owners exp. with poisoning - EMERG HELP!
  168. WWYD? Indoor kitty question
  169. So.. today it begins.. the big barn building adventure
  170. Help! Fence question-sorry
  171. Retired Racing Greyhounds as Pets??
  172. Chew Proof Dog Bed
  173. When is the last time you cut your pastures in the fall?
  174. Where can you buy/order PVC?
  175. kitty help - again!
  176. Automatic Waterers
  177. Help! Houdini Pony - I'm at wit's end
  178. What do you know about Schutzhund?
  179. Price of Wood Shavings
  180. Please help with hay problems
  181. Help with dog transport 9/19 Oh to Pa- Leg 3
  182. Kubota riding lawnmowers?
  183. Winter Rye (Central FL)
  184. Wrought Iron/wood blanket bars
  185. Considering Land Ownership
  186. survelliance systems?
  187. Pet Cemetery as business?
  188. Rubber hose-want opinions and have question!
  189. Belgian farmers spray milk onto their fields!
  190. Labor prices for fence installation Horry County SC
  191. It was only a matter of time, the chickens crossed the line...
  192. Best temporary chicken run solution?
  193. Visitor to the farm
  194. Introducing new kitten to in house dogs
  195. Sp, my dog may have eaten LIGHT BULBS tonight, groan...
  196. Leveling a Stall
  197. Okay, pigeon was cute for a week, now annoying and uncatchable
  198. Winter housing for a "deck cat?"
  199. Terribly Itchy Big Dog - Monday update - still scratching
  200. How much light is in a lumen? (Yard light factor)
  201. My dear, brave dog.
  202. General price of having electric run to barn
  203. Solar powered stock tank heater?
  204. Things I've learned from my cat!
  205. fencing dilemma
  206. Brenderup Owners - please weigh in with your towing vehicle!
  207. Letter for my sweet boy *UPDATED 5/7/2010 - POST 14* RIP My Wonderful Boy
  208. Concrete as lime
  209. oh my goodness. Nelson horse feeder $$$
  210. Automatic Horse Feeder
  211. Gas in Dogs...ideas?
  212. Benderups: only for small tow vehicle?
  213. So tell me again that I am not going to find a snake in my house
  214. Switching dog to a Grain-Free Kibble...need advice!
  215. Hay Storage
  216. Apple Eating Dog--is that ok?
  217. Cost to install automatic waterer?
  218. chemo in dogs, jingles needed
  219. Perma Stall Plus Bedding
  220. Stain for interior / exterior of barn? What did you use?
  221. Other Brenderup-type trailers???
  222. Diabetes Ketoacidosis in dog
  223. behavior of older outdoor kitties
  224. Dressage at Devon program ad for Forgotten Cats barn cats
  225. Hills Prescription T/D dog food
  226. Metal finish on stall parts
  227. Getting rid of alsike clover?
  228. Need reasonable stall gate source
  229. Best whitening shampoo for DOGS?
  230. oak sawdust for stalls?
  231. My dog's first visit to the farm...
  232. Arena footing question
  233. Custom Stall Fronts
  234. Morton Barn Feeding system- need horse proofing help!!
  235. Fire Ant Attack
  236. something bit my dog! - update
  237. am I nuts, barn price
  238. Finding rider and workers for the farm
  239. Barn Roof/skylight repair in Georgia-suggestions?
  240. Severe weather anyone?
  241. Dogs with cancer
  242. R.I.P. Little Tiger Kitty
  243. Grand Mal last night - Update
  244. Suggestions PLEASE! for footing around barn???
  245. Calling All Self Care Boarders...
  246. Trailers - how small is too small, how big is too big?
  247. Puppies, puppies, puppies
  248. So whaddya think he did? (longish-but speculation sought!)
  249. MAJOR stall building fail. :(- update: it's fixed! (almost)
  250. Dog Diarrhea- Good Update and Thank You!