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  1. AHA plans during WEG
  2. Seating question...seats with backs or bleacher????
  3. WEG Shuttle Bus from Parking Lot
  4. Huge Equine Expo in Lexington same as time of WEG
  5. Question
  6. FEI Biographies of all WEG competitors with horse and results
  7. Kentuckians, Are There Shell Stations?
  8. WEG Coverage?
  9. Hall of Champions at KY Horse Park
  10. Free shuttle announcement 9/17
  11. Car Parking charges/share
  12. Dressage Discussion Opportunity post WEG
  13. Public parking along Lextran bus routes to KHP?
  14. Anyone coming to the WEG from the Northeast?
  15. A question RE: items permitted within the park
  16. Carpooling to WEG? (Cincinnati)
  17. Pictures from WEG
  18. What's the Weather Like?
  19. Gotta love this!
  20. I give up, has the US Jumping team been fully announced yet?
  21. what to wear to wegs
  22. Sports Bar equivalent on WEG grounds?
  23. Order of Go?
  24. Equine Village & Clinicians
  25. print your own tickets from Ticketmaster?
  26. online chatter WEG coverage
  27. $29.99 WEG Live Streaming 65 hours in USA
  28. I've lost my mind
  29. Questions about feitv.org since they are streaming live EVERYTHING! YAY!
  30. Cameras?
  31. Did we set up a meeting of COTHers yet?
  33. Livello Competing at WEGs
  34. 2010 Saddle Seat Equitation World Cup
  35. Wanting to share my excitement!
  36. Visitor Planning Guide from Lexington
  37. Looking for a ride to Lex on Thursday 9/30/2010
  38. WEG advertising supplement in my local newspaper
  39. Does anyone know
  40. Definite entries posted for Reining, Endurance, Dressage
  41. Ride Times?
  42. Good blogs, Twitterers, etc.??
  43. Ariat Weg Vecta Softshell Jacket?
  44. Half Price WEG Tickets
  45. WEG "test ride a reiner" sign up at NRHA/AQHA booth
  46. Warm up for WEG
  47. Helmetless WEG Riders
  48. morning 1 logistics report
  49. Trying to be optimistic, but...
  50. Internet Live Streaming Status
  51. Question for Reiners
  52. NBC Opening Ceremony teleacst tonite (Sat) in SOME markets
  53. My horse is included in the opening ceremonies
  54. WEG VIDEOS !
  55. Anyone had their socks blown off yet?
  56. REINING first day
  57. Lex Locals: Good Eats?
  58. WEG opening ceremonies on now!
  59. Help with FEITV?
  60. Tell me about the Friesian Group
  61. Opening Ceremony Replay?
  62. HOW is Western Dressage/Morgan rider?
  63. XC Volunteer question
  64. How to link laptop to TV to see the games better?
  65. Video recording at WEG
  66. No live stream for driving on universalsports.com
  67. Your impressions of the American Saddlebred group?
  68. Attendance Count
  69. Discuss the NBC WEG coverage here
  70. Reining Breeds
  71. Congratulations USA gold medal team reining
  72. Leave it to a cowboy
  73. Autograph Signings/Special Events
  74. WEG dressage ride times?
  75. US and AUS Endurance Teams?
  76. Order of go for day 1 team dressage at WEG
  77. How long does it take to get to the Jumper ring from the main gate?
  78. I missed the opening ceremonies...
  79. WEG attendees,are you shopping?
  80. Re: Re-Entry at WEG
  81. FYI - Universal Sports live streaming is great
  82. Dressage music?
  83. Jimmy's blog from WEG!
  84. USEF Network Live????
  85. NO Live Scoring? Check out Theo's site he's posting the scores.
  86. Endurance Medals NOW
  87. Can someone PLEASE share link to opening ceremony?
  88. Endurance Silver Medalist not on podium?
  89. Where is the COTH booth?
  90. Who's attending WEG Jumper week (Oct 4th-9th)?
  91. Online maps to take?
  92. WEG advertising thingie - anyone else get with Sunday paper
  93. And the images start coming out.....
  94. Ridiculous lack of seating and concessions
  95. Art Exhibit on the Horse in Japan at Berea College (near Lexington)
  96. Jog Sunday morning for eventing?
  97. WiFi?
  98. Course walk on Friday?
  99. Anyone have an extra XC ticket?
  100. See the last preparation of the top dressage horses
  101. What kind of clothing/shoes to pack?
  102. Is there an ATM inside the horse park?
  103. what time do the grounds open
  104. Stud farms near Louisville?
  105. Meet and Greets
  106. Help/COntact Info for feitv?
  107. Dutch rider Adelinde Cornelissen eliminated in dressage: Horse's mouth bleeding.
  108. Universal Sports, How do I watch live?
  109. Another One Bites The Dust: Haley Beresford and Relampago Do Retiro eliminated
  110. Educate me, please.
  111. Beautiful painting - unique piece of Moorlands Totilas
  112. Shopping-the ONE place you cannot miss
  113. Hotel Shuttle vs.
  114. Toto 84.04!!!!
  115. DUTCH GOLD!!!
  116. Parking
  117. Watching Online??
  118. Knabstrupper at the WEG
  119. NO medal for the US in dressage
  120. Beautiful riding at the WEG. There has been some!
  121. Bag Size - How picky are they being?
  122. Vegetarian Food Choices?
  123. Two Questions
  124. Grand Prix Special Ride Times
  125. Klimke on the correct and the incorrect, look familiar?
  126. WEG Jumping Tickets Anyone? Good Deal- the horses win!
  127. Dressage startlist?
  128. which hotel in Georgetown?
