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  1. Website to watch live?
  2. This Afternoon Show Jumping
  3. Driving - Universal Sports/FEItv
  4. Morgan 4-in hand is out :(
  5. Showjumping on Live on TV
  6. Meet Anne Kursinski at WEG!
  7. What do they win?
  8. International Equestrian Festival!
  9. Generally speaking I found many of the Europeans Rude
  10. Yahoo for team Germany!
  11. Getting to LexTran
  12. Equine Art at WEG?
  13. Dressage Music
  14. Network Television Schedule?
  15. Is Urico ok this morning?
  16. suggestions for saturday route
  17. Driving locations
  18. dinng recommendations and after parties?
  19. Awesome accents at the WEGs
  20. WEG saddle pads - opinions needed
  21. WEG Individual Jumping Championship?
  22. FEI TV video playback problems: Help?
  23. Vaulting - do go if you have time - it's great!
  24. Percheron with long feet at Shaker Village outside Lexington
  25. Sheraton $129/night plus tax Friday and Saturday
  26. Universal Sports - Replay
  27. Final Four in Showjumping is set.
  28. Anybody up for a meet and greet tomorrow at 5:30pm?
  29. Congrats to Mikali on Chianto's 8th place!!!
  30. Name of the Australian cowboy that worked with four horses?
  31. WEG Cross-Country Helmet Cam
  32. Some Unhappy WEG Vendors
  33. Any TB farms we can visit this weekend
  34. SHAME ON YOU LEXINGTON. Carriage vandalized.
  35. It was only a matter of time!
  36. How does this happen at a world championship?
  37. How were the performances/demos at WEG?
  38. Universal sports and uncoverage of final 4
  39. Bluegrass Airport Alert!
  40. NBC coverage today?
  41. Team USA GOLD in Vaulting, SILVER in Driving, Congrats!!
  42. Show Jumping Week at WEG
  43. closing ceremonies .. HUGE disappointment
  44. NBC - You suck
  45. THANK YOU LEXINGTON: The "I had a blast at WEG" thread
  46. For the french.... WEG improvements for 2014 (yes, Normandy is in France... P3...)
  47. Britain tops the medal tables
  48. Manure at WEGs
  49. All the linen from the campground...what happens to it???
  50. Is there a way to share or embed the USEF network videos?
  51. Vaulting question
  52. All the extra Altech/WEG Competion Volunteer gear??
  53. Great Time at WEG ! Great Pessoa story !
  54. Any non-driving people watch driving?
  55. Ribbons @ WEG
  56. Rebozo's tail?
  57. cross-posted...Thank You, Para Equestrians!
  58. Post Audit Thoughts - WEG
  59. Future WEG at KHP?
  60. Shuttles vs. Parking?
  61. Vaulting horses at weg
  62. did WWG make or lose $$
  63. Anyone else come back from the WEGs sick?
  64. Poll: Rate your WEG experience
  65. fun video
  66. Slovakian Vaulting Team Music
  67. For your viewing pleasure - jumper info
  68. For WEG Volunteers- Your Thoughts?
  69. Useful French phrases for 2014
  70. WEG Pix
  71. Feed tubs in the trade fair
  72. Anyone else surprised that no horses tested positive?
  73. Horses I Wanted to Take Home from WEG
  74. Horses sold from WEG
  75. Showjumping Pictures
  76. WEG: Transparency please!!!
  77. waiting for WEG video?
  78. Contact Number for Ticket Complaints?
  79. Did anyone else order Dubarry's at WEG?
  80. Anyone happen to take pictures of Princess Haya's carriage???
  81. Horse Hair Jewelry
  82. Piggy French and Jakarta WEG XC
  83. WEG
  84. IT at the WEG
  86. Alltech sponsorship results
  87. WEG Foundation files its 2009 Tax Return
  88. Delay in Getting Merchandise Ordered at WEG UPDATE!
  89. Follow all the Equestrian events here in one spot!
  90. Which channel(s) will have the equestrian events
  91. Who is Josh Schoch ??
  92. The Equestrian Olympic Teams--updated 7/26
  93. Will Connell's blog...
  94. Olympic Blogs?
  95. Help can't log in from NBC olympic site!
  96. Pentathlon jumping phase
  97. Pentathlon jumping phase
  98. Where are our teams now?
  99. Denis Lynch not on Irish Team?
  100. Changes in the Australian Eventing Team
  101. Karen O'Connor needs Olympic tickets!
  102. Sports Illustrated Equestrian Medal Picks - No USA
  103. Eventers ham it up in new uniforms;
  104. A field in Cumbria....
  105. Canadians stake out turf
  106. Olympic ticketing scandal continues...
  107. Bit of Britain Fantasy Finals Contest!!!!
  108. Steffen and Jan looking natty in their opening ceremony garb
  109. Pics from Greenwich taken yesterday;
  110. any athletes twittering?
