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  1. How to get heat relief for barn
  2. A two-part question about predators and how best to deal with the problem.
  3. Any farm owners NOT own a gun?
  4. Best aisle fan for small barn? (Not box fan)
  5. Weed eating equipment...DR Power???
  6. Buy developed or build?
  7. Privacy issues with neighbors -- advice needed
  8. Feral kittens in my hay barn (the kittens have found homes)
  9. Stock tank filter/bag/dealie!
  10. MA Home Inspections?
  11. Contacts for collies?
  12. Trailers - torsion axles vs. leaf springs
  13. Used Ford, Dodge or Chevy to pull 2 horse BP
  14. Stinky saddle soap?
  15. Fence repair question - both moral and legal
  16. Selling "used" white vinyl fencing
  17. Trailer First-Aid Kits
  18. Breast Bars in Trailers? Safest?
  19. Fence Strapping from FarmTek
  20. Trainer's Insurance
  21. Property with a pond?
  22. Let's discuss Crabgrass for grazing
  23. Using converter plug on LQ for 'normal' plug in
  24. Out 24/7 in cold climate?
  25. Waterproofing blankets/Camp Dry question
  26. How much can you haul with a half ton truck?
  27. Tonneau covers for a Ram 1500 short bed - reco's??
  28. no-climb fencing
  29. Reoccuring fleas?
  30. electric fence enough for cows?
  31. oxymoron question - affordable fencing ;)
  32. Parasitic draw in horse trailers
  33. Anyone own a hot tub/spa?
  34. What to do with very tall pasture grass in NC?
  35. "duh" moment with the dutch doors.
  36. Feeding Multiple Horses in Field Turnout
  37. Who has tried this product?
  38. How do you manage the poop?
  39. Anybody know of a place with good prices for run in sheds I'm in Cecil County, MD
  40. Logan Coach 2+1 model
  41. Starbar Fly Abatement Strips
  42. Advice on Arena Harrows w/ Water Tank
  43. Indoor arena kickboards
  44. Horse at Home Questions from the Clueless
  45. Where to find barn manager?
  46. Two sided shelters in mild climate
  47. Tell me about your sacrifice paddocks!
  48. Snake-proofing clinic
  49. Footing
  50. Do you have "mixed" herds?
  51. suicidal barn swallows?
  52. Cars and Horse Trailers
  53. at what point do I do something-foxes *update*:(
  54. Chicken massacre 2010 :(
  55. Elect. over hydrolic brakes
  56. Patches of dead pasture from urine: why do they occur, how to cure them?
  57. For barn owners: How do you run your working student program?
  58. The Good news ... and the bad. *sigh* Life on the farm ain't easy.
  59. Best brake controller? What do you use?
  60. Eye Candy for Chicken Fans..
  61. Indoor arena with apartment?
  62. could raising meat goats help support the horses?
  63. Pump on well went - boarder feels it's her fault -wwyd?
  64. spinoff-making money on farm with something besides horses..
  65. Farm sitting - what is reasonable to charge?
  66. Can I ride on the sub-base please?
  67. Bats in my barn!
  68. Help replanning my barn!
  69. fencing under power lines / near the well
  70. stupid question - unrolling round hay rolls
  71. What works best for face flies???
  72. What to do - bumble bee nest in threshold of door used for run in/out of barn
  73. The little used vehicle, or I should stop complaining already
  74. COTH enablers, check in !!!
  75. How do I get rid of a larder beetle infestation?
  76. Sleazy/Jammie-like Fly Sheet
  77. Fly control/Pennies in Ziplock baggie with water!
  78. The Grazer Hay Feeder
  79. anyone have/use 'horse fly net' ?
  80. Really stupid harrow question
  81. gramma grass for horses?
  82. Trailer Brand?
  83. Got my new tractor - think I made a mistake
  84. Goats?
  85. Using River as 'Fence'
  86. Fly strips - Does it actually MEAN anything in the "Big Picture"???
  87. Has anyone heard of Triton Barns/Stalls?
  88. MD Barns- Crappy customer service???
  89. Hay storage in loft
  90. Best way to reclaim old pasture?
  91. more rollercoaster :(
  92. Help me figure out my hay problem!
  93. Yet another truck thread: Kinds of diesel engines? NEW QUESTION: Diesel care
  94. Has a Gas Co. Knocked on Your Door?
  95. Help my stalls. PLEASE! Stall skins?
  96. trailer floors
  97. Horse Vans?? Where to buy and what to look for.
  98. RIP my sweet Elliot
  99. the straight scoop on arena watering
  100. Need a farm sitter in Horry County, SC
  101. Huge dissappiontment in my big fans
  102. Fans in Trailers
  103. tires and psi
  104. Heated barns/indoors
  105. I love my husband- A/C in my barn!!
  106. Another name for M10?
  107. Manure and Riding Ring
  108. wrong forum
  109. Anybody know how to sedate a cow? (Update on page 2)
  110. Why is my neighbor's tractor making me sick?
  111. I saw a snake this morning!!!!
  112. Guinea lost his "wife" to an owl...
  113. Tire recommendations for F250?
  114. Nite Guard predator lights to protect chickens
  115. RIP Timothy Lee
  116. LOL, "Bar Proof" Horse in Tampa
  117. Favorite parts of your barn?
  118. Ok - how do I get a black snake out of my well house??
  119. Can I ask a stupid question about mowing pastures?
  120. How to actually identify a cottonmouth/water moccasin
  121. I pulled a damned tick off me yesterday ... now what???
  122. Barn exhaust fans - how big do I need?
  123. Spin Off of Trailer Painting - can you "spot paint" to fix rust?
  124. Photo to cool you off
  125. Your suggestions for maintenance/rotation?
  126. spreading new sand in outdoor
  127. Trail-et BP
  128. But I don't wanna be a chicken Granny!
  129. My dog, vaccinations & de-worming : totally confused.
  130. Frontline side effects
  131. Interesting article on anti-trust issues in Agriculture
  132. Advice on dealing with dog's death
  133. 2H Straight Load LQ Trailer?
