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  1. olympic winners and losers
  2. Blog Listings for Olympic Equestrians
  3. Hey guys check out this Olympic blog!
  4. So, are the U.S. event horses in Hong Kong????
  5. NBC to Stream Equestrian Olympics Live on Web
  6. Olympic Blog Listings
  7. NBC site: Streaming ALL of the Equestrian events!
  8. Modern Penthalon-Includes Show Jumping!!
  9. US Olympic Team OTTBs
  10. Olympic Television Coverage
  11. Circumstances in Hongkong better than during Athens
  12. Concern about the beijing xc?
  13. Charles Mann also to have Daily Olympic Photo Coverage *Dressage pics up*
  14. Isabell Werth wants the video-walls removed at HongKong
  15. Problems again: Olympic Horses stranded in Dubai
  16. Sometimes I can be so proud of the U.S.
  17. cross country shortened
  18. Opening ceremony?
  19. Hong Kong Venue Comes To Life With First Horse Inspection
  20. The roofs of the judgeboxes at HK had to be repainted due to cheating women
  21. why am i not getting the live stream?
  22. Thread on Live Feed?
  23. I wish The Pony was there
  24. When have the Equestrians marched during opening ceremonies?
  25. DirecTV & The Olympics
  26. Who is this horse?
  27. The Chinese team
  28. Exhausted today from USA early morning telecast
  29. Who are the live commentators?
  30. does anyone else think...
  31. Canadian Fan Escorted from Equestrian Venue?
  32. Anyone betting AGAINST the Aussie for Team Gold?
  33. Questions about eventing dressage?
  34. why don't I understand dressage scores?
  35. Many Rides Available On Youtube
  36. On TV now!
  37. Anyone not using starlight?
  38. Olympic Cross Country, One Hour to Start!!!!
  39. unless you have the live stream--don't look. REALLY. could spoil it for u
  40. less boo... yay Philip!
  41. Mike Etherington-Smith's course rocked
  42. Best Rides and worst rides...your thoughts
  43. When does the Eventing Show Jumping start?
  44. Eventing breeding
  45. In love with a dentist.
  46. Mike Etherington-Smith : I shall never work for the FEI anymore
  47. Phillip on NBC
  48. Eventing is not my kind of sport
  49. What happenned to Team USA
  50. Pawel Spisak and Weriusz
  51. Horses you are drooling over
  52. You, or Horse's, Relative At the Olympics?
  53. Cross Country on Oxygen Now
  54. When will stadium begin...
  55. Too bad they didn't have team horses like in the Old Days
  56. Eventing's New Rider Fall Rule
  57. Interesting Story on Chinese Rider
  58. Max Height
  59. What's with the weird releases??
  60. Results for Eventing
  61. GO GINA!!!
  62. Phillip Dutton?
  63. Lucinda Fredericks Not Jump in Individual Round?
  64. Italian Team's Show Jumping Outfits
  65. USA Dutton Disqualified from games.??
  66. Now it's time for Dressage!!!
  67. Courtney King-Dye
  68. 3 team gold medals = Germans?
  69. Dressage has begun
  70. Courtney In 2nd behind Heike!
  71. Comment on eventing commentary
  72. Anything Olympic Horse Broadcasts On TV Today
  73. Coke Commercial I.D.'s Anyone?
  74. Tina Cook Individual Bronze Medalist for UK
  75. Were professionals always allowed in equestrian events?
  76. basically no TV coverage
  77. Beach volleyball...
  78. Equestrian is the Laughing Stock @ NBC
  79. 2nd half of dressage has begun!!!
  80. Why only three team members in dressage?
  81. Dressage Individual standings
  82. Debbies explanation for what went wrong with Brentina
  83. Fitness of the dressage horses?
  84. Show jumping Friday AM
  85. Brentina Declared Sound
  86. *IF* Canada medals - our first of the Olympics
  87. Description of Various Phases of Showjumping Please
  88. No Jumbotron for Showjumping?!?
  89. I am SO humbled and inspired!
  90. Beezer's Gold Medal for Saint Horsie of the Olympic Games Goes to ...
  91. The Grand Prix Special
  92. Olympic Show Jump Designs
  93. What happens to the teams horses?
  94. Very costly mistakes of Isabelle and Anky
  95. Where is France?
  96. Rodrigo's Stirrups
  97. Favorite Dressage Pair?
  98. Showjumping Round 2: Sunday am
  99. Medallists Party Together after Team Medal Ceremony
  100. Authentic??
  101. Briar and Don Schufro ? Solid rides.. low scores?
  102. Denis Lynch and Latinus - any info ?
  103. Show Jumping and Bits
  104. Is Maclain Ward from the MA Ward family?
  105. Team Show Jumping Medal Round
  106. Starting order for the Freestyle to Music
  109. US Individual Riders
  110. Mclain during medal ceremony
  111. Funny things your non-horsey ppl say re: equestrian in the olympics
  112. Proud of our team; ashamed of the BB
  113. Professional athletes in the Olympics, aren't they supposed to be amateurs?
  114. on a more positive note...if you could bug any Olympic horse....
  115. Do the Judges Loose Their Marbles Over Anky and Isabelle?
  116. Any prediction for tomorrow's dressage finals?
  117. Ian Millar Appreciation Thread
  118. Olympic Resolutions
  119. extended trots in dressage vs eventing
  120. Dressage Freestyle, anyone watching?
  121. Dressage jury under fire, FEI says they will investigate
  122. FEI investigates "unusual" dressage meeting in HK
  123. any other tackaholics always hoping for a peek?
