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  1. Yellow Jacket fence charger?
  2. Replacing floor in horse trailer--info, please
  3. Question about Canada/horses
  4. What are they saying? Crows--babies?
  5. Update on the monster dog.
  6. Moths! AND the Amityville Horror too...
  7. Finding a dog.... vent..... aaaaand an UPDATE!!!!! pg 1
  8. Be Careful What You Wish For!
  9. Groomer who hand-strips in Maine?
  10. Dog Attack AGAIN UPDATE
  11. Weird one- Teaching a dog to lunge (longe)?
  12. Hawk trailer repairs in MD?
  13. Sick dog-- I'm worried! Advice?
  14. Privacy tree line
  15. fence post strength...
  16. Feeding a Cat prone to UTI's
  17. Ok please remind me
  18. any way to save a baby robin?
  19. Building a windbreak wall--considerations?
  20. How many standard small square hay bales
  21. Anyone NOT have a "Big Red Barn"?
  22. Raw dog diets
  23. Dratted bird!!
  24. How would you rotate this?
  25. Need Info on Guinea Fowl
  26. Deer are NOT Horses
  27. gross, but... human & canine sharing ear gunk?
  28. Fencing "bandaid" for coated tensile wire
  29. Possible reaction to Marek's vaccine??
  30. Composite Material For Fencing?
  31. Puppies.......
  32. Hay Herbicides Passing Thru Horse Manure... Killing Crops
  33. Hay barn dimensions for hay squeeze, and squeeze block dimensions.
  34. I think my horse hates flymasks on other horses?
  35. O.K. Bamboo poles for fencing?
  36. Looking for Carpet Fiber Footing Washington State
  37. Barometric pressure and bloat
  38. Farm at Auction
  39. Fly spray for dogs?
  40. killing no-see-ums (tiny gnats)
  41. Horse safe weed killer?
  42. Any Boston Terrier fans out there?
  43. ridge cap for barn??
  44. Copperheads and Dogs
  45. Can Fastrack for horses be fed to dogs?
  46. A worthy cause
  47. American Foxhounds?
  48. Star Thistle: when are the seeds viable?
  49. Feed Through, Fly Predators, Does ANY of it Work???
  50. Have any of you tried this nail trimmer
  51. Smartpak Canine and Feline
  52. Wandering dog...How to contain...long
  53. Premisis spray w/Pine Sol revisited
  54. Lameness in young GSD...panosteitis?
  55. Will I commit a felony if I let my horses graze on newly established pasture?
  56. Need advice: serious upper respirtory in older cat?
  57. How Do I Get Rid Of Chipmunks In The Barn?
  58. Yes, we still love our small tractors club.
  59. The best gate post size?
  60. Fence Post Thread, spin-off
  61. What if I don't WAIT TO START diesel
  62. How important is it to compact the base when building a new arena?
  63. Public Service Announcement: Locked out of car at barn?
  64. Neighbor troubles..sigh WWYD
  65. Dalmation?
  66. This is why black snakes are your friend
  67. Anyone have a Lundehund?
  68. Adequan for dogs - anyone had no improvement?
  69. A HUGE Thank You for humouring me...
  70. Removable feeders?
  71. $1 a mile?
  72. First chicken fatality
  73. Maple Trees
  74. Hobby farm - Can one woman do it alone?
  75. Singing in the ...
  76. grass types for grass arena?
  77. luxating patella - canine
  78. crutiate ligament (sp) in a corgi
  79. spinoff: would you chop this maple down?
  80. Dusk to Dawn Mercury Vapor Lights
  81. "Training" a barn cat??
  82. Great Neighbor Stories
  83. SKUNK!
  84. Feral-ish Kitten: Taming techniques!
  85. removing baby locust trees
  86. Fantastic Quote by Abraham Lincoln on Farming Life
  87. Neurologic symptoms in rabbit - poisoning? Vet has been called.
  88. What makes a Farm?
  89. outside wash rack
  90. Why is this? Small animal vet vs. large animal vet
  91. Another fence question... spinoff of a spinoff.
  92. Removing Dodder from Horse Pasture
  93. water source idea with drain to outside of run in?
  94. RIP Binky- and a murder mystery!!
  95. Rocks in Riding Arena !!!!
  96. Snakes in Michigan. I have questions
  97. Wild Pigs in GA?
  98. Grounding indoor charger
  99. Puckboard for horse hauler dividers?
  100. UGH.I think we have rats in the attic...poop pic added :)
  101. Help chicken peeps..constipated chick :(
  102. Calorie Question/Diet Question... see post 4
  103. Men with dogs vs. Women with dogs: A dilemma
  104. Hey...new here
  105. deaf dogs
  106. How to keep from tripping over dog while on crutches
  107. Dog Books: Training, Behavior, Etc...
  108. Run in sheds - size, dividers, etc.
  109. Dog with hotspot having weird symptoms
  110. Arena Drags and 4-wheelers
  111. My heart just healed a little
  112. Spin off of Copperhead/dog thread..is it snake shedding season
  113. Design/Layout for a Small Barn
  114. canine vestibular disease - Anyone have experience with this???
  115. Are any farms selling right now?
  116. Rolling out round bales
  117. When to kill the weeds?
  118. Help with a really bad counter surfer? (long)
  119. Renting out the barn?
  120. Do round bales need to "cure"?
  121. The Endless Rain
  122. Possum in the barn?
  123. Transitioning to Nelson Waterers - Need help
  124. Pee Spots killing grass
  125. Cooperative ratting--interspecies
  126. Rain & Hay
  127. I have eggs!
  128. Green barns?
  129. Where to have pasture soil tested????
  130. argh.. help... too much sun teaching...