  134. Are the stalls in 3 across head to head trailers wide enough?
  135. Is stamped concrete to slick for a barn isle?
  136. how to get pigeons out of the indoor ring
  137. Looking for plans for barn with apartment.
  138. who has building plans for covered arena
  139. Is Swat safe
  140. It Would Have Polite to Keep the Vitriol to PMs
  141. Hay Elevators
  142. Need names of a GREAT fencing company in Purcellville, VA
  143. The methods of grief
  144. Trailer matt arrangement
  145. Any Michigander Need a Barn Dog?
  146. Best tick repellent for dogs?
  147. Fireworks - sedatives for dogs?
  148. Does your dog travel in the bed of your pick-up truck?
  149. F-150 Ford, Will it tow ?
  150. My truck just hit 100k....
  151. Gas or Tying up
  152. Building an arena
  153. Best way to catch a momma cat and babies
  154. Value of Trailer?
  155. Arena footing... compaction?
  156. Any CotHers use ArenaKleen for dust control?
  157. Oh please tell me why...
  158. East of I 95...Farm Insurance Refusal for hurricane risk
  159. 2010 Chevy Duramax Diesel
  160. Puppies with Giardia - I'm the breeder, now what to do...
  161. Shameless plea!
  162. Inexpensive dog-proof fencing to add to existing fence?
  163. COTH Garden Brigade: Poison ivy invades roses - WWYD?
  164. Hawk straight load or 4 star warmblood slant? --it's here! see 1st post
  165. 'Paddock paradise' newbies...how did it go for you?
  166. Advise and tips please! Bringing the horses home...
  167. Barn Door Latches
  168. Safe Trees for Llama Pasture
  169. Freakin' Daisies! What kills 'em?
  170. Anybody know the name for this style barn?
  171. Do you remove manure from pastures and how often?
  172. Duck killer?
  173. Help - how do I get rid of poison ivy?
  174. Wireless driveway alarms- who has one?
  175. "We think she might be bred" - Craigslist ad
  176. Books
  177. Proper humidity level for tack?
  178. Crossties - likes, dislikes & more
  179. Rodent patrol - JRT alternatives?
  180. Hay Yield?
  181. Electric Fence Chargers
  182. OKAY! I'm officially tired of these BLANKING SNAKES
  183. "grounding" a fence question
  184. So... I am with cat ... **Update** We have kittens
  185. waterproof/mold resistant tack room wall material
  186. What are you using for fencing?
  187. Know of any weekend sales for stall mats?
  188. What should i do with my stall mats?
  189. Surveillance Camera Options?
  190. Dark block barn any suggestions?
  191. Can I have some jingles?
  192. privacy fence or no-climb?
  193. Grrr...Did I do wrong
  194. Older Model Haynes Horse Trailers - Opinions/Experiences?
  195. Web Cams at Boarding Barns?
  196. Manure removal near Boston??
  197. Mower for ATV?
  198. First year having horses in town, worried about fireworks
  199. Pig care basics, please!
  200. Ant Infested Pasture - Virginia
  201. crossties and rebar--through and through or side to side?
  202. Talk to me of ATVs for farm use
  203. my almost barn-how to fix
  204. Stall mat questions
  205. toxic plants - skin conditions?
  206. Run-in shelters
  207. the second cutting is going into the barn...
  208. Pasture Pro questions - please advise
  209. bagged vs. bulk shavings, and NoVA suppliers
  210. How long do your fans last?
  211. Cedar oil fly repellant
  212. Protecting your farm dog from the chookies
  213. Billions of flies!
  214. How Do I Get Rid of Fleas in a Barn?
  215. How do you control flies in your barn?
  216. Bidding on a Mini Farm - I must have lost my mind
  217. Shed design - windows all around for visibility or one solid wall for shade?
  218. Acckkkkk! Fruit Flies!
  219. Anyone in Brevard County Fla?
  220. What is this bug?
  221. How Hard is it to Replace a Hydrant by Yourself?
  222. No-climb fencing?
  223. Swallow fell out of nest: put it close by??
  224. Please Show Me Your Modified Shedrow Barn with an "aisle"
  225. Which style of barn do you prefer?
  226. HELP!! Groundhogs have TAKEN OVER!!
  227. Barn Building - What Would You Repeat vs Change If You Could "Do Over"?
  228. Where do they sell cross ties in pairs?
  229. Building sliding barn doors
  230. More goat questions...
  231. Calling all organic gardeners - fire ants??
  232. Instructors/Trainers - What does your schedule look like?
  233. PSA: Historic Low Rates. If you are not re-fi'ing b/c you think it won't appraise...
  234. Truck topper value?
  235. Third strike... I'm out. Done.
  236. Which One Would You Go With?
  237. RIP Virginia 02/20/2012
  238. jump pole 'holders?'
  239. Keeping all of the doors and windows SHUT in the barn???
  240. Pelleted bedding????
  241. Best way to 'rescue' overgrown riding ring?
  242. Portable electric fence question
  243. PVC fencing for horses
  244. Who's responsible... haying damage to car?
  245. %&*#* fleas
  246. PNW: Type of fencing in forest
  247. Removing Poison Ivy Oils from Treated Wood
  248. Dogs?
  249. Brass Plates: I don't think mine are solid brass. :-(
  250. Solar Powered hot wire?