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  1. Gooseneck trailer, ball hitch question
  2. Anyone Change their GN Coupler with This One?
  3. Asking the Free Leaser to Help Out with Chores
  4. Good websites for finding farm rentals in NoVa?
  5. Grasses to plant in high traffic/ riding area.
  6. Gardening: the 2013 season
  7. Can we talk about paddock gates? Is bigger REALLY better??
  8. proximity of indoor and outdoor arenas
  9. Privacy screen for arena
  10. Trailer Safety Supplies
  11. Brenderup Owners - What do YOU Tow With?
  12. Adding a sand mound in T/O
  13. Preventing wasps/yellow jackets?
  14. Best type of wood for run-in shed construction?
  15. What should i charge?!
  16. Another perimeter tree thread....
  17. Sorry - Another Sacrifice Area Question
  18. no tack room for me...but I'll still have fun outfitting the cabinet!
  19. Trough Heater Tripping Circuit Breaker-- Thoughts?
  20. Fencing dilemma - please help!
  21. Help! does anyone have a farrier who will do potbelly pig feet in Wagner, SC?
  22. Deep hoofprints in frozen mud
  23. Foldable or Quality Wheelbarrow
  24. Quick fence charger question....
  25. Gardeners! Seed Exchange 2013? UPDATED
  26. gates...hinges....repairs
  27. Lockable Saddle Rack or Tack Locker??
  28. Using Nematodes for Ticks
  29. Is keeping horses easier in south than north?
  30. Show me pics of your runs/paddocks off stalls - anyone use HG?
  31. Electric Winches for Gooseneck Trailer
  32. I think 2 of my dogs got skunked AND I have skunks in my barn. eeeww
  33. Gutter/fascia boards fell off barn! Repair ideas needed.
  34. Branding Sheep
  35. Anyone have proplems with Equuspring waterer heating elements?
  36. Getting financing for "Land Only" - where to start?
  37. My chicken was attacked...
  38. Winterize Trailer?
  39. -23* F and I can't get frozen pee spots out of the stalls...
  40. Rocheste NY - Horse Board Needed HELP :)
  41. What's the trick to getting blankets off without shocking the poor horse?
  42. Can we have a COTH farm real estate thread... since HGTV hasn't?
  43. Best/safest trailers on a budget?
  44. Anyone know what kind of plant this is?
  45. Need help with water in new Indoor Arena!
  46. Fish in water tubs?
  47. Has anyone pursued/been successful getting settlement via "Construction Fraud' ?
  48. Interior Barn Renovation Contractor in SE Pennsylvania - Chester County
  49. Wheelbarrows
  50. Selling (and finding a new) trailer just sucks
  51. Robins heading back north in January??
  52. Horseguard: 3 or 4 'rails'?
  53. Non-Electric Fence Tape
  54. A YakTrax kind of morning!
  55. Boarding barn burnout. Should I buy a normal house?
  56. Bedding for outside pen?
  57. Tool breakage -- always the responsibility of the horse/farm owner?
  58. Tow vehicle opinions...
  59. Need suggestions for shipper from Illinois to pa
  60. boarding near Towson, MD?
  61. Gooseneck Jack Breaking - Anyone Familiar w/ This?
  62. Where to buy steel buildings in New Hampshire area?
  63. Dead tree on neighbor's property is threatening my barn...
  64. Spin-off: Cost of installing/building a wash stall?
  65. Easy keepers and related pasture maintenance
  66. trailer repair costs?
  67. which trailer has best living quarters features for possible full time living?
  68. How to stop leaking in a bank barn?
  69. What do I actually need for chickens?
  70. Size of an outdoor paddock/turnout for 2 young horses?
  71. Fencing - Ramm vs. Centaur?
  72. How do you deal with deers?
  73. 1994 Trail-Et vs. 1999 Hawk - ?
