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  1. Dog (coyote) tracks VS. Cat (cougar) tracks???
  2. Cramp in legs? (Human)
  3. Moles
  4. FORGET the Black Widow Spiders!!!!!
  5. buying my first used trailer questions
  6. There is a disturbance in the Force (farm and hurricane related)
  7. Certifying carbon credits for livestock, horses too?
  8. How many dogs do you have?
  9. Locking saddles
  10. Hummingbird Feeders
  11. Spinoff of dog thread - how do you keep your house CLEAN?
  12. Trying to find a hay farmer to cut and crop share my field..
  13. Ocala people- tonight's intense thunderstorm
  14. Trailer Rip - off
  15. Need help identifying and eradicating "bugs"
  16. Horse chores with torn rotator cup?
  17. Farm Laundry question
  18. Any Bee Sting Advice?
  19. Arena - sort of
  20. Stall mats..ARGH! Questions...
  21. Being with your older dying dog
  22. UPDATED AGAIN ON PAGE 1 - Arrive Home - Strangers Riding My Horses!!!!!
  23. Health Insurance for farmers?
  24. Older dog becoming predatory?
  25. Questions: Possibly Buying Into Farm
  26. Vet ? - TMS antibiotic in dogs and blood levels?
  27. Spinoff about running a farm alone
  28. Fat Dog food comparable too...
  29. hay feeder pros and cons?
  30. Bottle calf NQR - help!
  31. Living Fence/ Centaur Fence Questions
  32. Attitude
  33. What do you do to cover yourself for liability from visitors (welcome or not)?
  34. The oldest Hay Swindle in the biz...
  35. Internet options for rural residents
  36. My goats are not unexpectedly pregnant.
  37. Fat barn kitties-need feed suggestions
  38. Ugh!! I have a JUMPER!
  39. Basset Hound pack seized in police raid
  40. Chickenfolk: 2 Dogs now has Egg #2!!!!!
  41. Am I liable as a boarder if my horse gets out??
  42. Speak to me of covered arenas
  43. De-weeding a ring
  44. Looking for ride for 35 lb. rescue dog from NC to Midwest
  45. Clicker Training for Dogs
  46. Help for my ring!
  47. Jingles for my trainer
  48. Dog training ? - Anxiety/submission and men (kind of long)
  49. Anyone here have a ha-ha? (Not a joke...I mean a ha-ha fence...)
  50. Independent Report Calls For Rethink On Farm Veterinary Service
  51. Hedges/Vines around a turnout- help!
  52. Need help with a brave horse's grave....: (
  53. Help me entertain my dog
  54. Haying
  55. In ground fencing and heavy snowload?
  56. The WHAT???
  57. Chevy 3500 Dually diesel, Anyone own one/recommend it.
  58. Morton Buildings
  59. Replacing fencing
  60. Rabies Challenge Fund
  61. Impossible decision: any COTH magic available?
  62. Ittybittykittycommittee; A year... a whole year... Happy Belated Birthday to the boys
  63. Dover "Frequent Shopper" program!
  64. Building a barn with a run in AND stalls
  65. Stall mats in run-in?
  66. Ok You Sheep People / Knitters.... Top This!
  67. What do fire ant bites look like?
  68. Cat Vaccinations
  69. Suggestions for DIET dry dog food? - update on Wellness
  70. New Ring - How Deep and Road Fabric?
  71. Why is it you can't sell your house but U find the exact farm you want?--UPDATE sorta
  72. Help w/ Stubben Leather Halter sizing?
  73. Chicken fence is up... testing bird intelligence
  74. Bargan fence sources
  75. What do you think is the safest fence?
  76. Reliable sources/sites for cat supplements and meds
  77. Can I get some advice about putting my dog to sleep?
  78. Easement through the barnyard?
  79. Human wound care
  80. Sigh.... guess what my gdogs brought home
  81. mechanics needed for ?