  111. Here is the event schedule, live stream links and how to get on BBC...
  112. Carl Hester on GBR's medal chances
  113. Stabling
  114. Hinrich der Zahnartz und Sein Pferd
  115. Will USEF Network provide any coverage of the Equestrian events?
  116. Live blogs -- links?
  117. Eventing drawn order
  118. The Cross Country Course
  119. Sam Griffiths Called to Grenwich
  120. Eventing dressage test for the Olympics
  121. Is it a Mac problem that I can't log in to NBC Live Extra?
  122. Live feed for Canadians?
  123. Sports Illustrated coverage
  124. Is there a way to timeshift the webfeed of equestrian events?
  125. List of Olympic Blogs
  126. How the draw works....
  127. Be Careful!! e-mail not safe on NBC site
  128. TV Coverage of Eventing
  129. Tablet apps
  130. Eventing jog photos?
  131. Olympic Equestrian DVDs?
  132. Eventing start/times list;
  133. DirecTV Search By Event!
  134. Dishnet people, help me DVR
  135. Picture of Shark jump?
  136. show of hands: who has successfully been able to live stream/watch archived events?
  137. What happened to reining?
  138. watching now ...
  139. How Do I Watch Livestream?
  140. Weather
  141. Mac people- anything like Expat Shield for us?
  142. PLZ: Would someone post the Eastern Standard Time times for eventing dressage, etc.?
  143. A bit cross discipline support
  144. ExPat Shield/BBC watchers check in here!
  145. funny Mark Todd article
  146. Sweet Swedish Shads
  147. Japanese dressage competitor oldest olympian
  148. where to find breed.gender/age info re Olympic horses?
  149. Helmets in dressage?
  150. Question
  151. Commentators?
  152. LIVEEXTRA app not live today??
  153. Any way to watch on Kindle Fire?
  154. Eeep! Help!
  155. Order of Go?
  156. Early Predictions Re: Cross Country
  157. Your internet provider?
  158. Embarrassingly dumb dressage question
  159. Dressage tack question
  160. What does an 80.20 dressage test look like?
  161. Eventing dressage number question
  162. breeding of the event horses?
  163. TV Commentary
  164. Watching the Olympics on a Mac
  165. Andrew Nicholson/Mark Todd news
  166. Team USA XC Order
  167. Eventing dressage tack??
  168. Eventing Dressage vs Pure Dressage?
  169. BBC vs NBC commentary?
  170. Judging
  171. Ride times? Didn't we have a list somewhere?
  172. Indv. Eventing vs. Team Eventing
  173. Help... For the iPad user... Live streaming?
  174. XC thread.
  175. where is the NBC livestream for Monday XC?
  176. How do I find the schedule of who rides when today
  177. Where is Mensa G?
  178. X-Country this morn on NBCSP
  179. CANADIANS! Where to watch xc live stream???
  180. White square on nose?
  181. Takayuki Yumira and Latina's fall on XC
  182. Where are we to discuss *ok, below expectations* performance of US eventing?
  183. SI's equestrian photos
  184. I am now a fan of Japanese eventing!
  185. Question about the x-country track
  186. Does anyone else have a hard time watching the xcountry? Im usually pretty tough but>
  187. Anyone else think that after XC SJ is going to be good?
  188. poor Russian dude
  189. Eventing Dressage is What Dressage SHOULD be?
  190. Cross Country Blips? Should remounting be allowed again?
  191. Mark Todd may be in trouble
  192. Any Updates on the Injured Horses?
  193. Dressage Score Sheets-Are they posted?
  194. Horse/Rider injury updates?
  195. Fence Fault Analysis
  196. Eventing show jumping start at 5:30 a.m. EST?
  197. When Did They Start Using Airbags in Eventing?
  198. SJ Thread
  199. NY Times Article About Eventing
  200. Another equiptment thread....Ear nets?
  201. anyone else miss it, too? look here!
  202. Why do horses withdraw after XC?
  203. Congrats to the Germans
  204. Olympic Venue on Platform??
  205. Videos: Zara Phillips; also some falls
  206. Should Karen Continue to Ride for the US??
  207. order of go for dressage?
  208. Riders' mugshots (fun thread)
  209. Another Tack Thread : Boots
  210. xc clips online anywhere?
  211. Dressage!!!
  212. Eventing SJ course map
  213. Watch Eventing Dressage with Expat Shield?
  214. Cost of going to the olympics
  215. "Live Stream Links" Thread, etc.
  216. Watching Dressage Live
  217. How long will NBC have archived video up?
  218. Order of Go Grand Prix Dressage 8/2
  219. "Why do Fritz and Heidi Beat Sally and Bill?"
  220. NBC's "Live" streaming not really live?
  221. How Freakin' Great Is The Olympic Coverage ????
  222. grand prix order of go
  223. Quality of The Eventing at The Olympics.
  225. Link to who won what?
  226. WHat Happened to Ingrid Klimke?
  227. Dressage - Gary Rockwell will be at C
  228. Party time
  229. If you have a Mac and cable....
  230. Dressage is #1! Reason number 8971237 why I love SmartPak
  231. Best online I've found-dressage live, etc
  232. USA Saddlepads
  233. Vanity Fair reads the Dressage Handbook
  234. MSNBC Sucks
  235. warmup photos from London
  236. Hey! The Swedes Stole Our Foam Finger Idea!
  237. Where is Sexi Flexi and the rest of the jumpers
  238. Dressage scores could set records
  239. Paying taxes on a medal?
  240. BBC "Catch Up" question
  241. Another Fun Read
  242. Where to view the replays?
  243. Make it easy for me......when does Rafalca (Romney's horse) go?
  244. No Team Dressage on OLN tomorrow a.m.?
  245. Dressage Day 2
  246. NBC Live Extra App NOT WORKING ????
  247. Join The Conversation! Chronicle live chats.
  248. para
  249. Thank you, British dressage team
  250. SJ Order of Go?