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  1. Do it yourself barn ideas
  2. Can my two week old chicks eat some oats?
  3. "Hi! Can I bury my Mother on your Farm Property?"
  4. Help with chain link fence issue .!.!.!.!.!
  5. And a river runs through it,..........
  6. anyone hear that frontline has become ineffecive against fleas and ticks?
  7. Fly Predators: Do they work?
  8. Strain Family Horse Farm?
  9. Flea and Tick treatments for dogs and cats
  10. Painting with the Help of the Barn Cats - Now with Act Two Added!
  11. Barfing dog. . .why?
  12. Has anyone tried the product "What Odor?" for Stinky Riding Helmets, Etc.?
  13. Who uses electric tape/wire?
  14. Old dog and tooth extraction
  15. To mow or not to mow...need pasture maintenance advice.
  16. My dog has turned into a cow?
  17. Favorite dog toys/treats?
  18. Becoming FarmGirl
  19. I am getting a new dog this weekend!Update! I got a dog
  20. Double D Trailers NC
  21. So I end up co-teaching a lesson with my cat and I got thinking
  22. Recently Hired As Riding Instructor - Need Ideas
  23. Asshats with Anhydrous
  24. Dyslexia Interfering With Ability To Back Up/Line Up GN to Hitch-Camera Maybe?
  25. Getting Stickers off of a Trailer
  26. Hitch Weight Capacity
  27. Hiring a fence painter
  28. Spinoff: Who is from a "Farming Family"
  29. Fibro/RA Folks - Lyrica effecting balance?
  30. What size to make a small riding ring?
  31. Anyone own a Whippet(s)?
  32. HSUS - ABC News Atlanta Expose on Where the Money Goes
  33. Bloat in goat - when do you know it's truly over?
  34. So I think Oprah's dogs are gorgeous. . .
  35. Be careful: shelter dogs
  36. Border Collie questions- 3 years later, UPDATE, post 43!
  37. Need To Get A New Tractor - What Do You Like or Dislike?
  38. Fencing takes time... how much?
  39. Victor-Victoria... the hen that crows...?
  40. Ticks on hound dog... Anyone have luck with garlic?
  41. What Are You The Most Picky About? ..
  42. Ford or Dodge diesel crew cab dually?
  43. Mini Donkey question..
  44. How do you store your hay?
  45. Manure spreaders--which ones do you love/hate?
  46. Really low flying airplanes
  47. Does anyone have a SMALL barn?
  48. Black or white horse fencing?
  49. Obama's Gas/Emissions regulations
  50. Removing oil from pets?
  51. USEF Member Perks - Anyone use it to buy John Deere?
  52. Evidently I have a fox-should I be worried?
  53. in praise of a pound puppy (or the world's most natural barn dog)
  54. Owl problems
  55. Tarps to cover outdoor arena sand so I can ride...?
  56. The $500 Cat
  57. Pasture along a railway line?
  58. I need someone to talk some sense into me...
  59. Mini potbellied pigs - tell me what you know!
  60. Looking at the 2+1 3h GN DR trailers any thoughts, suggetsions, reccomendations
  61. Cat food
  62. Wood chips for outdoor arena
  63. Should I keep the dog or not?
  64. Chicks vs. cat, round one: chicks win!!
  65. Investigation of HSUS fraud in Katrina fundraising - UPDATE, post 11
  66. Shaving dogs - trace clip?
  67. SO what's in your car/truck right now
  68. Pesty Ground Hogs.
  69. Has anybody composted a horse?
  70. Can we talk about mange?
  71. Dog w/ bleeding into thoracic cavity, ideas for diagnostics please?
  72. UPDATE: Chickenless No More!!!!! : D
  73. WANTED: Really GOOD dog beds! Suggestions?
  74. What is your Hummingbird "Nectar" Recipe?
  75. Do you have an overhang/porch on your barn?
  76. If you have exterior dutch doors...
  77. Any way to get rid of clover????
  78. Recycling Plastic Bags from shavings?
  79. Hitch question - Ball size?
  80. How big an indoor?
  81. spin off- kennel matt heaters
  82. Need help picking a dog breed
  83. Do you have a ceiling in your barn?
  84. Johnson Grass
  85. What do you think of this barn layout?
  86. Well pump question for mechanical experts...
  87. metal or wood for barn siding?