  82. which tack stores take trade ins
  83. OH CRAP.. huge hornets living inside a tree - WWYD? WWTK DO?
  84. Hay: Wire or Twine?
  85. Anyone familiar with green giant arborvitae?
  86. saddle about to crack
  87. The dog got him!
  88. Need advice from chicken experts for aspiring chicken owner
  89. friendly reminder to all that put a horse in a trailer
  90. Bought some trees, now ONE more wind/privacy screen question!
  91. Anyone do their own barn insulation?
  92. Removing weeds from pasture & hay field
  93. How long are eggs good in nest?
  94. Trailer tire brand preferences
  95. Carpenter ants!
  96. Spinoff of "The WHAT!" - Free computer program to design house/barn?
  97. Tell me about your cheap run-in shed, please!
  98. How fast do you drive your trailer on the highway?
  99. have you sold via consignment ?
  100. Sheep--outline of what I need to know?
  101. Can I use Feline Frontline on a DOG?
  102. Oh boy...fencing problems...starting over...HELP!
  103. Ever buy a new trailer and have it shipped?
  104. show me your barns
  105. Loose stock!
  106. Chickenpeeps! My first pullet egg tonight!
  107. If you used centaur or ramm...
  108. Um, I guess this is a good fencing advertisement?
  109. Woven wire combination fence?
  110. plastic coated elec. wire installation
  111. Idea for Water Tub Insulation Before Winter Hits
  112. Building New Indoor Arena - more questions
  113. Wow, impressed by Redbrand (horse fence) customer service
  114. sheep peeps....where to get fleece turned into blankets?
  115. Yes... another fence question re: no-climb visibility
  116. Barn/Fencing Book or site suggestions?
  117. Red Tail hawks
  118. why are cobwebs considered fire hazard?
  119. Chicken people... please advise!
  120. Squirrels and tomatoes?!?
  121. cedar fence rails = less chewing?
  122. Flying buggers!
  123. Offer on farm accepted! I must be crazy!
  124. Fast growing shade trees ?
  125. MAD RANT! Theives in the 'hood'
  126. Why so many deer in MD???
  127. New dog questions
  128. FarmTek Rocks!
  129. Anyone dealt with FSA? farm financing ramblings
  130. trailer selection question
  131. Pinched nerves (human) & farm work
  132. Peafowl babies!!!!
  133. When you can't ride...
  134. Dog falling out of bed...or more?
  135. Sick, Lone Faun -- We Helped Her!!!
  136. Back to Insurance Issues - Anybody Had Experience with Aetna?
  137. Tips for coping with a non-horsey family visiting the farm?
  138. lamp for stall?
  139. Magnolia ok - need suggestions for safe flowers for a memorial
  140. Bought a butcher pig...now what!!?
  141. Southern Chester County manure removal?
  142. Evergreens for privacy barrier in pasture??
  143. Repairing Polybraid type fence - D@mn Bunnies!
  144. Financing a new barn
  145. Farmette warming gift under $30?
  146. For those who need trees:
  147. Grants for environmental farm improvements
  148. So, how many people use horse shampoo on your own hair?
  149. Best websites for used saddles?
  150. Anything against the huge square bales for hay?
  151. way to make concrete foundation horse-proof?
  152. Hernia on my dog?? Wondering what to expect, vet appt later today??
  153. On the stry pit no more theme
  154. The farm(ette) thing... again.
  155. RIP Rodney Ro-Dent 9/17/09 9/23/09 new pics post 266!!
  156. Me 1--weeds 0.
  157. Bringing my boy home!
  158. Used Trailers?
  159. Brass or silver fixtures in the barn?
  160. Shameless Brag of Cuteness - Farm Friends
  161. My farmette is for sale. Husband has had enough. Do I go it alone?
  162. Do you know what ply your trailer tires are?
  163. Rest in peace little bear
  164. Tailgate ? for farm pick-up
  165. Basset Hound Pack - NAIA to defend
  166. Define "Keep"
  167. Barn aisle improvement: Mats or pavers?
  168. pelleted straw bedding options? Who's do you use?