  124. Show Jumping - what went RIGHT?
  125. Place your bets! Place your bets! Place your bets!
  126. Inspirational Story from Olympic Dressage
  127. Anky is going to open 40 shops in China
  128. All Freestyle to Music rides on-line NOW
  129. Mclain Ward: True horsemanship
  130. Pentathalon coverage?
  131. Chief editor St.George Magazine corrected by German riders
  132. A message to the Halt Police of COTH
  133. Satchmo in pain?
  134. really really dumb question, sorry
  135. Olympic Freestyles Analysis from Freestyle Designer Karen Robinson
  136. SHUuuT UuuuP!!!
  137. Has the showjumping been postponed due to inclement weather?
  138. Doping Drama in Show Jumping
  139. WOW..will norway loose their medal??
  140. Individual Showjumping- Spoilers to come
  141. What is Capsaicin?
  142. Much intimidation for the Olympic Dressage Judges in Hongkong
  143. Round B has started on the live feed
  144. Lamaze Cell in Pocket!!!!
  145. Equestrian to be on REAL NBC CHANNEL?!??!
  146. GOLD FOR....CANADA!!! Hope everyone has been informed by now...??!
  147. Jumpers disqualified for doping ???
  148. Outcome of the FEI dressage judging thing
  149. In praise of Beezie!
  150. Sjef Janssen wanted as a national coach and trainer by almost every country
  151. Hickstead's height?
  152. Not a Single "Olympic Moment"
  153. It was Jan Brinks' last Olympics
  154. When will US and Canada's horses be home
  155. The things and the who I missed during the last Olympics (video)
  156. Special Ed
  157. CBC Bold's Olympic Coverage
  158. Spin Off: Where was Klaus Balkenhol
  159. Equestrian sport is safe for the coming (few) Olympics
  160. The days after. Salinero back home
  161. FEI: Courtney's horse tests positive for banned substance
  162. USEF reaction on the Courtney/Mythilus case
  163. Chinese officials enlist beagles to put the world at ease.
  164. Horse sport in danger for next Olympics!!
  165. Do you support Courtney King-Dye?
  166. Oprah Show
  167. Another Olympic Jumper tested positive on doping ???
  168. Where Sjef was
  169. Dressage judges during the intermission
  170. Recovery of Imke's Hunter Douglas Sunrise will take more time
  171. Rodrigo Pessoa's horse tests positive now
  172. Alves and Lynch settle with FEI ??
  173. Para-Olympics - Dressage
  174. Hotels?
  175. Do you need Las Vegas World Cup and Hotel Information?
  176. I'M GOING - who else will be there?
  177. Tickets arrived yet?
  178. What to Expect at WC?
  179. Breeders' Meeting in Las Vegas
  180. COTH get-together???
  181. Are they having the hunter class at the WC?
  182. FEI announces future WC venues: No Vegas on schedule
  183. Info on World Cup LV drawing for $1,000 upgrade?
  184. Dressage and Reining not impossible<g>
  185. vendors at World Cup
  186. Come to Vegas with the Chronicle!
  187. Getting to Thomas & Mack (and back)
  188. Is there any live Internet feed?
  189. Morse out?
  190. Steffen Peters winning first round
  192. Isabell
  193. The best dressage commentator ever - Robert
  194. Anyone else not have audio?
  195. Brentina's retirement ceremony?
  196. Meredith & Shutterfly do it again!
  197. Jan Ebeling
  198. Congratulations Steffen and Ravel!
  199. A new German-Holland battle has started
  200. Aunt Esther's WC Fashion/Shopping Thread
  201. So tell me why the WC won't be in North america in the near future again?
  202. Can I keep my Countdown here?
  203. Shopping at the WEG
  204. Will COTH have a booth there?
  205. Ticketmaster and Pepsi code
  206. What's with the old (2008 etc.) world cup and olympic threads in here?
  207. Quarantine Facility in Cincy...
  208. KY websites for RV hire?
  209. Any ideas?
  210. Thoroughbred Pedigree and Genetics symposium October 11th
  211. LAST CALL! WEG Ticket Giveaway
  212. Live webcast for WEG?
  213. Video about the WEG by my daughter
  214. Canadian TV coverage?
  215. WEG Housing - need input from Lexingtonians
  216. Other Things Worth Seeing Near Lexington
  217. WEG Hotel-- Price drop
  218. Discount for Flex Grounds Pass
  219. Photography at WEG
  220. Wine Tasting at the WEG
  221. WEG Budget Cut
  222. WEG Native Village - articles -out of the box
  223. Watching warm up and schooling rings?
  224. Cross country course walk?
  225. WEG Handicap parking
  226. Printing tickets
  227. Trouble logging in to Shiftboard - anyone else?
  228. "A" or "C" end of stadium
  229. deleted
  230. First Horses Have Arrived!!!
  231. US WEG Endurance
  232. Yeah, I am going to the WEG!!
  233. who'll be focusing on dressage at WEG?
  234. All the WEG-related stuff going on
  235. Carpooling to/from WEG
  236. WEG Roll Call
  237. Team Lists?
  238. Eventing XC scheduling question
  239. WEG Eventing - First Horse Inspection?
  240. Opening Ceremonies?
  241. parking
  242. Tickets/pricing for trade fair only?
  243. Louisville to Lexington
  244. Dressage question.
  245. Volunteer Parking
  246. Carpooling to WEG from the mid atlantic
  247. Canadian Showjumping team named
  248. Buying Ticket at WEG - Cheaper than Ticketmaster?
  249. Tickets for Jumping Final Four (NOT for sale!)
  250. remember-No Dogs