  88. Best way to get rid of mice when you have dogs around
  89. Awwwww.....'That's what you do in a herd, you take care of each other'
  90. Electric Tape - What lasts, what doesnt?
  91. I've got Coyotes... eeeek
  92. I swear I should make up an alter for this question, LOL
  93. Canine Ehlers-Danlos syndrome - anybody dealt with it?
  94. Jingles for our best mouser, please
  95. uh... tell me about parasites & people?
  96. Talk to me about pugs. . the good, the bad, the fugly!
  97. what WB horse trailer do you like?
  98. Preferences in barn bathrooms?
  99. So...anyone have barn cats who like to go for walks?
  100. Vote please.. Lefty or Derek
  101. Tennis Elbow
  102. brand new to farm life, what do we need?
  103. air compressors - what are they good for besides tires?
  104. Garden ID photo hunt...
  105. When does hay get cut and why?
  106. The First of June - Ahhhh, Honeysuckle
  107. Question about stall sizes/construction
  108. Help pick my barn color!
  109. Repainting a horse trailer
  110. Dog scared of thunderstorms? Try this!!
  111. Quick Fix for the Hay Wasters!!!
  112. Attached paddocks? Size and construction?
  113. Wisteria question
  114. A stake/orange flag appeared on my property
  115. Oh Deer!
  116. Lost a good one on Thursday.
  117. How to Handle a Confrontation
  118. Need inexpensive easy 'goat treat'
  119. Make a cat lie down
  120. Barn cats... Two for the price of one! What a deal!
  121. Crazy Chicken people - chick report?
  122. On-Site Farm Help Interviews... help! (Long- sorry!)
  123. people gate in horse fence????
  124. Would you buy a farm with power lines?
  125. Aw crap. Rabid (?) coon on my porch
  126. Waterer - funky smell - results of pH experiment
  127. Yay! We're bringing home an English Springer Spaniel :-)
  128. Truck brake lines suddenly failing
  129. For Those That Have Never Seen A Tornado Up Close
  130. Farm dogs and rolling in dead stuff ...
  131. back spasm HELP :(
  132. Does farm work keep you young?
  133. Pit Bull Stray - Sweetie is Doing Great! 11/7 UPDATE - New Pics!
  134. Trim trees or fence around them?
  135. speaking of dead stuff, my b-day pressie...
  136. chronic stall Pee'er -what bedding do you use?
  137. Polyface Farm Visit...Grass Fed Meat and a Possible Complement to Horse Farms
  138. Husbands and Tractors: A Monday AM Mini Rant
  139. So who has $900 barn cats??
  140. Barn Organization Tips...
  141. Epps Biting Fly Trap...WOW!
  142. what is going on with the FLIES??????????
  143. Can you use 911 to report animal neglect?
  144. Don't laugh... Disappearing flower mystery
  145. Shop Vac to vacuum house???
  146. Heartworm preventative-questions
  147. Stall matting system
  149. Misting systems question
  150. If you have multi breeds of chickens...
  151. Indoor Footing, Any Advice Appreciated
  152. NEW deer deterrent!!!
  153. Multi-Tasking Riding Mowers
  154. Sweet and sad UPDATE
  155. Ladies, Let's Not Pee in the Stalls...
  156. Have a laugh at our expense-->funny video of my lovesick pony
  157. UNnatural/natural Fly Control - can I mix the two?
  158. Help with pasture layout?
  159. Refinancing the Farm - I'm Going to Scream!!!!
  160. trailer feeder question
  161. Looking for Boarding in West Sonoma County....
  162. Hairball/Throwing Up Issues with Cat
  163. Electric Rope Fencing...HELP!
  164. Why Do People Do This?
  165. My long-lost, presumed dead barn cat walks in...8 months later!!!
  166. Trailer supplies
  167. Intruder Alert! - Invader on the Farm on a Saturday Afternoon
  168. Gross well water
  169. Spinoff: Epps biting fly trap--make your own?
  170. darn-it-- i cannot find the thread about rubber strapping fences...help please?