  169. anyone use Dr.T Cobweb Eliminator or anything like that?
  170. HELP?? Why am I spending so much $$$
  171. What are your stall floor layers?
  172. Question regarding building vs. no mortgage
  173. Couldnt get a loan for our barn... now what
  174. Which color tarp for covering hay?
  175. My mom lost her JRT last night - RIP Indy
  176. Farm or No Farm
  177. Hubby is Cow Crazy!
  178. My New Barn, FINALLY!
  179. What do you use for your horses stall floor?
  180. New Orangie Kitten ~ NEW PROBLEM SEE POST#21
  181. Hay farmers: Moths in alfalfa???
  182. Triton Barns Overstock Stall Discount
  183. horse leasing agreement
  184. Oiling sand footing for dust control?
  185. JRTs and children
  186. Compost Pile
  187. Trailer Maintenance and Cost
  188. EEK! Barn is being delivered and not ready
  189. it's like kudzu and the news day must be slow...video uplink
  190. Round fence corners
  191. how high to place the cross ties?
  192. "Horserail" brand fencing- like Ramm and Centaur
  193. Ontario tornado
  194. 1 upsmanship - do tell!
  195. LQ trailers: What do you put in the black/gray water tanks?
  196. What to do when you just can't afford it anymore? (long...sorry)
  197. Help, blind chicken
  198. Fibro Farmers (CFS, RA, NQR etc.) check in and ??
  199. full lease, but still for sale?
  200. Sad Kitten Story
  201. Dog nail trimming question
  202. So I am going to build an all weather outdoor....
  203. Help needed with trailer backing!
  204. Brenderup Owners- Tack Storage???
  205. black medic invasion
  206. 3 puppies + rainy day = herding cats...
  207. Itchy Raised Rash from Hay - Any Good Home Remedies?
  208. Wrong Wire-Drat!
  209. Outdoor flashing?
  210. Jingles for barn kitty buddies...
  211. Where to Buy Ariats?
  212. Stray Kittens- rabies exposure? -talked to health dept
  213. Chickens or Ducks Within City Limits?
  214. I'm going to rip out my hair. WHY wont this cat stop PEEING in my house?????
  215. Tail bags
  216. spin off: show me your outbuilding conversion to barn thread
  217. Farm Ponds - Blue-green algae bloom and "fish kills"
  218. nest egg within the birdhouse gourds
  219. Super Dusty Arena
  220. Sheet metal siding and roofing -where to buy?
  221. Cobwebs are taking over!
  222. Moldy Devoucoux Saddle... Help!
  223. The dog who wouldn't be . . .
  224. Leasing stalls - tell me the good and bad
  225. best Barn boots?
  226. Suggestions needed to retrofit barn
  227. Leash Training- Gentle Leader/Halti?
  228. Suggestions for re-doing stall floors
  229. Ranch Sitting- How much to Charge?
  230. Barn Fly System
  231. Four (young?) Hawks
  232. cats peed on bedding!
  233. Buffered asprin??
  234. How NOT to Transport a Goat
  235. Cat won't cover up
  236. Recurrent Pancreatitis (Dog)
  237. Help! Pit bulls in need of homes/foster care
  238. RIP Large Stupid Dog
  239. So, am I screwed before we even start excavating?
  240. Best Perimeter Fence- for dogs, horses, and wallet
  241. chicken with an abcess
  242. Are these hare-brained ideas at all practical?
  243. Infection in Dogs in Chester County, PA Area
  244. couple of pasture weed/tree questions
  245. It's Here, It's Here!!!!
  246. help!! the fleas are winning...
  247. Great idea for odors, etc-had to share!!
  248. Doggie Dandruff-Update
  249. Polymer beads to reduce arena dust?
  250. How to keep horses from eating hedge