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  1. What is the perfect size/acerage farm for you?
  2. Turning a puppy into a great farm dog - Tips needed!
  3. Where to find u-channel/receiver channels?
  4. Cat question -- keeping things "moving"
  5. Chicken help
  6. Best *bra* for riding+regular life.
  7. Tips on reducing laundry/ keeping barn clothes separate?
  8. Buying property, creditscores.
  9. Aussie in N. GA is FOUND -UPDATE PG 2!!!
  10. aisle widths
  11. Fence Chewing solution?
  12. Tractor tire chains?
  13. You missed ALL the excitment!
  14. Neighbour with dead carcass in his manure
  15. Barn managers, workers...what would you do?
  16. Clay Soil Rant!
  17. Round Pen/Outdoor Stall
  18. pellet bedding
  19. What kind of chickens do you have...
  20. Recommendations for underground pet fencing
  21. What is the most efficient, easiest setup for horses at home?
  22. How to get a copy of a police report
  23. Buddy can you spare some vibes? update post 22
  24. Ice Skating ANYONE?
  25. best value 'stall kits'
  26. Mini Australian Shepherds as Barn dogs? *UPDATED* Post 76 NEW PICS
  27. Pricing out used barn "equipment" or a WWYD
  28. Barn Manager Salary
  29. Mini donkey with small man complex... Help!
  30. Has anyone used rice hulls as bedding, any comments?
  31. working farm dog breeders (heelers, kelpies, aussies) -- OK -- outside midatlantic
  32. Okay, PA residents: so what's your forecast for Groundhog Day?
  33. Question for real farmer-type guys who handle A LOT of hay (square bales)...
  34. Modular Homes/Home Kits
  35. barbed wire- over my dead body- alternatives?
  36. $700 Pony made me laugh out loud!
  37. Painting pipe gates
  38. Horse chased and bit dog
  39. Proper base for riding arena?
  40. Best price for Interceptor?
  41. Could You Do This?
  42. Tips to spruce up the barn, got any?
  43. Tell me about Ponderosa Trailers!
  44. Stall doors - with or without drop down/v-door option?
  45. Tack room floor ideas
  46. Women's coveralls
  47. any safety concerns for city kid comes to the farm
  48. Favorite way to secure gates?
  49. Vet in Montgomery County MD?
  50. Color you painted gates?
  51. Best remedy for that frozen sinus thing...
  52. Women's cover-alls - DON'T DO IT!
  53. Cleaning Cobwebs In The Barn?
  54. Raise Sheep?
  55. Electric Fence not working
  56. How do you pay live-in barn help?
  57. Mulch for footing...is it safe?
  58. Yes, another stall question - Dividers, grills or solid?
  59. Barn cats- do they come in your house?
  60. Did anyone put their arena in themselves? Advice/Help
  61. Cut-Heal Safety Release Cross Ties, anyone used it?
  62. trailer advice
  63. The award for the grossest thing found in hay goes to...
  64. Cribbing...any suggestions to stop it???
  65. proof that pit bulls are aggressive and should be banned
  66. How would you feel ...
  67. How to go on vacation with a barn and house full of animals?
  68. Does food scraps thrown in old supps container = compost?
  69. Where do you keep your Trailers in the winter?
  70. On-demand hot water heaters for the barn?
  71. buying 2 horse trailer-questions
  72. Dogs with weak ACL like Horse with bad stifles?
  73. Farm Insurance: advice & recommendations (LONG!)
  74. Canine Adequan questions
  75. Nasty job
  76. help! mice eating my tack
  77. Turnout in muddy paddocks?
  78. Thrilled - new dog
  79. Who wants to join the It'sNotEvenMarchAndIHateMudAlready! Clique?
  80. Barn cat with personal hygiene issues
  81. Draft horse stabling needs
  82. watering/irrigating pastures
  83. Bringing Corgi to the Barn
  84. whats invovled with keeping guinea hens please?
  85. do I have to rake up every scrap of hay so the grass grows?
  86. What do you do with all your broken halters?
  87. WINDY day farm humor
  88. My New House/Farm!
  89. Coon huntin' with a German Shepherd
  90. can't sue me! I posted a sign!!!
  91. I got my first farm for Valentine's Day!
  92. The great bedding debate - Which one to use?
  93. Jack Russell as a Mouser?
  94. Stray dog at my farm? What do I do?
  95. Can anyone share their Cooperative Boarding situations with me
  96. Barn dog - Broken Tooth - Root Canal?????
  97. barn cats: are spayed females more likely
  98. Removing a black walnut tree
  99. Best Washing Machine for Blankets? FOUND ONE!!
  100. Cervical Disk Injury in dogs
  101. I've Been Bitten By A Dog! Should I Worry?
  102. Best Electric Fence Charger - GOT ONE. Another question about ground rods...
  103. Lost a Good Dog today...
  104. No Water!
  105. got donkeys?
  106. How much time do you allow per head per day?
  107. Turnover Ball Installation VENT!
  108. Chicken people: New question, page 3!
  109. my arena is just......gone... :(
  110. Gardening with your horse manure
  111. Puppy age, when to adopt
  112. Does such a plant exist?
  113. New uses for old baling twine?
  114. Dogs: Lipomas and Apple Cider Vinegar
  115. Found a Dog!
  116. Long term storage of a saddle.
  117. Blue Seal's dog food???
  118. Older GSD and hip dysplasia surgery?
  119. Discouraging Deer from Your Bushes
  120. corn cob bedding
  121. anything I can do to help the boys? (dogs)
  122. Hot Spots
  123. NoVa hay question
  124. how to get rid of honey bees in barn
  125. ideas for CHEAP property line fencing
  126. Low Cost Pet Meds?
  127. Update Black Lab placed - Feeding starving puppies
  128. Dog breeds: Roamers vs. homebound
  129. I lost a 150 gallon Rubber Maid water trough today....
  130. Ideas for rodent-proof storage
  131. How to get rid of pigeons
  132. Ibizans on the farm
  133. ~* UNCLE *~ already!