  131. Cats & SMZ's
  132. Best way to build dutch doors?
  133. Happy sigh! My hay is in the barn!
  134. Neighbor's dogs
  135. Am i being too picky?
  136. Bees! Bees! Bees!
  137. Talk to me about Security
  138. Should I get two more cats?
  139. Wiring a barn for cameras
  140. Dog with sore feet
  141. Horse Business Seminar
  142. Good 'horse' Coffee Table books
  143. Fast growing shrubs for privacy? (indiana)
  144. Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Horses?
  145. Mixed Breed Farm Dog
  146. Why did I want a riding ring again? Or, be careful what you wish for...
  147. Anybody know how to "root" roses and/or shrubs??
  148. Need help before taking dog to boarding kennel tomorrow morning!
  149. the dairy crisis continues...
  150. Lightening
  151. Farm dog with limb deformity—update and X-rays post #24
  152. Newest Addition
  153. Best place to post an ad for a Stray Dog**UPDATE: "Sadie" is up for adoption!!**
  154. Weird tree question
  155. Spiders EVERYWHERE! Help!
  156. cost of an outdoor ring?
  157. Garden reports?
  158. AFLAC
  159. dog ground transportation?
  160. Cheapest set up of DRY sacrifice paddock?
  161. Ridge Vent vs. Cupola for ventilation?
  162. Boarding barn owners - how did you get started?
  163. New-ish COTH moms, looking for a stroller recommend (yes, HR)
  164. Chicken Laid First Eggs!!!
  165. Extreme Heat (100's) and Chickens
  166. Horse safe shrubs dont need lots of water?
  167. Those PVC-type shelving units that hold Rubbermaid bins . . ?
  168. Good source for bagged shavings??
  169. Need Help getting rescue shipped
  170. electric fence energizer/charger and ground question
  171. How to curtail urine odor in sacrifice paddock?
  172. Opinion -- Possible Youth Horse?
  173. Farm planning - 14 acres
  174. Farm name decals/stickers - where to get?
  175. Clearspan Buildings
  176. Skin reaction to Hartz Ultraguard
  177. B/O's: footing complaints- is there an answer?
  178. Help,why does this sound to easy ?
  179. Cost of Nelson waterers and feeders?
  180. Does anybody here have goats on their horse farm?
  181. Arena lights
  182. Determining Deafness in dogs
  183. PA Nutrient Management Act
  184. Good thoughts for dog surgery please - UPDATE 3 - back home!
  185. Thermostats for fans?
  186. Trailering incidents -- is it possible to describe?
  187. Tips for Getting the Blade Off the Mower?
  188. Oh crap. I'm a squirrel mommy
  189. Horse kicking in trailer -- Suggestions?
  190. Great Pyrenees?
  191. Moles...Do the Ultrasonic devices work?
  192. Nothin' Says Love Like a Tractor.... or a Tractor Square Dance!
  193. Public Comment Period for USDA’s Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment Program
  194. 107+ Today in PDX! Ideas for cooling the farm/house animals?
  195. TSC Pelleted bedding on sale
  196. Possible bladder issue with my kitty...
  197. Animal cruelty...bunny left by a dumpster UPDATE: Not good
  198. Stem Cell Therapy/Treatment
  199. HELP! my piggy came in covered in hives!!
  200. grain mites???
  201. Gas in the diesel truck
  202. Pet Insurance
  203. Snake repellent??
  204. are pine trees safe?
  205. Natural weed killer?
  206. Anyone familiar with the Brat breed (designer breed opinions)...
  207. Dog "freezing up" - kinda like Fainting Goat?!?
  208. What makes your Tack/feed room Great?
  209. Ok....No climb wins...question about short run no climb now PLEASE
  210. Fencing pond in or out?
  211. Manure Free Zone
  213. BM wants me to throw manure over fence, wwyd?
  214. Potential legal ramifications of boarding?
  215. horse injured at boarding facility
  216. Any one else getting battered by big storms?
  217. blanket ideas
  218. Ultra-gross invasion of the cluster flies
  219. Tell me why I have this damn farm again?
  220. Will mice poison kill groundhogs?
  221. Building a custom barn/cover all--any w.o.w.s?
  222. Mice under Mats
  223. Ponding problem-Tom King or Frank B ? for you
  224. How do I mail
  225. soo... wire is the 'hottest' electric, right?
  226. Does anyone work at Tractor Supply?
  227. Recommendations for dump trailer brands (and those to avoid)
  228. Spin Off: Tell Me About Goats
  229. Frontline no longer getting it done-now what?
  230. those with gardens... canning???
  231. Muck boots or Mudruckers?
  232. Hen's legs turned white... ??
  233. When a cute chick turns into a rooster?
  234. I'm getting WERM flooring in my trailer!
  235. Barn cat with HORRIBLE allergies...
  236. Work in Exchange for Board, what's fair?
  237. Trailering: convincing parents it's not a death trap
  238. WASPS! Any tips to get rid of them?
  239. Spinoff on wasps~ Dirtdaubers!!! They're taking over!
  240. Tractor attachment--Overseeder
  241. ? re picking out poop from the paddock
  242. Someone give Marvin the goose a chance!
  243. Young Coyote On My Farm
  244. Barn Swallows: Will they come back?
  245. Get rid of urine smell...
  246. Barn Aisle Finish Options?
  247. Rain interfering with your farm work?
  248. Need help with rescue dog transport!
  249. Where did you get your tack cabinet?
  250. NY Boarders... Did you have to sign this? (Any lawyers please help!)