  171. What do you feed your dogs? Nutro?
  172. Suggestions for barn security camera?
  173. Spin off - Why do people do this- for Barn Owners
  174. If I could bottle it...
  175. Cats That Go For Walks/Jogs
  176. Anyone Still Use Creolin? What For?
  177. Fess Up: Who has a working outhouse?
  178. Mesh Fencing
  179. Dam* sparrows
  180. R.I.P. Wilma
  181. got another chicken ? for you
  182. Help me pick a fence color!
  183. Cleaning an Older Dog's Teeth
  184. This is a new thread about an old thread about my new Aussie!
  185. Barn cat and barn swallows--PLAYING?
  186. Leaving 1 horse behind to trailer the other?
  187. How does everyone stack their hay?
  188. Titan Trailers
  189. Rabbits on property + how to get rid of them
  190. barn/paddock repairs
  191. which chores to skip or minimize?
  192. Please Help Me With "Tractor Talk" - Horsepower, PTO Horsepower, and Torque!
  193. Cupolas - Source & do they provide ventilation?
  194. Great article on arena footing!
  195. Newspaper for Poison Ivy?
  196. Poll: Wainscoting or cupola?
  197. post hole digger question?
  198. Black widows
  199. Feed chickens "free choice" or twice-daily rations?
  200. Weed control
  201. Deweeding a 5+ Acre Pasture for Allergic Pony
  202. Dog Question - jealousy?
  203. Calves
  204. 8' overhang still useful? update: maybe 6'???
  205. I started my dog on Adequan injections today
  206. Picked up two strays yesterday:Update - claimed!!!
  207. Great little trick for injured paw/leg of barn dog!
  208. Tell me what I need to know about box scrapes and gravel driveways
  209. New barn dog - when do you take off the lead?
  210. Old dog pooping in the house
  211. Duckling Feeding Questions
  212. feline leukemia vaccines?
  213. Commercial Manure Composting?
  214. Weed Killing & Reseeding Pasture Questions
  215. Thunder/Lightning
  216. Help - fat Westie!
  217. Need Jingles for Chrissy - ending this post on a good note.
  218. oxen/steer with arthritis?
  219. Hey Hay, would it be worth it growing your own?
  220. Anything to discourage snakes?
  221. Pearl Millet
  222. Small dog had a seizure last night! Ideas?
  223. Well, some canola washed in...
  224. Random hay question re:septic field
  225. I love the around the farm forum
  226. Trailer ties - which end do you use?
  227. Dog diagnosed with diabetes.
  228. Round bale slicer???
  229. Suburban fox
  230. Do you have any fun/fancy touches around your stable?
  231. Need jingles for Maxx cat - RIP sweet boy
  232. Barn Kitty with tongue ulcers-ideas?
  233. need advice re bill for cat dentistry
  234. Creosote fence?
  235. cat vet in Htfd CT ?
  236. ducklings
  237. Pavers in the barn aisle....
  238. Spin off from snakes: water moccasins and ducks?
  239. Keeping chickens warm in winter
  240. House being rented to cat people update?
  241. Downsizing Truck and Trailer
  242. preparing a site for a run in shed
  243. Sandy Well Question
  244. Hay experts, question
  245. OMG.....he didn't!!
  246. Question for hay folks
  247. For those of you who own your own farm
  248. Please suggest special pet grave markers..
  249. smallest reasonable generator?
  250. Tip the hay stacker when stacking is included?