  134. Anyone Tried A Swiffer Mop on Farm-Realetd Muck?
  135. Planning a small, backyard farm
  136. Farm Development Rights - Sold or Transferred.
  137. Adding overhangs to existing barn?
  138. Chesapeake Bay Retrievers?
  139. Spinoff: GSD's
  140. For someone new to puppy pads
  141. Mats on cats?
  142. Need Something To Spray On Tails to Prevent Goats From Eating Them!
  143. Advice for my arthritic dog...
  144. Blanket fastening, cold weather, arthritic hands!
  145. Potty Training a New Puppy -- I Need Help!
  146. Names for new goats UPDATED Chosen Names
  147. GSD questions?
  148. Dead deer in the yard = fun with DNR
  149. Do you have a lawn jockey?
  150. Is there a way to take down trees?
  151. Dogs who eat poo
  152. Barn Aisle Width
  153. In Memory Of... Goose Agent Update -- 99 Loses Her Mate :(
  154. DIY Arena with clay base....have questions
  155. Taking on an unwanted purebred Puppy..Offer $ or Free
  156. May I pick the brains of you chicken people again?
  157. Well Ventilated Stalls.... wire mesh?
  158. How to find a good Aussie Puppy - UPDATE! Post 66
  159. Has anyone used round pen panels as stall walls?
  160. Separate run-in shed, or overhang attached to barn?
  161. Desperately need advice....(kind of long)
  162. Dog Ear Hematoma
  163. How much "help" is having a goat around the farm?
  164. Late snow and freeze
  165. 8yo Dobe with high ALP, weight loss..UPDATE... He's gone
  166. Repainting Wood Poles & Standards
  167. Tell me what got you through the winter!
  168. Rotties On The Farm
  169. Ooooh, that smell! (dog related)
  170. Ain't this some S@%$T, (pardon my French)...
  171. Chicken Question - Hens eating eggs
  172. There is Legislation on the Table That Will Require You to Microchip Your Horse
  173. Question about food costs included in board.
  174. RIP Henry (fox) I'll miss you
  175. Funny Farm Moments..just for fun!
  176. Help! My barn has gone to the birds!
  177. Things to have in the barn?
  178. Update: Miracle Kitten - HE'S GONE :(
  179. Bats
  180. First Gooseneck trailer-how do I drive this thing?
  181. Trapping Opossums
  182. I've been adopted by a sick kitten **Updated With Pics!!**
  183. Well water smells like rotten eggs!!!!!!!
  184. For everyone that knows about hauling goosenecks!
  186. Have you had deadstock removal costs go up in your areas as well?
  187. Orchardgrass Hay Field, would you overseed with something else?
  188. Question for peeps whose property is "gated"
  189. Barn Manager Position Salary Expectations?
  190. Jingles needed for my pup--Update
  191. What has four legs and barks with an accent?
  192. Raised by a Jack Russell
  193. water softener and palatability
  194. ..neurotic dog owner... (long) update post #12. Too cool.
  195. What *red light* plans do you have if you get hurt?
  196. Its lambing season! Slideshow Cute cute cute
  197. halti vs. gentle leader?
  198. RIP Annie (barn kitten)
  199. Canopy style run-in shelter
  200. Barn dogs suddenly attacking older dog: What's going on?
  201. dairy cows and taxes
  202. Need Dog Fence Ideas
  203. Oh Crap - I forgot to change the clock
  204. Need Advice on Making a Stall in Old Cow Concrete Barn
  205. got itchy itchy - help
  206. Run-In Shed now ... Shedrow Barn Later?
  207. Pling...Pling...Flying mice everywhere
  208. how would you attempt to control flies at my barn??
  209. Nervous Aussie...advice?
  210. could you do it..?
  211. What do you feed your Aussies?
  212. Solar-powered lights for my hayshed - price, installion...?
  213. please help with my 4WD Ford hubs
  214. A trillion flies in my house!
  215. More Aussie help/thoughts needed... (sorry, a bit long)
  216. Cost (and tips) for running new hydrants... adding heated auto tanks later
  217. moving my tractor?
  218. slant vs. head to head??
  219. Slant Horse Trailer. Human error.
  220. Transitioning from coastal to T/A/orchard grass - proportions?
  221. Looking for ATV for the farm
  222. Is Your Farm Dog A Good Mover?
  223. Anyone else buy chicks or ducklings this Spring?
  224. What's wrong with my foxhound?
  225. Questions about barn cats and mice
  226. boarding charge????
  227. Help me decide on what fly control method to try this year, please.
  228. So when do you need a 1 ton truck?
  229. Does white electric cord/rope work?
  230. North Pasture
  231. Pasture Questions: Sod over manure? Grazing on fertilizer?
  232. OMG I GOT CHICKS - help, lol
  233. Had to call the Sheriff on my own dog today
  234. Gardening 101
  235. Finish on wood in barn?
  236. It's offical..the serpents are out here in NC
  237. Spring bulbs and other stuff...
  238. Life on a farm with dogs...and carpet...
  239. Fibro/RA/CFS Farmers... MORNINGS :( help?
  240. Question: Does anybody else's dog not like your SO?
  241. getting the thingamabob for the whatchamacallit
  242. best time to plan trees? With wetland ideas...
  243. washing blankets
  244. Show off your landscapping
  245. Oy, Oy, Oy. PSA!... Please lock up your meds!
  246. How much ace for dogs
  247. Dog with broken pelvis
  248. Fun with Sheep
  249. groundhogs
  250. Vets and drug dispensing