  74. Dairy cow story or a lot of bull? My B.S. meter is flashing...
  75. Night Check Question
  76. Will someone please tell me the reason
  77. Where to get arena mirrors in New England? Cross posted in dressage
  78. PSA on raw milk warnings:
  80. Building an indoor and attached barn, should I go big or go home?
  81. THE tack armiore/locker thread...
  82. Keeping round bales neat... A loosing battle?
  83. A spring without a garden? Talk to me about container gardening...
  84. mowed the pasture..now what
  85. Aluminum Skin Trailer - Paint Peeling
  86. Turning horses out at night & aggressive dogs
  87. Bogs boots
  88. Surface rust inside aluminum skin trailer
  89. Is this a dumb idea? Drilling holes in stall mats for drainage?
  90. Bought a place in Kentucky - now need to sell this one!
  91. Texting smoke alarm
  92. propane leak - dammit
  93. Loaded horse trailer + narrow 2 lane road + bicylist = AAAARRRRRRRGGGG!!
  94. How long til the roof blows off?
  95. Solar barn lights?
  96. Anyone have any experience with Paddock Grids?
  97. Equest Trailers?
  98. what do you use WITH your cinchchix net?
  99. Trapping Gophers; Need all your helpful tips
  100. How to safely split paddock in half - NEW QUESTIONS POST 10
  101. high humidity in barn
  102. pre-fab barn or barn from a kit? opinions appreciated!
  103. Horse Trailer: Converting Ramp to Step-up - Gate Question
  104. Chickens / Controlling Flies
  105. MUD :(
  106. Should I buy the trailer????
  107. Trailer mat - doesn't come out...???
  108. spinoff - How to find a good farm/horse/dog sitter?
  109. a recent observation about trailers
  110. stall fans....which would you do?
  111. 3 horses on 5 acres, can it work?
  112. End of life for critters not horses
  113. What happened to Iron Horse Blankets?
  114. Building a tack room: ?s on wall construction
  115. the time is getting closer....
  116. Electricity use from fence charger?
  117. What do you pay/charge for stripping stalls?
  118. Who has an OLD tractor they use regularly
  119. Best wire cutters for old barbed wire?
  120. Trailer shopping!
  121. Staining stall doors
  122. Removing old manure from around the farm
  123. Skunk in daylight? How concerned should I be?
  124. Minimum Size For Attached Run
  125. Brainstorm with me: putting a stall on concrete, bedding, installing, other ideas?
  126. Would you buy a trailer that is 7' tall inside?
  127. Getting a Mortgage on the Farm - Running into Commercial Concerns
  128. Hay feeder in stalls - which one?
  129. Realtors in Ocala
  130. Snow and ice in the ring.....
  131. Bumper pull vs Gooseneck
  132. Farm owner stuck with delinquent boarders
  133. barn and arena building questions
  134. Electric Brake Box Problems?
  135. Skunk in My Tack Room
  136. equestrian communities
  137. Hydrant sounds like it's sucking air??? Tom King??
  138. housing in Aiken, SC - wanted !!(BARN APART)