  129. Kim Severson withdraws from WEG
  130. Question about XC Saturday
  131. Interactive COTH link to live WEG/dressage
  132. Grand Prix Special Live Feed!
  133. Arriving Mid Day Friday
  134. is there a discussion of the rides themselves?
  135. The "sleeper" spectacular british dressage horse? Who is he?
  136. WEG PDF or JPG map?
  137. WEG Xcountry jump photos - updated link
  138. Where Is the XC Start Box?
  139. Eventing schedules
  140. Grounds pass question
  141. Grounds pass question
  142. Please help.. Will-Call booth at KHP???
  143. Sooo, has anyone parked and taken a bus to KHP?
  144. Kentucky Night at Red Mile
  145. Wofford Blog #5 added to 1st post
  146. Toto gold, Alf silver, Ravel bronze
  147. Who has bought Totilas?
  148. Eventing Dressage Ride Times?
  149. David O'Connor riding Thursday am?
  150. ADA--anyone working/volunteering have contact info?
  151. xc course
  152. Jimmy Wofford XC Course Walk???
  153. Secondary spectator entrance
  154. Eventing Dressage Live Now!
  155. To watch Eventing Universal or FEI tv
  156. Thursday am...I cannot get the live eventing on Universal
  157. Question about Eventing Dressage
  158. WEG Reining Individual Starting now
  159. WEG factoid--manure removal
  160. Mark Todd makes national news
  161. order of go - GP Freestyle
  162. American-bred Peterbilt at WEG
  163. Freestyle reining....
  164. WEG videos on You Tube
  165. Downtown Lexington Horse Expo & other fun things to do
  166. German jumping team?
  167. How is the weather?
  168. Any attendees with photo blogs?
  169. Wi-Fi at the Park? HELP?
  170. (Never mind! Found it.)
  171. Best tack stores in Lexington?
  172. WEG discounter Waffle House
  173. Phillip Dutton's Dressage test?
  174. Heading out NEXT weekend. Advice?
  175. Order of go for XC tomorrow and Trade Fair Hrs
  176. The composer and producer of TotilasĀ“ freestyle
  177. I am spell bound
  178. TOTO 91.80 - ORANJE BOVEN!!!
  179. Did Universal Sports site have a meltdown?
  180. I have a question.....
  181. Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz and Fuego XII didn't medal
  182. Cross Country Times and Order of Go?
  183. Who else is stuck on the great WEG gridlock of 2010?
  184. Lost keys at wEG between aTM and campground
  185. Live XC - Who is watching?
  186. If you're parking at Spy Coast today...
  187. 3rd horse inspection?
  188. 2 tickets to ATA Wine Tasting tonight
  189. Where to buy a logo pad?
  190. WEG site Eventing Scoreboard?
  191. Tips for avoiding parking fees and traffic: our bike to WEG
  192. Paul Tapner and Inonothing
  193. Sunday Jog Up
  194. irish horse??
  195. Sat Night, Back At The Barns. What Goes On?
  196. FEI TV.. anyone know when XC will be up?
  197. Best deal to watch non-live?
  198. Has anyone been to or planning to go the Equine Village demos?
  199. handicap access? How is it?
  200. Who is going to be there next week for the driving?
  201. NBC Broadcast today
  202. Good video of Fuego XII w/music and ecstatic crowd!
  203. World Cup
  204. Please help - up to date results for Eventing>?
  205. Show jumping order or go for Monday
  206. Reining Movements
  207. Anyone record the NBC coverage?
  208. Irish-bred horses
  209. Maps and directions
  210. Footing at WEG
  211. Aunt Esther at WEG?
  212. Any news on the outrider's horse that collapsed?
  213. Photos published
  214. reining freestyle... open minds? WEG rocks!!
  215. Is the music for the non freestyle classes also choreographed?
  216. Bit of Britain tent
  217. Shopping thread!
  218. Tips for sneaking food into WEG
  219. can I take in my hobo cart?
  220. show jumping order of go- Oct 4
  221. Query RE: Reiners and BMI
  222. photos of outriders
  223. Week 2 weather outlook...what to pack.
  224. Those Portugese
  225. No para video to purchase at WEG, WTH?
  226. WEG flags
  227. Showjumping competitions - indiv vs. team rounds
  228. WEG logistics: an amazing piece of work
  229. Individual Jumping
  230. Jump order
  231. Show Jumping Round 1 Videos?
  232. WEG Driven dressage?
  233. Individual Jumping with spoilers
  234. Great WEG photo blog!
  235. DVDs of all WEG events
  236. thoughts after returning from WEGs
  237. help with usef network
  238. Found Marathon Information
  239. Standing Ovation for all the Para Riders!!!
  240. Afternoon jumping session added for 10-6
  241. UK Cothers: BBC 2 is showing WEG
  242. FEItv
  243. Meet the U.S. Para-Equestrian Team
  244. WEG Dailies (Eventing & SJ)
  245. Best transportation to Bluegrass Airport
  246. Best bargains at WEG
  247. Last minute trip to WEG- Can it work??
  248. Presley Boy
  249. Want to be a volunteer for London 2012?
  250. Argentinian Vaulter