  139. run-in shed question and rainwater collection
  140. Tips & Advice for Treating Rust Spots on a Steel Trailer - for a Newbie
  141. Trailer tire question...
  142. questions on running water, electric, what else? to the barn from house
  143. Securing a round hay bale feeder to posts?
  144. Minifarms check in
  145. Hay Prices
  146. repacking a frost free hydrant
  147. Poles rotted, pole barn sagging. Any hope?
  148. HELP? Why is my electric fence not working?
  149. Duct tape bucket insulating (can't seem to find the thread)
  150. Wick Building Warranty?
  151. Blitz builders, anybody use them for a barn?
  152. Best way to level stalls for rubber mats?
  153. Where to buy grass seed
  154. Pre-emergents and weed control
  155. Making Barn Plans - Need input (feed area, utility room, etc.)
  156. Connecting high tensile to horseguard?
  157. Run in shed plans for a beginner?
  158. A question only horse people would understand - house or horse facilities?
  159. Cuteness Alert! Chris P. Bacon, Pig on Wheels!
  160. Horses and freezing weather?
  161. Attaching chains to truck bed.
  162. Adequan for Cats or Dogs
  163. mare motels & stall mats
  164. Recommends for wireless camera?
  165. Cool Bridle Hooks for tack room
  166. Any self care barns in Delco or Chesco Pa, for horse sanctuary?
  167. Anyone need a Truly Evil rooster???
  168. Finally...the barn is coming along!!
  169. How to Clean Metal Stall Parts
  170. Moving Large Square Bales... Without a Tractor/ Forklift/ Skidsteer
  171. Trailer Eyes as temporary barn camera...and possible to use Mare Stare?
  172. DIY Stand Alone Boxstalls
  173. Help me outfit the new ranch!
  174. Equipment for small farm
  175. Lucas Equine Pinlock Assembly Latch
  176. Laser Measurers
  177. Got what I needed, gracias.
  178. Paddock footing other than rock, gravel or sand?
  179. Saddle Fitters in the Raleigh/Durham NC area
  180. For the goat owners out there
  181. Chick hatching question
  182. A spot for horse related jobs?
  183. Recipes for crunchy homemade horse treats?
  184. Brake Controller Question
  185. Insurance and having a friends horse on the property?
  186. Footing inside a run in shed
  187. words of wisdom?
  188. photos of runs attached to stalls?
  189. fly predators
  190. Sacrifice Lot--Ideal Size?
  191. Moving to Charles Town, WV
  192. 2+1 Trailer Question?
  193. Brag-share: Ingenious ways you are saving $ around the barn
  194. Best Solutions to get rid of Birds in the Barn?
  195. It's nearly Spring and time for lambs!
  196. Ocala/Reddick/G-ville peeps
  197. Rural Farmowners: Do you still have a landline?
  198. Fly Eliminator - Does it work?
  199. Finding my perfect trailer
  200. Best Horse Areas Within 80 Miles Of Charlotte NC
  201. Keeping a horse that's not mine on a property that's not mine..
  202. How far would you drive to look at / buy a used trailer?
  203. 2002 Hart 2 horse trailer - is this a good deal?
  204. Properties next to Highways
  205. Bee trailer -- Quality? Good price?
  206. Centaur fencing quote - is this a fair price?
  207. Pre Made Barn Doors
  208. Barn doors in your house?
  209. I need advice about a trailer
  210. Retrofit insulation to keep barn w/ tin roof COOL?
  211. Question for hay growers - Do you watch what you cut?
  212. Pasture Maintenance NoVa Companies - Need Referral
  213. bad hay
  214. shipping containers for hay storage?
  215. So God made a farmer's wife
  216. Prepping my truck to haul a trailer
  217. how to put a value on my kubota tractor for resale?
  218. A Hay Storage Question, Please
  219. kickboard questions
  220. Horses at home- List of supplies/items
  221. What payment arrangements are normal to have your hay cut/baled?
  222. is this possible? adding DIY stalls onto pre-existing shop
  223. Keeping two horses on small acreage - Tips & Ideas
  224. tire pressure monitoring system
  225. Creative ideas for using "extra" MD Barn stall walls and stall rear walls with slider
  226. Bought the property - now we need Contractor suggestions in Bordentown NJ area
  227. Possible causes of dead chicken?
  228. Poop on Gravel Clean up
  229. Need electric fence help!
  230. Advice Please! Young Kids on the Farm: Keeping them Safe
  231. The Straight Poop About Manure Spreaders..What Do You Like/Dislike About Yours?
  232. The Best Freezer for your Garden Bounty
  233. Those Who Raise Lambs -
  234. Arena drag for ATV?
  235. Fitting a van to transport minis
  236. Best Arena Drags
  237. KY stone fences
  238. Weed Eating Under Fencing
  239. paying to stack hay?
  240. Getting the 'dream farm' now I have to fence it...
  241. Bird spikes for th barn, anyone use them.
  242. Good fences = good neighbors - help me with mine! Long!
  243. How much can I haul with a 04 f350 dually?
  244. barn reno - Lighting choice for high vaulted space?
  245. Sacrifice paddock footing
  246. Thoughts on Bringing a Horse Home?
  247. Hay Hay Hay....
  248. Truck with bent frame
  249. Cost of building a barn in northern Fairfield County, CT?
  250. Brenderup DVD